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  1. Watch dogs legion refund
  2. Is it possible to preorder?
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  5. [Gameplay] A question about the new legion season pass
  6. [Download/Installation] Season pass
  7. [Accessibility] 3 day early access to Legion
  8. Will Standard Digital Edtion Get Free PS5 Upgrade?
  9. pre ordine
  10. No tracking Number in order dispatch Email again
  11. [Gameplay] #WDLParkour
  12. How will car skins work if we can't buy cars?
  13. Pre order
  14. [Issue Not Listed] No tracking code?
  15. [Keys/Codes] I can't redeem my season pass and ultimate pack
  16. Anything PS players should worry about?
  17. Ultimate Edition Season pass and DLC codes not working
  18. Shoulder shift
  19. [Missing Content] Gold Edition Starting Ops
  20. [Bug/Glitch] Into the void misson cannot unlock security system
  21. [Crash/Freeze] Powering off console
  22. No season pass code sent with receipt? 😱
  23. miss code in ultimate edition
  24. [Missing Content] Languages
  25. spiderbot through walls
  26. [Bug/Glitch] Audio is bugged
  27. Watch dog dlc not work
  28. [Ubisoft Connect] Mistaken console I am playing on
  29. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Common issues and frequently asked questions
  30. [Keys/Codes] Golden king pack
  31. [Gameplay] I don't know where Aiden and Wrench. Help search him
  32. [Missing Content] Watch Dogs 1 access
  33. [Bug/Glitch] Random audio stuttering
  34. [Bug/Glitch] Inside Albion (quest) Bugged HELP
  35. [Missing Content] Ultimate Content inaccessible
  36. [Crash/Freeze] The game crashes
  37. Screen Tearing and Frame Rate Isues
  38. Ingame content never arrived
  39. [Missing Content] Can not access Preorder code or download first watch dogs game
  40. My copy of the game went from english menu/UI to dutch and can not revert.
  41. Hi, Hello, is this mission bug?
  42. [Bug/Glitch] Game breaking bug in main mission
  43. Infinite loading screen
  44. [Bug/Glitch] Mission ends and you get a call
  45. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot put permadeath on. After reporting for duty is complite
  46. [Missing Content] Content missing
  47. Spiderbot unable to spawn + game crashes
  48. People with a green dot
  49. Black screen as you enter the incinerator basement
  50. Are support here
  51. [Crash/Freeze] Defect pa4 pro
  52. [Bug/Glitch] The Permadeath not works (ps4)
  53. PS4 PRO issue!
  54. Bug issue with R1
  55. [Crash/Freeze] Error code CE-34878-0
  56. [Crash/Freeze] Game crashes on ps4 then it freezes
  57. Watchdog legions ps4
  58. [Bug/Glitch] Autodrive - You've reached you destination
  59. [Bug/Glitch] Royal Courts of Justice glitch
  60. Recuperar a los agentes prestigiosos
  61. [Gameplay] Is there any fire engines in the game?
  62. [Bug/Glitch] Paste up
  63. [Bug/Glitch] No Rain in the game (Ps4 pro)
  64. [Achievement/Trophy] 'Oral History' trophy is bugged / not unlocking
  65. [Keys/Codes] Missing Pre Order Golden King Code
  66. [Keys/Codes] Missing Code for Golden King Pack
  67. Boroughs not showing up on map PS4
  68. [Gameplay] Missing languages
  69. [Bug/Glitch] in game purchases
  70. Not receiving Ubisoft Connect points
  71. [Bug/Glitch] Team Menu Displays Wrong Icon
  72. [Bug/Glitch] Last Stencils remain locked after finashing all 47 Paste Up Locations.
