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  5. [Performance] Why only DX11 ?
  6. Achievements on PC
  7. Coming to steam eventually?
  8. [Ubisoft Store] Been Charge for purchase but no game
  9. [Ubisoft Store] I need to refund my order
  10. [Ubisoft Account] DENUVO is preventing Ubi+ users from playing the game
  11. Unable to start game - Cannot be activated at this time.
  12. Will Immortals feature cloud saving?
  13. [Bug/Glitch] Aiolo's Jug
  14. [Ubisoft Store] Can't seem to find Gold Edition items
  15. [Bug/Glitch] Medusa 4fps instead of 120fps
  16. Launch Fix found
  17. You never learn do you? Save file Corr@#$@#$ted
  18. why is this company still around
  19. unplayable: Insane framestutter and framdrops to 10-15FPS
  20. Limited Resolution Ratios
  21. [Ubisoft Account] Immortals Fenyx Rising Unable to start the game
  22. [Missing Content] Armor Set for completing Stadia Demo is suddenly missing from the Rewards claim area
  23. no unlock?
  24. 30 fps in main menu and weird fps drops while in-game [weird stutters]
  25. [Bug/Glitch] Immortal fenyx rising wont start
  26. [Bug/Glitch] PC Controller not working
  27. [Crash/Freeze] Stuck on splash screen
  28. Wired frame stutters when pressing certain keys
  29. [Crash/Freeze] Not launching
  30. [Missing Content] Misthios armour set not appearing
  31. [Performance] 45-50 FPS [max settings] with RTX 2060 , "is a late April Fool's joke"?
  32. [Crash/Freeze] Coin collecting
  33. HDR Not Available
  34. [Ubisoft Store] BIG PROBLEM ( with my Immortals fenyx rising game )
  35. Game wont launch
  36. [Issue Not Listed] Server offline?
  37. [Bug/Glitch] Graphics problem
  38. Game still marked as "Pre-loaded" - cannot launch
  39. [Crash/Freeze] cannot make it past ubisoft logos
  40. Ultrawide Screen 32:9 Aspect Ratio
  41. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Common issues and frequently asked questions
  42. Question mission a tale of fire and light
  43. [Performance] Awful performance
  44. [Bug/Glitch] Not able to change armor/weapons with dualshock controller
  45. Need to know if controllers work
  46. probleme de lancement de imomortals fenyx rising
  47. [Bug/Glitch] Controller Is Losing Button Mapping
  48. Bugged chest Medusa's Lair
  49. [Bug/Glitch] Strange drop object behaviour with PS4 controller on PC and "drop" assigned to R1
  50. Cannot launch game from Ubi Connect
  51. [Keys/Codes] Bought on Epic game store, required to activate a key
  52. [Crash/Freeze] NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver 457.51 - Game Crash
  53. Sound issue - cant hear fenyx's voice
  54. [Crash/Freeze] Constant Crashing In-Game + BSOD's on Game Launch on Common Hardware, Latest Drivers.
  55. Immortal Fenyx Rising
  56. Immortal fenyx rising
  57. [Bug/Glitch] Tears of Aphrodite
  58. [Ubisoft Account] https://cyalix-42.webselfsite.net/
  59. [Performance] It´s a shame, a great game with a very poor performance
  60. [Bug/Glitch] Unable to gallop and other issues after rebinding controller inputs
  61. Fenyx voice problem
  62. [Missing Content] Gold Edition Gear Packs Not Showing
  63. problem resolution
  64. [Performance] Performance issue's
  65. Game not saving, corrupted saves
  66. [Bug/Glitch] Inventory bug
  67. Quest Retreive Aiolos's jar in the Vault of Tartaros
  68. Stuck in Letterbox
  69. [Crash/Freeze] Nem indul!
  70. [Peripherals] Controller scheme (sprint vs crouch)
  71. [Issue Not Listed] Game will not launch
  72. Crying Shame quest, game broken
  73. Store error
  74. Immortals Fenyx Rising doesnt start!
  75. cant start the game
  76. [Bug/Glitch] The number of glowing golden lines in front of big lyre is not correct
  77. [Issue Not Listed] Corrupted save files when losing connection to Ubisoft Connect
  78. [Performance] Screen blinking ingame
  79. [Gameplay] Reset skills?
  80. Rewards Not Working
  81. [Performance] Regular crashes
  82. [Gameplay] Cross save
  83. [Bug/Glitch] Clashing Rocks Big Lyre Harp Song i am missing a fourth one ?
  84. chute de fps
  85. [Peripherals] Wrong Button Prompts
  86. [Bug/Glitch] A crying shame quest
  87. [Bug/Glitch] Missing the Atlanta Corrupted Hero Wraith Lair
  88. [Missing Content] Twitch Gaming Rewards
  89. [Bug/Glitch] "Game Update Required" (Luna/PC)
  90. Does the Dual Channel Mode in system Specs mean it will only run with 2 sticks of Ram
  91. [Crash/Freeze] Constant launch crashing on startup.
