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  1. Assassin's Creed: Vallhala - Pre-order 20% Discount?
  2. I Live In Two Countries
  3. Assassin's creed Valhalla
  4. wan neer is assassins-creed valhalla in bata ?
  5. Forum Rules
  6. [Accessibility] Ok Wow Keto united kingdom united kingdom: reviews, advantages & buy in uk!
  7. Moneda XD
  8. [Ubisoft Store] Help with buying and refunding different platforms
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  10. [Ubisoft Store] Ubisoft keep delaying my refund
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  12. Pre-order code is invalid
  13. [Feedback/Suggestion] DEVS: Epic Store Doesn't Feature Valhalla anywhere
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  21. [Accessibility] Collectors Edition
  22. Game release time on November 10th.
  23. [Download/Installation] Assassin's Creed Valhalla Uplay Download
  24. [Accessibility] Assassins creed valhalla how to get a test code when you preorder
  25. [Download/Installation] pre-download
  26. [Ubisoft Store] Valhalla is missing from game list
  27. Assassins creed valhalla specs
  28. asassins creed vahalla beta still out
  29. Berserker pack
  30. Not ready to leave Windows 7
  31. [Gameplay] Turkish language support
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  33. [Feedback/Suggestion] {It Is 100% Safe!} - No Negative Result! Read More More Info From Here!
  34. Intel T series
  35. Super Ultra Wide
  36. [Performance] why is ssd recomended
  37. [Missing Content] Missing Moonlight Axe
  38. [Ubisoft Store] Can't activate coupon code - Assassin's Creed Valhalla
  39. [Keys/Codes] the test key
  40. Invalid promo code
  41. [Download/Installation] assassins creed valhalla
  42. [Accessibility] Missing Email
  43. Specs compare
  44. [Achievement/Trophy] Do trophies retroactively unlock when switching from PC to PS5, using cross saves
  45. [Keys/Codes] About the AMD promo
  46. [Ubisoft Store] Wanting a partial Refund.
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  48. [Missing Content] editions included in UPLAY+ may not include all premium content.
  49. My pre ordered was auto refund
  50. [Issue Not Listed] Will this game be available for early install?
  51. [Ubisoft Account] https://supplementgo.com/libomax-male-performance-matrix/
  52. [Performance] https://supplementgo.com/invigorzen-cream/
  53. [Ubisoft Account] uplay credits
  54. [Keys/Codes] Como posso obter uma chave de teste?
  55. [Keys/Codes] Problem to apply promo code Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  56. [Ubisoft Account] https://supplementgo.com/keto-vibe/
  57. Need help!!! Need Open Case , but no response!! NEED HELP ADMINS!!!
  58. [Ubisoft Store] my account
  59. [Performance] Will my pc play AC Valhalla.
  60. Bit of a payment problem, paid twice for the same game.
  61. Assassin's Creed Valhalla - upgrade from Standard to Ultimate [AMDREWARDS]
  62. [Ubisoft Connect] Earning Club Points
  63. [Accessibility] When can we preload AC Valhalla on PC?
  64. [Ubisoft Account] I purchased Valhalla & its still not showing on my Library (PC)
  65. amd promo is it showing up in ur games?
  66. Tempted to sue Ubisoft for Emotional Distress
  67. [Performance] Is SSD really needed to run the game on high present?
  68. [Ubisoft Store] i bought it but i can't own it?
  69. Open Beta for new Assassin's Creed Valhalla forums now live!
  70. Descarga anticipada
  71. [Download/Installation] Unable to preload AC Valhalla
  72. Ubisoft store refund not eligible
  73. [Performance] System requirements/performance question
  74. How To request Refund ? PC digital Download
  75. [Performance] can my pc run it?
  76. [Ubisoft Connect] Pre-ordered the game but it is not in my Library
  77. [PC] Pre-Ordered Game but not Showing on Account
  78. [Issue Not Listed] [Test key] Can test keys be shared to people who have done pre-order ?
  79. [Ubisoft Connect] bought game, but it is not in my game library
  80. Preload already started & I dont see my game on the library
  81. Language restrictions for CIS region
  82. Ryzen Processor/Game question
  83. [Ubisoft Account] Pre-Purchased Assassin's Creed Valhalla but not showing in library [PC]
  84. Assassin's Creed Valhalla not showing in game library
  85. [Ubisoft Store] Assassin's Creed Valhalla not showing in game library
  86. [Ubisoft Store] Need Help 1 day before release of AC Valhalla. Failed order but Charged.
  87. [Ubisoft Account] Pre-ordered Valhalla, but it's not showing up in my library, any idea when it will?
  88. [Ubisoft Connect] AC Valhalla not showing up on my Ubisoft Connect library
  89. [Accessibility] Unable to initialize graphics system. Gpu does not support dx12
  90. (PC) Game not appearing in library
  91. [Bug/Glitch] AC ODDYSSEY| Quest bugged| The Horsemen Cometh
  92. Unwelcome mission freeze
  93. Valhalla Not Launching Unable to initialize graphics system .GPU doesnt support DX12
  94. Can't see AC Valhalla in the library
  95. [Ubisoft Account] Cannot launch??
