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  1. Collector's Edition PS4 to Portugal
  2. Collector's Editions Stock?
  3. Steelbook edition in Canada?
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  6. Version Changing
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  8. [Ubisoft Store] AC Valhalla Ship
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  11. [Download/Installation] How does the free upgrade work?
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  13. [Ubisoft Store] Pre Ordering Valhalla on PS$
  14. [Gameplay] Ps4 to Ps5 (to Ps4) Progress
  15. Odyssey DLC-Idiomas bloqueados
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  23. [Ubisoft Store] Change preorder PC version to PS 4 Pro
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  25. Ordering Male Eivor Statue In US
  26. why is the gold edition not available for sale in physical media in brazil?
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  30. [Gameplay] DLC seasons
  31. Does Australian Assassin's Creed Valhalla provide Chinese subtitle??
  32. Random Question
  33. [Download/Installation] Upgrading to Gold/Ultimate from Standard physical version
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  39. [Achievement/Trophy] Live Rugby Game
  40. [Gameplay] Supported Language
  41. [Gameplay] Field of view or camera option
  42. [Download/Installation] PS4 Season pass
  43. [Gameplay] PS4 AC Valhalla supported language
  44. Just a simple question
  45. PS4 Pro support!
  46. collector's edition ac valhalla not shipped yet keep getting a run around
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  48. Open Beta for new Assassin's Creed Valhalla forums now live!
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  50. [Gameplay] Are there Chinese subtitles in the US digital version?
  51. Berserker's bonus
  52. [Bug/Glitch] Valhalla Quest Bug - No Start
  53. [Feedback/Suggestion] Censorship in PS4 Zone 3
  54. Missing prompts bug game breaking
  55. [Bug/Glitch] Quest Issue
  56. The Big Finish Bugged out
  57. [Bug/Glitch] Damsel in distress mystery
  58. [Bug/Glitch] Settlement: Not able to interact with NPCs
  59. [Bug/Glitch] 1) A Seer's Solace bug 2) Eivor as a child bug 3) Bugged in snow
  60. [Accessibility] Aim Assist Lock-on Feature?
  61. [Bug/Glitch] A Truimphant Return
  62. [Missing Content] Missing content on Ultimate Pack
  63. [Bug/Glitch] Man best friend ability glitch/ corrupted save files
  64. [Bug/Glitch] [World Event] The White Lady of Tamworth
  65. [Gameplay] Terrible combat system spiced with numerous graphics glitch and bugs
  66. [Bug/Glitch] 'Reporting on Grantebridgescire' bugged
  67. Reach Buckingham's Longship
  68. Gunnar Disappeared from his Forge
  69. Since new update problem with wealth in East Anglia
  70. [Bug/Glitch] Can't proceed with main story, settlement won't level up to 6
  71. [Bug/Glitch] Lunden World Quest
  72. [Bug/Glitch] Major mandatory bug report plus minor bug
  73. [Bug/Glitch] Sussexe Arc doesn't continue
  74. [Bug/Glitch] Reda still not interactive after patch - Ideas?
  75. [Bug/Glitch] The fisherman and his son
  76. [Bug/Glitch] Lunden problem - cant get any quest - no other alliance left to finish
  77. [Bug/Glitch] In the absence of the eldorman quest broken
  78. Valhalla AC Eurviscire story line arc disappeared
  79. [Bug/Glitch] unable to complete Gunnar's quest
  80. Valhalla
  81. No Key Glitch
  82. [Bug/Glitch] Unable to complete 'The Good Men of Sherwood' Mystery
  83. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot unequip axe in Brother's Keeper quest
  84. [Bug/Glitch] Asgard [defensive measures]
  85. [Bug/Glitch] can't save
  86. [Crash/Freeze] Corrupted Game
  87. No cloud saves so can't transfer progress to PS5 - please help!
  88. [Bug/Glitch] Reda's daily bugged
  89. [Bug/Glitch] Arrow issue
  90. [Achievement/Trophy] Overdesign 2 Trophy And Certain Dice Players Are Bugged On PlayStation 4 !
  91. [Bug/Glitch] Eurvicscire completed but unable to progress the game
  92. [Bug/Glitch] Becoming Basim