  92. [Issue Not Listed] Immortals Fenyx Rising - Corrupted Game Saves
  93. [Crash/Freeze] Game crashes on alt-tab or settings change
  94. [Ubisoft Connect] Bought the game, charged for it, never got it.
  95. [Request] Native Dualshock 4 Support (Bluetooth)
  96. [Bug/Glitch] "Churned On" Quest Bug
  97. [Crash/Freeze] game will not load
  98. Keybings (Controller & K+M)
  99. Fenyx Rising VRAM problem
  100. [Bug/Glitch] Might be a bug Can not hit out with my sword
  101. Is it possible to play in all plataforms?
  102. [Bug/Glitch] Can't finish main quest - Aphrodites tears from Tartaros Vaults
  103. [Ubisoft Account] Unable to log in
  104. Target switching issue
  105. [Bug/Glitch] issue with AXE skills
  106. [Bug] The Messenger's Path: Timers are too short, the third part is buggy.
  107. Window with options configuration grafic
  108. A CRYING SHAME QUEST - Aphrodyte tears
  109. [Peripherals] Preordered Fenyx Immortals Rising on PC hoping to play it with a controller
  110. [Missing Content] Inventory slot suddenly locked out (Wings missing)
  111. [Bug/Glitch] Chest not opening
  112. [Gameplay] Non-working heavy axe attack.
  113. [Bug/Glitch] 'New item' notification doesn't go away.
  114. [Bug/Glitch] PC settings dont save after exiting the game
  115. FPS drops from ~70+ to single digits when I discover a new area.
  116. Help! Corrupted game saves on PC!
  117. [Crash/Freeze] Game randomly goes from Full Screen to Borderless setting. Random Crashes
  118. [Gameplay] POV Slider
  119. [Keys/Codes] I Buy on Epic Games Store, Can't Run The Game
  120. [Bug/Glitch] Hope spings eternal
  121. [Download/Installation] Does not finish downloading
  122. [Crash/Freeze] Game runs for 30-40 minutes then stops
  123. [Gameplay] Lag while riding horse
  124. SPOILERS -- Possible bug? Unable to locate 4th Armor of the Boar set
  125. [Performance] New patch made my 1080 ti cripple in fps on ultra
  126. [Bug/Glitch] Flickering with 1.03 and new extreme graphics settings
  127. [Bug/Glitch] Athena's Questline Broken (Missing "Go Do Hero Things"?)
  128. [Bug/Glitch] Sound cutting off after exiting menus (since 1.03)
  129. Audio stutter since today's patch
  130. Shadows blinking after update to 1.0.3 in new ultra setting on PC
  131. [Bug/Glitch] Map icons disappear
  132. [Bug/Glitch] Game borderline unplayable since latest patch
  133. Missing additional content
  134. [Crash/Freeze] Crash EACH TIME during first loading screen - how can I be refunded?
  135. Game not creating any save files when playing in offline mode.
  136. [Crash/Freeze] Sporatic and continuous crashing w/out any indication of why.
  137. [Bug/Glitch] Saving game while in quest zone does not save [puzzle] progress.
  138. [Bug/Glitch] Flickering shadows after latest patch when moving the character
  139. Bugs after Patch
  140. [Bug/Glitch] the wings are disappeared and blocked after the latest patch
  141. Bug Report - Unable to complete Apple of Discord quest
  142. [Crash/Freeze] Game Freeze at the loading page of water falls
  143. [Bug/Glitch] Wings are not not appearing
  144. [Bug/Glitch] Depth of Field and Motion Blur Off not working while Gliding, Running and Mounted
  145. [Crash/Freeze] Constantly game crashes to desktop after last game patch
  146. [Bug/Glitch] Circle thing on Fenyxs' back loses it glow up after loading a save.
  147. Hermes store not updating
  148. [Bug/Glitch] Hephaistos's vault bugged right at the end.
  149. [Ubisoft Connect] Ubisoft Connect hangs the game, and all saves after shutting it down are missing
  150. [Bug/Glitch] Texture Seam on face #3
  151. Freeze,crash?
  152. Game freezes every 10 - 25 seconds
  153. There is no sound when exiting the menu while using the xbox controller.
  154. [Ubisoft Connect] Asking for Activation code
  155. [Bug/Glitch] Big lyre disappeared in War's den
  156. [Crash/Freeze] Game stuck at launch
  157. [Crash/Freeze] Unable to launch game. Day 2.
  158. [Ubisoft Connect] Pack amazone Gaming ne fonctionne pas
  159. [Bug/Glitch] Fenyx Rising will ONLY run if game is on C: drive. WHY?
  160. [Bug/Glitch] Poison / Vines won't disappear in vault
  161. [Bug/Glitch] Aphrodite's Love's Embrace Armor cannot be Equipped
  162. [Bug/Glitch] Apollo's Armor Badly Clipping
  163. task of herakles - The Ball
  164. [Feedback/Suggestion] The shadows on the ground are flashing
  165. No savegames? Progress lost?
  166. Wings are not not appearing
  167. [Achievement/Trophy] Hermes Heroic Task Board Same Reward?