  73. [Crash/Freeze] Game crash after trying continue game
  74. [Bug/Glitch] Game not saving
  75. [Bug/Glitch] "Into the void" mission unable to be completed
  76. [Bug/Glitch] Road Arrows Facing Incorrect Way
  77. [Crash/Freeze] I feel cheated
  78. [Bug/Glitch] Radio station audio repeats same track every time I get in a vehicle
  79. Screen Tearing From Hell (PS4 Base)
  80. Stutter Dialog
  81. [Bug/Glitch] Game won’t save and keeps crashing
  82. [Missing Content] Im missing my golden king pack.
  83. [Gameplay] Albion pursuits don't happen at all after you complete the campaign
  84. [Missing Content] Missing Season Pass content
  85. [Bug/Glitch] Leopard gas mask decal bug
  86. [Bug/Glitch] Left feeling a little frustrated
  87. [Gameplay] Can someone tell me what is a "Missing" operative?
  88. [Missing Content] Where is customer support !
  89. [Crash/Freeze] Parcel fox issue
  90. [Crash/Freeze] Game crashes when quitting to main menu
  91. [Gameplay] accidentally retired my hacker+
  92. [Bug/Glitch] Cloud Save: Download Failed
  93. [Bug/Glitch] WDL City of London location, that cannot get the the E-Coin box.
  94. [Download/Installation] Missing Content
  95. [Bug/Glitch] Operative Unavailable
  96. [Missing Content] Same Console Share?
  97. [Bug/Glitch] Sound issues ps4
  98. Performance issues on PS4 SLIM
  99. [Keys/Codes] Watch Dogs Complete Edition Access
  100. [Crash/Freeze] Save data lost!
  101. [Crash/Freeze] Clan Kelly Export/ southwark müllverbrennungsanlage
  102. [Bug/Glitch] Audio Issues And Other Bugs
  103. [Bug/Glitch] Watchdogs Legion
  104. Gadgets aren't working as they should
  105. [Feedback/Suggestion] 3rd person camera distance
  106. [Crash/Freeze] Watch dogs legion
  107. [Crash/Freeze] Lost save data
  108. [Bug/Glitch] Persistence issues
  109. [Crash/Freeze] Customer support
  110. [Missing Content] Account locked content
  111. [Achievement/Trophy] Trophy Bug with locations
  112. [Gameplay] Does 'PS4 WD Legion' support Korean language?
  113. In the Belly of the Beast quest bugged
  114. [Bug/Glitch] Drone spawn pads don't work
  115. [Achievement/Trophy] Trophies are not unlocked after being made
  116. [Achievement/Trophy] Missing Trophies / No Pop Up After Being Done
  117. [Bug/Glitch] Clan Kelly's new export mission
  118. [Achievement/Trophy] Oral History achievement not unlocking
  119. [Bug/Glitch] game crashed too many times ps4
  120. [Bug/Glitch] The game does not load the save from USB
  121. [Missing Content] PS4 DLCs not present / activated in-game
  122. Watch Dogs: Legion/ Ubisoft Connect Question
  123. Problematic issues galore
  124. ORAL HISTORY and FRESH THREADS not popping.
  125. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot progress main story due to puzzle not spawning
  126. [Accessibility] Loading a save from file
  127. Can't proceed with Inside Albion
  128. WD: Complete Edition with WD: Legion Season Pass?
  129. Infinite load Screen
  130. Car radio on repeat.
  131. [Bug/Glitch] Clothes will unequip while browsing
  132. [Gameplay] Missing Albion Guard
  133. game crashes when trying to go to main menu
  134. [Bug/Glitch] Beekeeper Missing After Mind Games Completion
  135. [Gameplay] PS4 - Watch Dog Legion: Digital Knight Bundle
  136. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Season Pass VIP for Multiplayer
  137. Dalton Wolfe is selectable team member
  138. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot get a wanted level since update
  139. Fun game but alot of issues
  140. [Achievement/Trophy] No not the bees trophy
  141. [Achievement/Trophy] Trophy glitch
  142. [Bug/Glitch] In-game season pass locked my game
  143. [Achievement/Trophy] Trophy 100,000 ETO does not unlock
  144. [Crash/Freeze] Game won't start after latest update
  145. [Issue Not Listed] Ubisoft-Fehlercode Boring-Squid
  146. [Crash/Freeze] The game crashes several times
  147. exclamation point without mission near the pub
  148. [Bug/Glitch] Information Overload mission glitch
  149. [Performance] FPS drops?