  96. [Bug/Glitch] Unable to make Assassin's Creed Valhalla Fullscreen
  97. [Ubisoft Account] How on Earth do I contact Ubisoft/Epic? I can't play Valhalla and I'm about to refund
  98. [Crash/Freeze] Assassins Creed Valhalla Unplayable
  99. I bought Assassin's twice! nothing in my libraries!
  100. Ubisoft Forward Event Items Missing.
  101. Valhalla two laucnhers?
  102. [Bug/Glitch] In dreams questline
  103. Can't play? Game preloaded but unavailable?
  104. [Ubisoft Store] 20% promo code can't be used after previous purchase not completed :(
  105. Stranger Fighting Quest
  106. [Crash/Freeze] Impossible to launch Ac Valhalla
  107. Escolha do gênero da personagem
  108. [Crash/Freeze] Stuck on splashscreen
  109. Missing shadows
  110. Game says Pre-download
  111. [Peripherals] Rune Keybind
  112. Helix Credits not on account
  113. [Ubisoft Store] I still don't have the game.
  114. I preordered and preloaded and the game still shows "coming soon". Its after 9am CDST
  115. [Ubisoft Store] Preordered the game yesterday and still don't have it in my libray
  116. AC Valhalla Freezes at Splash Screen
  117. No Vallhalla :(
  118. Performance is pretty bad on the gpu side.
  119. AC Valhalla Still Not Fixed
  120. Low settings, but under 60FPS
  121. [Download/Installation] Ubisoft is a bunch of thieves
  122. Can't find my pre-order code
  123. [Bug/Glitch] mision Unwelcome BUGED ,please help!
  124. [Bug/Glitch] cant move after do mision Unwelcome. Please help
  125. AMD Ryzen Equipped to Win Game Bundle
  126. [Bug/Glitch] Tilting the Balance key bug.
  127. [Download/Installation] Bought game not showing, only Uplay+ version
  128. Subscribed ubisoft+ 2 times and yet i cannot play the game
  129. No PT-BR language in Europe
  130. [Bug/Glitch] Stuck on "Unwelcome" quest
  131. [Bug/Glitch] Raven Stops Turning after Rebinding to ESDF
  132. "Settling Down" Mission NOT Working!
  133. [Bug/Glitch] game bugs
  134. Assassin's creed valhalla - animus male or female selection bug
  135. [Bug/Glitch] assassin creed valhalla bug
  136. Game wont open
  137. I cannot see my health bar and my stamina bar when I'm in battle
  138. I cannot use my helmet and the skins I buyed for my horse and my eagle
  139. [Crash/Freeze] I got crash on launching game
  140. [Download/Installation] Incomplete installation
  141. assassin's creed valhalla freezes but has sound
  142. [Missing Content] J'ai acheté la version ultime et n'ai pas reçu les récompenses
  143. [Bug/Glitch] Grantebridgescire Nudist Mystery Uncompletable
  144. [Accessibility] wiktor
  145. [Bug/Glitch] Texture filtering glitch/problem
  146. [Issue Not Listed] Video card proplem
  147. [Crash/Freeze] Possible fix for the game getting stuck on the splash window.
  148. Help
  149. [Crash/Freeze] Assassin's Creed Valhalla
  150. The Game Straight Up Doesn't Start
  151. Bug
  152. [Crash/Freeze] Can't choose character
  153. [Ubisoft Connect] Bayek - Legacy Outfit and Moonlight still locked!
  154. 2 Opals doe's not disappear on the map after pickup!
  155. [Bug/Glitch] Help Help Help
  156. [Gameplay] Heavy Dual Wield Bug
  157. Assasins creed valhalla
  158. [Bug/Glitch] World event at the intersection of the Afon Hafren and Tame rivers is broken.
  159. Fenrir Wealth #30: Ymir’s Tear Stone BUG (asgard)
  160. [Bug/Glitch] Cant leave asgard my char is stucked
  161. [Bug/Glitch] Fenrir Wealth #30: Ymir’s Tear Stone BUG (asgard)
  162. Winchell the Robesfree (Mystery World Event)
  163. Says Payment failure but money deducted from acc
  164. Dismissing a character helping me in Valhalla
  165. missing activation key
  166. [Bug/Glitch] Game stuttering when using Xbox gamepad on PC
  167. English localization availability in Ukraine
  168. [Bug/Glitch] Keys disappear when picked up
  169. Sensitivity setttings are broken (PS4 controller and mouse on PC)
  170. Can't get help to open blocked doors and treasure
  171. Kingmaker Quest game breaking bug
  172. Blood Meade side quest broken
  173. Blood from a stone quest
  174. [PC] Cannot like/heart images in-game
  175. "GONRIL" Daughters of Lerion Bug
  176. [Bug/Glitch] [Bug/Glitch] Unable to recruit Bjorn the Berserker
  177. Settling Down Bug
  178. Asgard...cant close the door
  179. The whole of Asia has cut content!?!
  180. AC: Valhalla Fishing doesn't work when rebinding keyboard/mouse controls
  181. [Bug/Glitch] Defensive Measures problem
  182. [Bug/Glitch] TO UBISOFT: You guys SUCK!
