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  1. [Ubisoft Store] Missing??
  2. Legion in xbox store
  3. Collecters edition release date change.
  4. Can we get an official statement on Smart Delivery and DLC policy?
  5. Watch dogs legion Preorder download size
  6. Xbox One collector's edition
  7. Forum Rules
  8. Legion Gold and Ultimate edition not in Canada
  9. [Missing Content] watch dogs legion gold edition
  10. [Feedback/Suggestion] Weapons
  11. [Gameplay] Mask
  12. [Feedback/Suggestion] Mask toggle
  13. [Ubisoft Store] Unable to purchase digital version of WD Legion
  14. Can we Remap Controller buttons ?
  15. [Crash/Freeze] Game is crashing say IGN
  16. [Missing Content] Pre-ordered the ultimate edition
  17. [Keys/Codes] Watch Dogs Legion Golden King Pack Code Email
  18. [Bug/Glitch] Watchdogs Legion: Cloth Physics and Recruit glitches
  19. [Gameplay] 5.1 Sound
  20. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Common issues and frequently asked questions
  21. [Feedback/Suggestion] Photo mode - HUD
  22. Watch dogs legion gadgets?
  23. Xbox one s crashed
  24. X1X game crashed within 1st half hour
  25. How do I get Watchdogs: Complete edition from the season pass?
  26. [Bug/Glitch] game dashboards when I access the team menu
  27. watch dogs legion crashed
  28. Cloud Photos From Xbox One
  29. [Performance] Graphic ugly on Xbox one s
  30. No other Language Packs available
  31. [Missing Content] Audio pack FR not available
  32. [Feedback/Suggestion] Unable to dismiss Prestige Operators
  33. [Bug/Glitch] Charaters Reverting to their old looks
  34. Where to find my screenshots
  35. Ultimate edition content not showing up
  36. [Ubisoft Connect] Cross-Save Not Available?
  37. [Feedback/Suggestion] A.I needs improvements
  38. [Crash/Freeze] Xbox one s
  39. Ultimate Edition Content not showing
  40. [Feedback/Suggestion] Screen Tearing on the One X.
  41. [Feedback/Suggestion] Audio / lip sync is terrible
  42. [Missing Content] Help with additional Ultimate edition content please.
  43. [Keys/Codes] Preordered but no bonus?
  44. [Gameplay] Change from retry after dying to jail/hospital option
  45. Watch Dogs: Legion ..System Crash [XB1]
  46. Magpie Cheevo not Popping XBox
  47. Meu jogo não baixa idioma Português "Boring-Feta"
  48. Dylan
  49. Cant play my save
  50. Xbox one/S Constant Crashing |Performance issues |Audio Issues
  51. Purchased WD Credits are gone
  52. [Bug/Glitch] Mission angel à l'incinérateur de southwqrk
  53. Overheating, crashes and Freezes - Xbox One S
  54. Xbox one S Crashing
  55. [Crash/Freeze] Legion constantly crashes on Xbox One X
  56. Can the 3 prestige ops in the store die on permadeath?
  57. [Bug/Glitch] Mask in Helmsmans tracks unreachable
  58. [Accessibility] Vibration/ haptic feedback options
  59. Glitch on the mission to find out about Angel
  60. [Missing Content] Mobile music player(media app!!)
  61. [Bug/Glitch] Bug: Recruit Albion Guard mission
  62. [Crash/Freeze] Holy Mother of God the Crashes
  63. [Bug/Glitch] Game progress issues
  64. [Bug/Glitch] Certain Achievements not unlocking ?
  65. [Crash/Freeze] Xbox One X freeze glitch in Clan Kelley's New Export and VIP glitch
  66. Game keeps freezing every few minutes Xbox One
  67. [Bug/Glitch] Game stalls on operative death/knockout
  68. [Bug/Glitch] Can't finish mission
  69. [Feedback/Suggestion] Xbox One X screen tearing
  70. [Missing Content] Dlc not available
  71. watchdogs legion dlc on shared xbox not showing
  72. [Missing Content] Personagens sem voz/ no voice
  73. [Ubisoft Store] No tracking number received for pre ordered game
  74. [Bug/Glitch] Can’t progress in game due to bug in ‘Reporting for Duty’ mission
  75. [Crash/Freeze] Hotfix hasn’t done anything on Xbox one S
  76. [Bug/Glitch] Constant crashing after patch
  77. [Bug/Glitch] One of the eto box things
  78. Broken XBox achievements?
  79. [Bug/Glitch] Can't get a wanted level post-story mode completion ?