  150. Online storage.. I checked the saved game in my WDL, there is 3 files.
  151. [Feedback/Suggestion] Watch Dogs Legion
  152. Trophies not popping
  153. [Bug/Glitch] Game unresponsive after going forward in time
  154. [Bug/Glitch] The Malik Dossier Bugged
  155. [Feedback/Suggestion] Welsh Voice Actors
  156. [Crash/Freeze] Warning *Possible Spoiler* Unable to complete The Face of the Enemy mission
  157. WD: Legion spiderbot glitch
  158. [Performance] bad screentearing
  159. [Gameplay] unable to equip LTL 68p stun pistol (the first pistol in the game)
  160. [Accessibility] Season Pass
  161. [Crash/Freeze] Crashed at least 8 times on ps4
  162. Infinite loading screen and can’t play watch dogs at all
  163. Are people able to connect with UBISOFT Connect? Not recognising my PSN account
  164. Was this rushed too soon out? UBISOFT Falling apart because of Next Gen...?
  165. How do I link my pSN account!?
  166. [Bug/Glitch] You Don’t See Me! Trophy Glitch/Bug
  167. [Feedback/Suggestion] Issues and Inconsistencies
  168. bug at hamlets area
  169. Backup your saves!!!
  170. 10 fps ps4 pro
  171. how do game saves work?
  172. [Bug/Glitch] Serious glitch.
  173. [Crash/Freeze] Question about reducing crashes
  174. [Gameplay] Operative unavailable for over a week
  175. [Bug/Glitch] Stormzy - Fall on My Enemies Quest
  176. I don't get the surrender or resist option and my operative just dies
  177. [Bug/Glitch] Non carica il salvataggio cloud
  178. [Bug/Glitch] Help
  179. [Crash/Freeze] I'd like my money back.
  180. Operative unavailable on permadeath
  181. [Bug/Glitch] Assets missing/clipping
  182. [Gameplay] Can you end up in the hospital or get arrested when playing with permadeath enabled?
  183. [Achievement/Trophy] Missing trophy for paste up, drinking, and darts
  184. [Gameplay] Not able to interact with a mission start
  185. Old Canal Sabotage bug
  186. [Achievement/Trophy] A Roof Over Your Head
  187. [Feedback/Suggestion] Watch Dogs Complete Edition
  188. Is there any way to download cloud photos?
  189. [Bug/Glitch] Tech points disappeared
  190. [Crash/Freeze] Save corrupted on PS4 - cannot Continue
  191. [Missing Content] Gold Edition
  192. News Box - No Signal
  193. [Gameplay] Surrender or Resist
  194. [Crash/Freeze] Saved game getting stuck on load screen
  195. [Bug/Glitch] City of London Oppressed mission hack ctOS hub
  196. [Achievement/Trophy] 'Fresh Threads' achievement not popping
  197. [Feedback/Suggestion] New idea {In French}
  198. [Achievement/Trophy] You cant See me Bug
  199. [Bug/Glitch] PS4 Audio Stuttering
  200. This is just sad........
  201. [Bug/Glitch] watch dogs:legion double sound/stuttering audio
  202. [Bug/Glitch] unable to set waypoints on map
  203. Could anyone help me with this?
  204. [Achievement/Trophy] 4 trophies not working for me
  205. Cloting Clipping issues
  206. Clipping issues
  207. [Feedback/Suggestion] Swapping Shoulders!!
  208. [Bug/Glitch] Fight or flight path mission
  209. [Gameplay] Color Saturation both in HDR and Non-HDR
  210. [Bug/Glitch] Sound Still Stuttering and feels like it’s getting worse
  211. [Missing Content] Gold king edition - season pass + watchdogs not received