  183. Mystery Bugged Lunden
  184. [Bug/Glitch] Cant woke up from asgard ...
  185. AC Valhalla - can't start quest "The Poor-Fellow Soldier"
  186. [Bug/Glitch] I can't continue the questline after reaching England.
  187. [Performance] Assassin's Creed:Valhalla Performance issue
  188. Character height when speaking to them glitches.
  189. Cant activate fight in Berkclow Bog, to kill third witch.
  190. [Crash/Freeze] All Assassin Creed games crash
  191. [Crash/Freeze] In Dreams quest crash
  192. [Bug/Glitch] Bug "A wise friends" quest.
  193. Strange effects and permanent - unplayable
  194. [Bug/Glitch] Reda has no interaction
  195. [Bug/Glitch] Aelfgar Bug in the mission "A Sword-Shower In Anecastre"
  196. [Bug/Glitch] Weapon Disappearing
  197. [Bug/Glitch] The floating crate key in Jotunheim
  198. Raven mouse look bug?
  199. DualSense Controller support on PC?
  200. accidentally killed Maximilian in quest "A rivalry for the Ages" now can't continue
  201. [Bug/Glitch] Huntersman armor double every time upgrade stats
  202. Cant start "The Poor Fellow Soldier" quest
  203. [Bug/Glitch] Reset of certain variables/conditions on load
  204. [Bug/Glitch] The Firebrand Cultist/Abbess/Ingeborg is Neutral during her Quest
  205. [Bug/Glitch] [Lost Weapon] (SEPULCHER AXE) Move Waypoint / Perda de Arma ou mover pelo mapa
  206. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot Progress Oxeneforshire (Blood from a Stone/ Chipping Away).
  207. [Bug/Glitch] Key Will Not Drop/Is Not Lootable from Mob (Jorvik)
  208. Game wont load, crashes at Valhalla splash screen
  209. [Bug/Glitch] Story cannot proceed
  210. Cannot speak with Reda
  211. online service error 0x70001201
  212. AC Valhalla Island of Eels bugged
  213. [Bug/Glitch] Fishing bugged out
  214. [Bug/Glitch] (Valhalla) Water looks extremely pixelated and the camera determines the reflection.
  215. [Bug/Glitch] Treasures of Britain - Old Cellar
  216. Ubisoft Changes makes my display dark and fuzzy even after closing game.
  217. [Bug/Glitch] Blood From A Stone - Moveable object
  218. assassin's creed does not run on my PC
  219. [Crash/Freeze] AC Valhalla - Game crashes on game save load after 1.04 update
  220. [Gameplay] BUGGED - Bleeding The Leech (CRITICAL)
  221. AC Valhalla: Game won't even get past Splash Screen
  222. My Huldur Gearset is gone.
  223. AC Valhalla
  224. [Crash/Freeze] [Crash/Freeze] AC Valhalla - Game crashes after Patch 1.04. Cancelled uPlay+ sub
  225. [Bug/Glitch] [BUG] When pushing the button in to sprint, Evior attacks instead of sprinting
  226. AC Valhalla - Freezing in Lundon at Kill the Arrow quest
  227. Can't complete "War Weary" quest
  228. Before and After 1.0.4 patch
  229. [Bug/Glitch] Quest Bugged: "Lost Glory" - Unable to speak to Halfdan.
  230. [Issue Not Listed] Have been waiting WEEKS for a refund!
  231. [Bug/Glitch] White bloom and flickering post patch
  232. AC. Valhalla crash
  233. AC: Valhalla savegame crash
  234. A variety of Jorvik bugs
  235. [Gameplay] Cant continue...
  236. [Gameplay] keyboard key problem
  237. [Bug/Glitch] Can't pick up Codex page
  238. Goodwin crash
  239. [Bug/Glitch] got 2 bugs or glitches
  240. [Bug/Glitch] Lunden Warehouse world event cant be finished
  241. Stuck on Quest "Mistress of the Iron World"
  242. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot Progress the Story because of this bug (The Measure of a Norseman)
  243. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot Complete 'IN the absence of an ealdorman' quest
  244. [Download/Installation] Download doesn't start
  245. A Thousand crashes an hour.
  246. [Bug/Glitch] Binding fate BUG
  247. [Bug/Glitch] Another fail
  248. Pledging Issue
  249. [Achievement/Trophy] Stats on Ubisoft Connect not updating anymore [Assassin's Valhalla]
  250. [Crash/Freeze] AC Crashed asks for Activation Key