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  1. PS4 > PS5 - free upgrade?
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  20. El Rubius team avatar pic does not show.
  21. Legion is still crashing in Team Menu on PS5.
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  40. PSN Username Change
  41. [Download/Installation] Watchdogs: Legion PS5 download/install always downloads/installs PS4 version as well
  42. Kein verlassen des Spiels möglich. Kein Speichern(Ps5)
  43. Spiel verlassen nicht möglich. Kein abspeichern von Daten.
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  48. Pls Patch for Ps5
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  52. [Bug/Glitch] PS5 Clan Kelley's New Export Photograph glitch
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  54. Watch Dogs Legion and Assassins Creed Valhalla PS5 Upgrades Available Now
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  56. Repeated Crashes.
  57. [Achievement/Trophy] Fix for paste up glitch
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  59. Watch Dogs Legion - Golden King Pack - DLC Code Saying "Inactive'
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  63. No drivers in cars
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  67. [Performance] ATTENTION Ubisoft Investor.
  68. [Crash/Freeze] Can't Complete London Rising
  69. [Performance] No 60fps option and Unfixed Issues Since Launch
  70. [Website] They aren't even helping anyone in customer support now!
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  72. Save Game Issues on PS5
  73. [Accessibility] Money Back
  74. [Achievement/Trophy] Darts and drinks
  75. [Bug/Glitch] L2 haptic feedback glitching
  76. [Performance] Lost progress
  77. [Achievement/Trophy] Is there a work around for DedSec Delivery?
  78. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Common issues and frequently asked questions
  79. Trophies not unlocking
  80. I would like a refund.
  81. [Gameplay] Cannot Find Side Mission "Change of Heart"
  82. [Crash/Freeze] Can't load Watch Dogs Legion
  83. Performance mode
  84. [Keys/Codes] Code received for wrong console
  85. Nothing is getting FIXED They Don't Care About The Community
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  103. How do I go about getting a refund?
  104. [Bug/Glitch] Can not progress bug
  105. Missing masks
  106. Lost Progress
  107. [Bug/Glitch] Masks still missing after 03/08 patch
  108. [Bug/Glitch] Online missions won't start
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  111. [Bug/Glitch] Thorne’s Felts Relic
  112. Bug Report? | READ HERE FIRST!
  113. [Issue Not Listed] Not able to retrieve PC Cloud Save from my PS5 game
  114. No more cops or wanted levels online
  115. Buy Real Database registered driver’s License(https://protraveldocs.com))(),Passports
  116. [Ubisoft Account] Help!
  117. Cross save no trophies
  118. These trophies won't unlock, no matter what I do
  119. [Missing Content] Cross proggression Purchases
  120. [Bug/Glitch] Coop matchmaking takes 5 minutes every single time
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  123. Resistance Edition Lynx Problem
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  125. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] The game can't connect to the server since the last update
  126. The Data menu is completely glitched!
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  137. All my Recruits are mixed up and some are even wrong.
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  141. Trophies are still not fixed!
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  143. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Cant Connect Ubisoft Servers Online ?
  144. [Bug/Glitch] Aiden and wrench not appearing in story/online mode
  145. [Bug/Glitch] Bloodline: Packrat trophy glitched
  146. Bugs
  147. [Achievement/Trophy] Bottom's Up and Bullseye Trophies Glitched