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  11. Hey! Wanna know how to get the DRAMA QUEEN BADGE?! Than click here! :)
  12. I'm a hopful model and i need help
  13. how in the world do you play the measuring game for chef talent?
  14. 40 year old!?!?!?!?
  15. How to be helpful when asking for help! :)
  16. Design Table questions!!! (UBI's please respond)
  17. she is not a member and how did she unlock member stuff?
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  38. What happened to the clothes at sophia the vendor's “shop”? PLZ REPLY MODS OR ANYONE!
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  41. I am getting warning messages for no reason!
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  65. Does anyone know any codes for gifts
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  68. Do i get more gems? PLEASE ANSWER MODERATORS!
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