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  1. Watch Dogs 3: Legion (Pre-Order Missing Order Package)?
  2. Missing Code
  3. [Ubisoft Store] It's not showing I purchased the game
  4. refund
  5. Reddkidd
  6. Question on details about the game (not gameplay-wise)
  7. game refund
  8. there is a bug
  9. Collectors Edition Steelbook
  10. [Ubisoft Store] Oops, your payment could not be processed.
  11. I can't use 20%
  12. Advancement
  13. preorder Bonus from G2A version?
  14. watch dogs complete edition with wd3 preorder
  15. Question About Exotic Ubisoft Club Rewards
  16. Forum Rules
  17. [Ubisoft Store] Inconsistent pricing for the ultimate edition
  18. About requirements
  19. [Issue Not Listed] Aiden pearce.
  20. Left handed
  21. [Ubisoft Store] OS windows 10
  22. Question about Windows store (PC) release
  23. Uplay library
  24. Want to buy Season Pass seperately
  25. [Download/Installation] Getting the Season Pass
  26. Preload for Uplay+?
  27. Fightiing system and Online PVP
  28. [Ubisoft Store] Ubisoft Store Delivery
  29. [Gameplay] Question About Recruits and NPCs.
  30. Watch Dogs Legion Ray Tracing
  31. [Ubisoft Store] 20% Discount code question
  32. [Gameplay] Online features at launch?
  33. Please help
  34. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Watch Dogs Legion
  35. Refund
  36. My friend is playing early, cross-platform? why no co-op at launch?
  37. Pre order/upgrade
  38. Preload
  39. [Keys/Codes] watch dogs promotion
  40. When will this ship? Already paid for. US
  41. Orders.
  42. Download not turned on
  43. [Accessibility] je n'ais pas acces a ma prés commande
  44. WD:LEGION support RDNA2 Ray tracing?
  45. Pre order question
  46. Ultimate Uplay+ version is downloading now ?
  47. Very high settings ray tracing on
  48. [Keys/Codes] Epic games code is missing
  49. No Pre-Load for Epic?
  50. Question about DLC
  51. No more "Vanoss Outfit"?
  52. [Download/Installation] Help Wheres my Watchdogs Legion
  53. How do I upgrade Standard To Ultimate edition.
  54. [Keys/Codes] Golden king pack
  55. HD Textures Pack.
  56. Uplay
  57. Twitch Drops
  58. Watchdog legions collector's edition tracking number
  59. Twitch Drops not working
  60. WD Legion collectors edition
  61. [Keys/Codes] Havent recieved a pre order code
  62. Plz help
  63. [Download/Installation] Watchdogs Legion has no option for preload but my friends did..
  64. [Ubisoft Store] NZ Release date past but no game
  65. [Peripherals] Xbox One Elite 2 Controller doesn't work
  66. Game wont launch and chat support is offline
  67. Game still hasn't released even though it is 12:41 AM 29/10/2020 where I live (AEDT)
  68. I payed for Ultimate edition
  69. [Performance] Full screen mode has black borders
  70. purchased watchdog legions but not in library
  71. get locked in 60 fps
  72. [Download/Installation] Can't download
  73. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot change language
  74. [Download/Installation] Game will not boot as it says "Server Offline"
  75. [Bug/Glitch] Outfit unequiped if going back to the previous menu
  76. [Crash/Freeze] Keeps getting random crash to desktop
  77. [Download/Installation] Its 12:50 AM BUT UBISOST CONNECT STILL SHOWS COMING SOON
  78. [Bug/Glitch] (PC) Huge progression loss.
  79. [Download/Installation] Stuck on "Pre-Loaded", require support
  80. [Issue Not Listed] Payed for the game nothing happened
  81. [Ubisoft Store] Received WD Legion product code for buying a RTX 3080... how do I upgrade game editio
  82. [Download/Installation] Uplay+ Pre-download
  83. Legion crashing at launch
  84. Any Update on the Epic Games Problem
  85. Weird black screen during gameplay
  86. Please allow us to turn of melee blood splatter VFX :(
  87. [Missing Content] UK Launch time has past for Watch Dog's Legion and it still says "pre-loaded"
  88. Game crashes constantly with DX12
  89. when will the game launch on EPIC store?
  90. [Download/Installation] past 11am local time and still cant play through epic
  91. [Bug/Glitch] Dialogue voice started late
  92. [Gameplay] Premium Charcters removal.
  93. [Missing Content] UBI! WTH!? Where my english audio!?
