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  1. Please show your support for a PC Collectors Edition for North America here
  2. Steam release
  3. PC co-op player matchmaker
  4. PC?
  5. Good news for all EU SC:C PC Gamers...
  6. PC Version Released on 4/13?
  7. For the PC version: Please no mouse acceleration
  8. Conviction PC Gamers- Looking for a Coop Partner?
  9. Splinter cell Conviction PC Release date pushed??
  10. Amazon.FR have SCC (PC-DVD) in Stock !!!
  11. SC:CT for PC
  12. Useful Links & Information (Updated 12/10/11)
  13. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Spoilers!!!
  14. OMG NO SCC on MAC?
  15. Looking for partners? Post here!
  16. Game Seems to disapoint me... and it's not out yet
  17. Sadly I will not be playing this game
  18. I hope for GOOD controls!
  19. SC Conviction Official Prima Strategy Guide
  20. Controller
  21. PC Specs
  22. Conviction's DRM
  23. Split Screen?
  24. Steps backward from the last Splinter Cell game.
  25. Please Ubisoft make the PC version better!!
  26. Free content - PC too?
  27. Conviction freezing AFTER the patch.
  28. Splinter Cell: Conviction for PC delayed again - not 30th?
  29. Weapons...Discuss
  30. SC:C and non-english countries.
  31. SC:C Collector's Edition:: Download the Bonus Materials FREE
  32. What PC gamers deserve.
  33. Conviction + Uplay + Rewards
  34. MP
  35. Question to the devs about potential PC version cutbacks
  36. What's The Best Price You Can Find?
  37. What The PC devs to know (From A Die hard SC Fan)
  38. Is infiltration mode exclusive to the Collectors Edition?
  39. Foul Language
  40. Sticky Camera Noise/Music
  41. Renting on the Xbox 360
  42. The pc gamers get an extra on STEAM!
  43. codeofconviction code`s on PC?
  44. wonder when ubisoft will post bad sales for the pc
  45. AKALI ARMOR? how do PC get it?
  46. DL'ing Chaos Theory.. Split Screen?
  47. Who will buy on release and who will wait?
  48. LAN in SCC for PC
  49. SCREENSHOTS from PC version!!!
  51. Free DLC for pc?
  52. Ubi's DRM has been cracked 100%- Remove it from SCC
  53. Early release
  54. SCC Conviction CE?
  55. Machinima Video- Developer Commentary and footage
  56. No Steam UK Release?
  57. Exact Release Time on Steam?
  58. PC review ?!
  59. First 1080p HD uncompressed SCREENS form PC on MAX DETAILS!
  60. PC CE Unboxing @ April 30th ONLINE FOR SURE
  61. Steam& retail evsrion
  62. LAN Question for PC
  63. Split Screen
  64. Question about Pre order bonuses
  65. Today's the Day! April 27th, 2010
  66. Help can't past loading screen and game freezed!
  68. Splinter Cell Conviction wont load
  69. Blank screen video mode not supported HELP!
  70. Activation question
  71. Coop Issues (surprise!)
  72. Splinter Cell Tech Support forum
  73. "NVIDIA GTX 480 not supported"
  74. Anyone got the game to run well?
  75. Game Crashes and Graphic Glitch
  76. Game stutters frequently...(sigh)
  77. Pre-Order from gamestop. Missing extras?
  78. BSOD after 25 30 minutes page fault in nonpaged
  79. Disable mouse smoothing?
  80. Dear Ubi-Soft
  81. Co-op Question
  82. Where's the product key?
  83. problema con la version delux y el contenido extra.
  84. Game starts up in unsupported resolution
  85. Hosting Private Matches/Lans
  86. Joining Multiplayer Matches.
  87. Unreadable Menu
  88. RE: About SC Conviction
  89. DRM Bugs Yay
  90. As a college student. It HURTS me when I spend this kind of money, and get SCREWED
  91. PC Firewall rules/ports
  92. sound problem
  93. Establishing Network Connection. Please Wait.
  94. Can't play 5 minutes without crashing to desktop
  95. What is going on?
  96. Cannot play this game...
  97. Splinter cell convistion won't install
  98. mic?
  99. Is it worth buying the game now.
  100. Game Constantly Crashing to Desktop, Literally Every 5-10 Minutes
  101. Deluxe edition codes
  102. Can't load Conviction
  103. Missing Files?
  104. Conviction TEXTURE GLITCH/flickering
  105. Game runs perfect
  106. Weapon stashes (issue)
  107. Private Match issues with extreme lagg
  108. Internet connection vs fps?
  109. unplayable
  110. Game Wont launch
  111. How do you set custom resolution?
  112. Add on Steam?
  113. I have internet connection problem
  114. "Match"
  115. Pretty ****ing pathetic.
  116. What A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  117. No way to communicate in co-op?
  118. Finished it but it took me 100 crashes.
  119. mawirag's screenshot of PC-0 now hosted in U.S.A.
  120. 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  121. Hitching/Freezing on Zoom or Peek Under
  122. Can't play Conviction on PC
  123. no EULA?