  80. Use or recover device action is working randomly
  81. [Bug/Glitch] Not earning those Ubisoft Units from completing challenges
  82. Unavailable bug
  83. [Bug/Glitch] Side Quest "The Walk-in" St. Pancras Station Objectives
  84. One of my players is permanently Passed Out
  85. [Bug/Glitch] WD Legion Information Overload
  86. [Missing Content] Ultimate Edition Game Share Problem
  87. [Bug/Glitch] Graphical Issue with a mask - Appears Distorted and broke
  88. Mission crashing Escaping the Bunker in stockwell
  89. (Crash/Freeze/Overheating) Travamento/
  90. No audio for anyone speaking
  91. Didn't received any code for my pre-order purchase via MSFT xbox store
  92. [Crash/Freeze] Watch Dogs Legion crashing at random times.
  93. [Accessibility] Ironman Mode?
  94. Infinity loading screen
  95. [Bug/Glitch] inside albion mission
  96. Juego salio al menu xbox cuando estaba jugando
  97. Is my game glitched
  98. [Crash/Freeze] My game keeps crashing.
  99. Driving
  100. [Bug/Glitch] Acheivement broken ?
  101. [Bug/Glitch] Invisible NPC's
  102. [Crash/Freeze] Constant crashes
  103. [Performance] Horrible Input Lag
  104. [Bug/Glitch] Purchased Clothing in WDL
  105. Fix for constant crashes
  106. [Crash/Freeze] This game is literally unplayable at the moment.
  107. fight mission bug
  108. [Crash/Freeze] Day 7/8. Still no patch. Still crashing.
  109. [Bug/Glitch] Albion Captain Uniform Bug
  110. [Bug/Glitch] Game keeps crashing mid play
  111. Crash on Xbox One S
  112. [Crash/Freeze] Crash on Xbox One S
  113. [Bug/Glitch] Bugged achievement and Continuous crashing
  114. Radio Bugged
  115. [Bug/Glitch] Npc stuck on door
  116. [Bug/Glitch] Cars overlap/meshing error
  117. Cant progress the story in WDL escape bunker mission
  118. Face of the enemy glitch/bug
  119. [Ubisoft Connect] Points not being added
  120. Game crash in Southwark Incinerator
  121. [Crash/Freeze] Game freeze after xbox guide
  122. [Bug/Glitch] Mask Box at Helmsman's Tracks
  123. [Crash/Freeze] Playing Offline / Clan Kelley’s New Export
  124. [Bug/Glitch] Bug: "Team at Maximum Capacity"
  125. Annoying fame rate glitch
  126. [Bug/Glitch] Portraits of Operatives and Citizens messed up
  127. [Bug/Glitch] Crashing the Auction glitched
  128. [Bug/Glitch] Hard reset!
  129. [Crash/Freeze] It Should be Illegal to sell this game in its current state
  130. [Crash/Freeze] Constant Crashes
  131. Draw distance and other load related issues.
  132. [Crash/Freeze] Crashes
  133. [Crash/Freeze] Crashed over 30 times while playing.
  134. CRASHING EVERY 5 minutes
  135. [Bug/Glitch] Operatives Menu
  136. (Crash/Freeze/Overheating) I am disappointed
  137. [Bug/Glitch] 5 Minutes
  138. [Missing Content] No jacket
  139. Southwark Photo Evidence mission
  140. Non-lethal Taser skin won’t change/enemies being weird
  141. [Crash/Freeze] Freezing on same mission every time!
  142. [Crash/Freeze] Watch Dogs Legion Update
  143. Connection problem "You are OFFLINE"
  144. Literally doesnt save any progress
  145. Southwark Borough mission
  146. Game crashes within a minute
  147. [Missing Content] Store connection issues + ultimate content not in game
  148. [Crash/Freeze] Unplayable Since Update
  149. [Crash/Freeze] Worst release ever
  150. “Cannot connect to Ubisoft servers”
  151. [Crash/Freeze] Watchdogs legion
  152. [Crash/Freeze] Xbox one crashing
  153. [Missing Content] Funny
  154. [Crash/Freeze] Game Crashes During "Out of Stock" Mission
  155. [Issue Not Listed] Ubisoft services are currently unavailable
  156. [Accessibility] Input from a disabled gamer
  157. [Crash/Freeze] Crashed 5 times in 20 minutes.
  158. Crashing/freezing on mission "Market Closing"
  159. [Crash/Freeze] Fix your game...
  160. [Bug/Glitch] Game won’t load
  161. [Missing Content] Collectors edition...ZERO dlc content showing!!
  162. [Crash/Freeze] This is Disgraceful.