  94. [Missing Content] My Collectors edition DED CORONET mask isnt appearing in game
  95. [Missing Content] Did not recieve my ded coronet mask in game
  96. bad_module_info has stopped working error
  97. [Ubisoft Store] BoaCompra South America
  98. [Missing Content] Game missing from library on Ubisoft Connect
  99. [Cutscene Black Screen] Mission: Clan Kelleys New Export
  100. Lost Progress
  101. Poor Performance On GTX 1080
  102. [Performance] How can I enable DLSS?
  103. [Crash/Freeze] Infinite Loading Screen
  104. [Accessibility] Problem with BattleEye not loading XInput9_1_0.dll
  105. High CPU usuage on dx11
  106. [Bug/Glitch] Scissor lifts stopping the resistance
  107. Cannot load DuniaDemo DX12 DLL
  108. Game Does not allow me to play it please read and help
  109. [Accessibility] Game still not out?
  110. Extremely low performance
  111. [Download/Installation] Uanble to play Watch Dogs Legion
  112. [Peripherals] Xbox Controller not working for Watch Dogs legion
  113. [Crash/Freeze] Crashing to Ubisoft Launcher During beginning Mission
  114. [Download/Installation] its 12:12am on the 29th why can i not play
  115. [Bug/Glitch] Randomly unable to use gadget
  116. [Crash/Freeze] Batle eye error on start
  117. [Gameplay] Don't use a controller on PC
  118. [Download/Installation] Execution Code Error
  119. Cant go past logging in screen
  120. [Crash/Freeze] Logging in as *Username* infinite loading
  121. game on wrong screen
  122. Game crashes on launch from bad_module_info - I have a support ticket submitted
  123. [Missing Content] The game has no sound or audio
  124. Crap
  125. [Download/Installation] can't launch game
  126. [Bug/Glitch] Controller not being recongnized
  127. [Missing Content] UK 6am Server Offline Not available yet? Why is the game late?
  128. [Crash/Freeze] The game keeps on crushing and freezing
  129. What's the deal with Ray-tracing?
  130. predownloaded through epic and refunded then bought on ubi
  131. [Keys/Codes] Using Ubisoft Points
  132. My game is in pre loaded impossible to launch since 12 pm
  133. [Bug/Glitch] Game breaking bug City of London district
  134. [Bug/Glitch] Infinite black screen in clan kelley's New Export mission
  135. [Issue Not Listed] Please read everyone who has bought the game through epic game store!!!
  136. To those of you who can... Post your benchmarks
  137. [Bug/Glitch] Stuck in Propaganda Mission
  138. Atterley Fairlight Car makes constant bumping noise.
  139. [Performance] Playing with I5 3470
  140. [Feedback/Suggestion] Can't dismiss or kill Prestige Operatives
  141. [Keys/Codes] 20% discount from 100 Units unable to apply to Watch Dog: Legions
  142. crashing
  143. Does not launch
  144. [Download/Installation] Launch Problem
  145. [Crash/Freeze] Crash during "recruit Leon Kowalski" mission
  146. Optimisation of graphic settings
  147. [Bug/Glitch] Car Autopilot
  148. [Accessibility] Cant play.
  149. [Bug/Glitch] Depth of Field problems
  150. Unplayable FPS all all Low settings with good system
  151. [Download/Installation] Game will not launch
  152. DLSS disabled on RTX 2070
  153. [Crash/Freeze] I cant launch game. Black screen and crash report
  154. no voice on video and dialogue
  155. Watch dogs leigon cant launch
  156. [Bug/Glitch] Police Sirens
  157. [Crash/Freeze] King’s Cross
  158. [Crash/Freeze] Game crashing randomly when in gun fights
  159. [Missing Content] Ubisoft Forward
  160. [Issue Not Listed] bu
  161. Game cashes shortly after launch
  162. [Performance] Rtx 3080 + ryzen 3900x with 60% gpu usage! Whatttt!!!!!
