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  1. Standard cannot view top 5 ghosts despite it being listed as a feature
  2. Forum Rules
  3. Map downloads through club page
  4. Limited follower ghosts
  5. Replay saving
  6. Menu Loading Times
  7. Change in Map Review Server to get better Reviews & TOTDs.
  8. The new car horn
  9. Setting for disabling server-provided user interfaces
  10. Add back custom mood and dynamic mood cycle
  11. Trophies automatically given should care about how long a map stay on the server
  12. Addition of AimRoll to CSmPlayer
  13. Suggestion Regarding Extra Trophies Attribution
  14. Track of the day rotation
  15. [Suggestion] Allow us to change nations skins
  16. Folders for Skinning Mode in Map Editor
  17. Please make Records overlay better
  18. Replay Improvements
  19. Folder for Signs
  20. Club suggestions
  21. only worse
  22. Hey NADEO
  23. Playing live on satellite connection is impossible! Tons of issues.
  24. [BUG] Semi Crash if interface is hidden when completing a race
  25. [SUGGESTION] Easy Revalidation of Edited Tracks
  26. About Splitscreen
  27. The New Replay System Seems Poorly Designed (And Is Also Broken)
  28. https://sites.google.com/site/vitrexotinmaleenhance/
  29. Image with colours for texturing models.
  30. There wont be a future for trackmania like this.
  31. Undo in editor sometimes duplicate blocks
  32. [BUG] Game forgets about Personal Best in Local
  33. [SUGGESTION] Revert the Telemetry API to TM2 Stadium state and add more stuff
  34. TOTD should show second PB time (after leaderboard has closed)
  35. Local play is lackluster compared to Club campaigns/older TM titles
  36. Map review concept: Put each map on its own server
  37. Third person camera which is "fixed" behind the car
  38. Great game NADEO
  39. Suggestion: More characters at club-news. Its not enough.
  40. Today's update broke secondary respawn
  41. [REQUEST] Please include a change log in dedicated server files
  42. Regarding new "Hide chat" option
  43. links in chat break on new line
  44. Telemetry?
  45. Using analog triggers for digital bindings
  46. Matchmaking
  47. [SUGGESTION][MINOR] Player page; 12 maps instead of 10.
  48. [Suggestion] Player amount per server
  49. [Suggestion] Club room admins options and other club room feature suggestions.
  50. Trackmania became unplayable... how?
  51. Actually give out TOTD trophies before the season end
  52. Forced cam 1 on track 17 and 18 of new Fall Campaign
  53. Public servers on old script version[Fixed]
  54. Sound extremely loud on custom maps with no stadium
  55. Mediatracker Triggers Disapearing.
  56. TOTD : lack of ice maps
  57. [Suggestions] Creation of a trackmania roadmap on trello ?
  58. Convert Macroblocks into Items.
  59. Bring back the water blocks that make you bounce
  60. Hide interface toggle ony show when holding the show button option.
  61. Questions about Cup of the day
  62. Add RTX ??
  63. Thinking about the trophy system
  64. Cup Of The Day times
  65. BUG: TOTD Server outdated
  66. TOTD Feedback from a Dinosaur: A little honesty is in order....
  67. [Suggestion] View friends profiles through club rooms
  68. smurfing in Cup of the day?
  69. filter/sort/favoritize campaigns & rooms?