  124. Unable to connect to ubisoft servers
  125. Lookign at the system requirements
  126. Complete Garbage!!!
  127. How do i smash the face of my human sheld into objects?
  128. Errors I come accross.
  129. My In-Game Codes are in use
  130. This game has been bought in Russia already
  131. Glitching while in cover....
  133. Try this again, did not even complete installation
  134. Awaiting Network Connection... Please wait...
  135. European CE
  136. 4:3 Screen possible?
  137. Splinter Cell Conviction Server
  138. Error Code 1
  139. Too much slowdown
  140. Splinter Cell Conviction HUGE problem!
  141. Start up Black Screen with sound only HELP !!
  142. Coop Invincibility Glitch on Realistic Difficulty
  143. Establishing Network Conection problem
  144. RUN/WALK controls - clearly a console port
  145. DRM and another error question
  146. What free game do you want?
  147. Need an official statement
  148. Splinter Cell PC works the same on Xbox360
  149. 2 players (offline)
  150. Splinter Cell Conviction Ports
  151. General Protection Fault
  152. Main Issue with Co-op play
  154. Well, I guess it doesn't matter to me if they fix this game now.
  155. Any way to turn off toggle sprint?
  156. COOP deniable OPS?
  157. Need an "High Risk" difficulty
  158. Multiplayer and Splinter Cell Match and Stat Tracker.
  159. Running the game with a Laptop
  160. cannot connect to ubisoft master servers
  161. Loading a Deniable Ops checkpoint?
  162. Steam group for finding Co Op partners in Conviction.
  163. LOL so the game just CRASHES
  164. Cant play online and other problems..
  165. Mouse lag?
  166. Cant get my extras content from Deluxe edition
  167. Can't play co-op?
  168. Has anyone actually been able to play a multiplayer match?
  169. Second Level crash
  170. Worthless waste of time
  171. Eyefinity Support
  172. Great game, but in-game chat: can it be added?
  173. Stop leaving matches
  174. Deniable Ops framerate is different from Single Player
  175. waiting for my D2D download....
  176. PEC Completion
  177. Crashing When playing SCC
  178. Fixes Crashes/Stuttering on ATI Users New Catalyst 10-4 Works!
  179. Sound Issues
  180. Can't start the game in my resolution
  181. Don't worry. I sent the lead designer an email
  182. Xbox 360 wireless controller not working correctly?
  183. Can't download game! :(
  184. Multiplayer lobby
  185. Can someone give me a downloadlink for patch 1.01?thank you! 0day patch went missing?
  186. DRM: Euro C.E. Problem!
  187. Installation problems.
  188. Internet connection required?
  189. Problems pulling enemies through windows
  190. How to get to the 2 transformer rooms to plant C4?
  191. Where to buy Limited Ed.? And is it also in Italian?
  192. Conviction PC Spec.....
  193. SPLINTER CELL: CONVICTION on PC is the BEST! (LoL Xbox :D)
  194. Multiplayer not functioning
  195. Where can i find save files?
  196. Why did you have to spoil it?
  197. Gameplay way to short for the price
  198. Just finished Coop from 3rd(?) part to the end.
  199. PC Version Feedback Thread.
  200. Few problems in this game
  201. cannot download game
  202. Please patch 1.1 for all !! :-(
  203. Attempting to restore network connection
  204. FIX CO-OP FrameRates PLZ
  205. Was worth the money / wait ?
  206. No main menu..
  207. option to play in a offline mode needed
  208. Pre-order e-mail?
  209. Where is Multiplayer
  210. How to remove attachments from guns on PC (the hard way)
  211. If I own a cd key can I redeem and download the game somewhere?
  212. Major Problem Installing
  213. In game freez/crash
  214. fuu... The splinter Cell Conviction Server si not available ..
  215. No voice or text chat? Any chance of them being patched in?
  216. SC Conviction - Issues
  217. Missing Command Line parameter -prodid, see integration guide for detail
  218. An honest review by Gamespot
  219. Random Crashes
  220. No resolutions higher then 1280x720?
  221. Extreme slow-down in coop
  222. Does not enter into game
  223. Game randomly lags and restarts my display
  224. What The %&#@ Mark&Execute through walls
  225. A Skeptic Converted
  226. Change language to english?
  227. Graphics in ,,Kobin's Mansion" level
  228. General Protection Fault
  229. SLI? no? Proper pad support? No?
  230. cant find any matches online, and sound disapears
  231. frame is terrible
  232. Trade a key?
  233. Anyone from Oceania keen for Coop?
  234. Multiplayer
  235. GPU (VPU) overheating after half an hour of gameplay
  236. Models Blinking and Flashing
  237. Looks great, plays great - Now just fix the quirks
  238. Deniable ops
  239. Alt+Tab temporarily fixes low fps
  240. Ubisoft, can we please get an update on the controller issue?
  241. No Multiplayer Games?
  242. Host Advantage
  243. had enough of this DRM
  244. Question about the game being a port
  245. OMG!!! ONLY 6.5 FROM GAMESPOT!!!!
  246. Public Ventrilo Server for Splinter Cell Conviction [PC]
  247. install issues
  248. Downloader at 12.1k/Sec
  249. Can't Play Game, General Protection Fault Error
  250. SC: Conviction's Patch - 1.1 is out or no?