  163. Information Overload Southwark Uprising
  164. This POS game is eligible for a refund
  165. [Crash/Freeze] Game Crashes Constantly after recent update
  166. [Crash/Freeze] Game won’t launch on Xbox one x
  167. [Crash/Freeze] Randomly crashing
  168. [Crash/Freeze] Game Keeps Crashing
  169. [Gameplay] List of misc. issues I've experienced so far (that have never been addressed)
  170. Unplayable!!!
  171. [Keys/Codes] Not recieved code
  172. [Crash/Freeze] Constant crashes
  173. [Crash/Freeze] Hi can i play the game i bought now?
  174. Can't dismiss recruit.
  175. [Bug/Glitch] Walkie Talkie building text file
  176. Store access.
  177. Game Crashed Then UNINSTALLED ITSELF
  178. Operative Unavailable
  179. [Bug/Glitch] Floating box during hack
  180. Watchdog issue not in Valhala
  181. [Crash/Freeze] Bare knuckle boxing
  182. [Crash/Freeze] Game keeps crahing on xbox one
  183. [Gameplay] Stutter / Frame drop
  184. [Crash/Freeze] Update/fix
  185. Constant crash nexus tower
  186. [Crash/Freeze] Update 2.10 still crashes Xbox One S
  187. [Crash/Freeze] Watch dogs legion
  188. Xbox Crashing Issues
  189. Enough is enough, how do we get refunds
  190. You need to refund us.
  191. [Crash/Freeze] Tu 2.1 NEW UPDATE!!!!!!!!
  192. Wondering
  193. [Bug/Glitch] no sounds when dialog with npcs and no car rev sounds
  194. Free Soundtrack for the Problems
  195. [Bug/Glitch] Two New Glitches
  196. A little something that helps.
  197. Try Reinstalling
  198. Ubisoft has ripped us off!!!
  199. [Crash/Freeze] Last patch actually made the game better
  200. XBOX save file corrupted?
  201. Game keeps crashing since update non stop on my xbox one S
  202. [Crash/Freeze] Crashes are still a MAJOR issue.
  203. [Crash/Freeze] At the very least make all future content free!
  204. [Bug/Glitch] Sound Issues on Xbox One S
  205. [Bug/Glitch] Melee overrides shooting while aiming
  206. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Game Offline to Investigate Crashes. (Again)
  207. [Bug/Glitch] #JusticeForTheGamers
  208. Tech not deploying.
  209. [Bug/Glitch] Paste-Up Location Won't Complete/Reward
  210. [Feedback/Suggestion] Pre-order Refund Policy
  211. [Bug/Glitch] ctOS Mission not possible
  212. [Bug/Glitch] Southwark Borough -- Information Overload (Quest does not continue)
  213. Just wanted to share this (wireless XBOXONE Controller related)
  214. This Game Needed a BETA
  215. [Bug/Glitch] Achievement still bugged , anyone know a workaround till fixed ?
  216. Is this a bug or am I missing something
  217. Has Ubisoft Failed Early Buyers?
  218. [Bug/Glitch] Permanently Unavailable Operative
  219. [Crash/Freeze] Mission - Information Overload - Consistant Crash
  220. Screw This: I want A Refund
  221. [Missing Content] Dlc not available/Game share issue
  222. Ubisoft, enough is enough. Just give Xbox One users refunds
  223. [Crash/Freeze] Londons protectors- crashing
  224. [Bug/Glitch] Access the AV Server bug
  225. [Bug/Glitch] Audio Stutter
  226. Current Version Clarification
  227. Disrupt albion operation centre
  228. [Bug/Glitch] Propaganda Progress not saving
  229. [Crash/Freeze] Still unplayable
  230. [Issue Not Listed] repetitive in watch dos legion multiplayer
  231. [Crash/Freeze] Latest update
  232. Mission bug for watch dogs legion
  233. [Bug/Glitch] Can’t do main missions
  234. Compatibility with base console (Xbox)
  235. Xbox Achievement Tracker Problem
  236. [Achievement/Trophy] Bullseye and Bottom’s up achievements not unlocking
  237. [Achievement/Trophy] Collectibles uncollectable
  238. [Issue Not Listed] Nobody got the July Ubisoft Forward Jacket apparently?
  239. Still not saving
  240. Crash/freeze When entering the elevator to escape Zero-Day bunker
  241. ETO on Recruit bug
  242. [Bug/Glitch] Inside Albion, Recruit Albion Guard glitch
  243. [Gameplay] Elite Turret Spider control
  244. [Accessibility] Game want load past first screen
  245. [Bug/Glitch] Xbox One S Screen Tearing
  246. [Bug/Glitch] Does not Auto save
  247. Please fix the wrong operative portrait bug/glitch
  248. [Download/Installation] Season pass not appearing
  249. [Bug/Glitch] Lip sync issue and bad match of accents
  250. [Bug/Glitch] Piece de Resistance not popping despite achievement requirements being met