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  1. First impressions
  2. Will be there a next-gen version of the game?
  3. My in-depth criticism on the Prince of Persia Remake.
  4. I am "kind of" excited for this remaster?
  5. Worse remake in video gaming history
  6. This reaction perfectly sums up everyone's reaction.
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  8. Some of the critical reactions have been beyond irrational
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  10. Prince of Persia Discord
  11. Discord server
  12. so is it going to open up and work on the pc ? the forgotten sands ......
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  14. Thoughts so far - Trilogy missed opportunity
  15. Ubisoft, PLEASE read this post from a die hard PoP fan about the remake
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  20. Prince of Persia Remake Mistakes do this before releasing the game
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