  168. [Missing Content] Even after the recent update, I still do not have any gold edition content.
  169. [Bug/Glitch] Remember Herakles's labour quest is bugged.
  170. Save file corruption?
  171. [Performance] Performance drop after patch 1.03
  172. [Ubisoft Store] Bought an armor package from in-game store
  173. [Bug/Glitch] Accidental sequence break might have ruined save file
  174. [Crash/Freeze] crash
  175. [Gameplay] Rüstungen aus Fragmenten
  176. [Performance] optimisation and fps
  177. [Gameplay] Speech sounds robotic and cannot understand.
  178. Don't have Activation key because i bought it on Epic Game Store
  179. [Bug/Glitch] Shadow and Light Bugs/Glitches
  180. [Accessibility] Trying to play in English
  181. [Bug/Glitch] UI white in HDR is not proper white
  182. [Crash/Freeze] My game frezzes and i cant see any reason or timing to it.
  183. [Bug/Glitch] Gamepad Customization Buttom Problem
  184. [Keys/Codes] Unable to access game bought from epic store- immortal fenyx
  185. [Keys/Codes] Unable to start the game due to Epic/Uplay Integration
  186. Savegame Compatibility Uplay+ and Epic
  187. [Keys/Codes] Unable to launch game after purchasing from Epic
  188. No cutscene happening when I collect Axe of atlanta
  189. Stuttering along with fps drops
  190. Activation code issue, bought the game on Epic store
  191. Crash @ Launch
  192. [Issue Not Listed] Prevent Immortals from switching Windows desktop scale?
  193. [Ubisoft Store] in game store items
  194. Performance +FPS Drops
  195. Olympic Physique Challenge not completing
  196. Inverting Arrow Flight Controls
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  198. Game not launching
  199. [Performance] Massive Black Bars on Top and Bottom of Screen in Fullscreen Mode
  200. Using Windows accounts to have separate saves
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  202. disconnects every 30 min
  203. [Bug/Glitch] 3/4 Mythical Fragments - All Bosses Defeated
  204. [Bug/Glitch] I've got the PC Uplay Gold Edition and items aren't available.
  205. [Crash/Freeze] Random crashings to desktop with no warnings
  206. Axe Smash and KB/M controls
  207. [Bug/Glitch] Vault of aphrodite - Didnt get on aphrodites arm
  208. (PC) Constant Stuttering
  209. Having some issues...
  210. I bought immortal fenyx rising in epic games launcher but cannot play it in ubisoft
  211. [Performance] Frame rate drops and gets stuck
  212. Cannot save game: Save File Corrupted
  213. [Performance] CPU overheating
  214. [Bug/Glitch] Cross-Saves Unavailable
  215. [Crash/Freeze] Immortals dont start
  216. [Accessibility] Cannot Access Nightmare
  217. [Crash/Freeze] Fenyx Rising 2077 crashing on login and Random
  218. Can't get Axe Smash to execute
  219. Immortals Fenyx Rising keeps crashing...
  220. Bought game but not in my Game Library
  221. [Issue Not Listed] Unable to start game. This product cannot be activated right now
  222. severe mouse lag!!! cant aim bow with any fine adjustment
  223. Game crashes and other problems
  224. [Bug/Glitch] The Future Is In Music Quest
  225. Unable to save online
  226. [Crash/Freeze] Game is not starting - PROBLEM SOLVED
  227. Unable to start the game
  228. framerate much worse thancan be expected
  229. [Achievement/Trophy] Vaults of Tartaros Completed 97% only
  230. does PC version have PS4/ NS controller UI?
  231. [Bug/Glitch] Lost Helmets - Horn of the Revels
  232. [Accessibility] Finally got past the infinite startup banner / game not starting
  233. [Bug/Glitch] Game freezes twice every time i start it...
  234. [Bug/Glitch] Enabling Controller Vibration causes audio issues
  235. bought game- not in my games library
  236. Jumping in Vaults
  237. https://savage-grow-plus-88.webselfsite.net/
  238. [Bug/Glitch] Invisible Wings
  239. Bought on Epic. Would like a refund, turns out minimum system is not enough...
  240. cant find twitch (prime) loot - shivering character pack
  241. [Peripherals] Binding "Sprint" to "B" prevents gallop
  242. [Bug/Glitch] (Spoiler) Missing character from Hall of the Gods
  243. Low FPS
  244. [Crash/Freeze] Immortals Fenyx Rising constantly crashes
  245. [Bug/Glitch] Bug with a face texture
  246. How do I turn off the benchmark during gameplay?
  247. It ain't much but it's hard work quest
  248. [Feedback/Suggestion] Unfortunate
  249. Vault of Athena / Medusa fight bug
  250. [Bug/Glitch] Freeze & sound loss on use of controller