  163. So I bought a RTX 3080 for these new games...however...
  164. WathDogsLegion_BE.exe not found
  165. Code not found?
  166. [Bug/Glitch] 21:9 aspect ratio is rendered as 16:9 then stretched
  167. [Gameplay] Help
  168. [Download/Installation] Still can not download the game
  169. Game hasn't released for me yet.
  170. Since i couldnt file a support case ill leave this here:
  171. [Feedback/Suggestion] General feedback and suggestions I found during my time in the game so far
  172. [Download/Installation] Ne peut pas le lancer
  173. [Crash/Freeze] Crash in Team screen
  174. Fix audio logs
  175. Watch Dogs Legion gone from Uplay+ ??
  176. [Bug/Glitch] Broken handbrake in one vehicle
  177. [Issue Not Listed] I cannot launch the game
  178. Denuvo Crashing Game Every 20mins!!!
  179. DX11 works well but DX12 with RTX on gives constant CtD's
  180. [Accessibility] Cannot Close the game
  181. [Missing Content] Missing Golden King and Ultimate Packs
  182. Cant Use Controller on PC
  183. Fix your ******g game
  184. [Crash/Freeze] Black Screen on launch
  185. [Crash/Freeze] Infinity Load Screen
  186. [Download/Installation] cant fine the game files
  187. [Download/Installation] Can't load game
  188. Refund
  189. [Bug/Glitch] Stuck in objects or walls
  190. [Bug/Glitch] Safehouse
  191. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Common issues and frequently asked questions
  192. masks on/off
  193. [Bug/Glitch] Watch dogs Legion unable to start game HELP
  194. [Issue Not Listed] I can't start WDL at all
  195. [Download/Installation] Mon jeu ne se lance pas
  196. [Gameplay] Can't find Hacker+ after failing mission, help!
  197. Did anyone eventually got wd legion
  198. New Nvidia Drivers on Guru3D Website
  199. Bad performance...as always
  200. [Missing Content] 3 Ultimate edition character disapeared
  201. [Missing Content] Uplay+ - Ultimate Content gone/missing
  202. [Crash/Freeze] The game cannot be started
  203. Game wont even start
  204. [Issue Not Listed] Server down on epic games store
  205. Wont let me start the game
  206. Audio lag
  207. [Download/Installation] How to download the two fankits from rewards ?
  208. Server down on epic games
  209. Activate A Key
  210. [Keys/Codes] Launching from epic games and It asks for a CD key or activation code?
  211. Stuck loading into savegame
  212. Problem...AGAIN!
  213. [Bug/Glitch] ALT + TAB freezes the game
  214. Redownloading the game through uplay does not fix the problem
  215. [Crash/Freeze] cut scene doesn't load
  216. [Keys/Codes] Didnt recieve a pre order code
  217. i can't use my joypad
  218. [Ubisoft Connect] Game Purchased on Epic Game store won't launch
  219. [Keys/Codes] EGS activation key says key is already in use.
  220. Epic Games, Activation Key Required
  221. [Ubisoft Store] The game performance sucks at i7-9750H&RTX2060 laptop
  222. No music in car, when its turn on, and music in gameworld is off
  223. [Keys/Codes] Missing Activation Key
  224. [Ubisoft Store] Waited the 48hrs
  225. Cannot start the game in Epic Games Launcher
  226. [Crash/Freeze] Crash when trying to HIjack the very first Spider Bot
  227. [Performance] Please stop posting half-assed complaints/complaints filled with noise
  228. [Bug/Glitch] [FIX] Possible fix that may work for pre-orderers from Epic Games Store
  229. Wont start Number9999999
  230. [Bug/Glitch] "Unable to start game" w/custom folder and non-admin user [workaround]
  231. "server offline" Its 9AM....
  232. [Bug/Glitch] Save game not loading after crash
  233. [Bug/Glitch] Operator after Clarion call has dissapeared
  234. Watchdogs Legions not working in Epic
  235. [Ubisoft Connect] I can not play Watchdogs Legions‼
  236. [Bug/Glitch] No more main missions after changing the electronic Billboard in Camden?
  237. Can't complete reporting for duty mission!
  238. [Ubisoft Account] no me aparece para descargar
  239. [Ubisoft Account] Battle Eye
  240. EGS Activation Code Issue - Please communicate with us!
  241. [Bug/Glitch] recruit peter udo quest bugged?
  242. Sound out of sync (PC)
  243. Way to change Enemy icons from White to Red?
  244. Recruitment Missions Bugging
  245. [Bug/Glitch] Quit to main menu bricks the game.
  246. [Crash/Freeze] I can't lunch the game
  247. [Ubisoft Connect] i just bought ulpay+ and now it says i dont have it wtf money back
  248. [Bug/Glitch] Game won't launch on Ubisoft Connect
  249. [Download/Installation] DEVS! Can we install the HD texture pack for a 1440p monitor?>
  250. [Crash/Freeze] Crashing at character selection