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  2. [Feedback/Suggestion] Will there be a 60fps option on the XBOX Seriex X?
  3. Will there be any cross play functionality on multiplayer
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  14. I have Watchdogs Legion on my PC
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  21. Save Glitch/ Crash on exit to menu
  22. Running animation dreadful
  23. [Crash/Freeze] Can we get a FIX!!
  24. Not saving progress
  25. Error code Boring Sushi
  26. [Bug/Glitch] Unable to Liberate City of London - Hack CtOS Hub Glitch
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  28. watch dogs
  29. [Crash/Freeze] Unable to get a refund for this unplayable game
  30. Mixed up Team Avatar Icons
  31. [Crash/Freeze] Canít get pass loading screen
  32. Progress not saving
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  36. [Download/Installation] Canít install
  37. [Issue Not Listed] Achievement failures
  38. [Crash/Freeze] Can't pass initial loading screen.
  39. Are we going to get any info on an update?
  40. [Bug/Glitch] Lost 8 hours of progress due to game not saving...
  41. [Bug/Glitch] Saving Issue Workaround that Worked for Me
  42. Xbox X progress not saving
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  45. [Bug/Glitch] Paste Ups
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  48. Various Connect Awards not registering
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  52. Compensation for lost play time (and VIP status counting down)
  53. Gold Steelbook Edition
  54. [Gameplay] The update worsens the gaming experience
  55. Game is still not Saving.
  56. Watch dogs legion series x autosave problem
  57. Game Still not saving
  58. [Bug/Glitch] Game not saving.. try playing OFFLINE, works for many.
  59. Ubisoft not connecting on Series X
  60. Game not connecting to network
  61. Completely unacceptable
  62. [Bug/Glitch] Why wonít this damn game save on XBOX Series S?
  63. [Bug/Glitch] Broken Lighting on series x
  64. [Bug/Glitch] Operative unavailable
  65. Performance
  66. Where's the trophy for collecting all the clothing and skin items in the game?
  67. When's a Patch that will work?
  68. [TODO] Fix pedestrians jumping in front of car
  69. Street signs are missing
  70. Watch Dogs Legion Game Save Visually Corrupted/Broken
  71. Ubisoft has killed all the joy and enthusiasm I had for this game
  72. Xbox One S Screen Tearing
  73. Xbox Seriex X - Game Save Problem
  74. Help...How to save progress without repeating missions/recruiting
  75. So, it's "early december" now - where's the patch? :)
  76. Iím really annoyed at how the save bug was handled
  77. New patch does not fix save problem
  78. [Bug/Glitch] City of London CToS Hub Hack Borough Mission
  79. darts, drinks, and paste up achievements not popping
  80. Bug in Mind Games City of London Borough Mission
  81. [Crash/Freeze] Black screen trying to load Espionage 101
  82. [Bug/Glitch] Impossible to escape Zero Day Bunker mission
  83. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Common issues and frequently asked questions
  84. [Achievement/Trophy] Making Friends Achievement Will Not Unlock - Xbox Series X
  85. [Performance] When will the 60fps series x patch be released?
  86. [Peripherals] Mouse and Keyboard Support
  87. [Bug/Glitch] Series X ray tracing
  88. Xbox series x now saving progress
  89. Several achievements not unlocking for me
  90. How to enable ray tracing for the Xbox Series X
  91. [Feedback/Suggestion] New Recruit Type Ideas
  92. Game freezes and causes Series X to overheat and switch off!
  93. [Accessibility] FOV camera distance behind character - motion sickness
  94. [Crash/Freeze] Still havenít been able to play this game at all.
  95. [Missing Content] Watchdogs Legion missing content
  96. [Achievement/Trophy] Achievements not unlocking or tracking
  97. [Feedback/Suggestion] Please Add A InGame Tracker For Pubs,Darts,Paste Ups! After Drinking/Playing/Painting
  98. [Missing Content] Season pass
  99. [Bug/Glitch] Clothing clipping through trainers and character clipping through wall
  100. [Bug/Glitch] Game froze on bare knuckle fight
  101. Crashing !
  102. Can't provide feedback for technical test
  103. [Bug/Glitch] Masks gone from inventory
  104. [Download/Installation] Still on version 2.600!
  105. [Achievement/Trophy] ParceFox 20 Deliveries STILL not unlocking
  106. [Crash/Freeze] Unplayable
  107. Xbox Series X Crashing
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  110. Online co-op missions for private party
  111. Online issuses
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  113. Mask Bug Not Fixed
  114. Solo activities can no longer be completed
  115. Xbox Series X play with Xbox One
  116. Bug Report? | READ HERE FIRST!
  117. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Trying to join friend in online
  118. [Gameplay] Bee keepers in online mode
  119. [Bug/Glitch] My hotspots are resetting on friday and I'm a week forward
  120. [Bug/Glitch] Recruits
  121. [Bug/Glitch] Drones and Human Enemies Auto Agro
  122. Game hard crashing in Tutorial (unplayable currently)
  123. Turns system off.
  124. Can I get back a prestige operator if I retired them?
  125. [Download/Installation] I dont get the new patch/content
  126. [Bug/Glitch] Mina Sidhu died when stuck as mind controlled
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  128. Magically deleted my save
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  130. Series x game progress reset 3 times!
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  134. Season Pass is installed, but Bloodlines menu links only back to the store
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  144. Achievement didn't unlock for me
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  149. Lost Wrench completely in online mode
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  151. Free bloodline dlc will not download. 4 free
  152. audio continually cutting in and out