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  1. Standard cannot view top 5 ghosts despite it being listed as a feature
  2. Forum Rules
  3. Map downloads through club page
  4. Limited follower ghosts
  5. Replay saving
  6. Menu Loading Times
  7. Change in Map Review Server to get better Reviews & TOTDs.
  8. The new car horn
  9. Setting for disabling server-provided user interfaces
  10. Add back custom mood and dynamic mood cycle
  11. Trophies automatically given should care about how long a map stay on the server
  12. Addition of AimRoll to CSmPlayer
  13. Suggestion Regarding Extra Trophies Attribution
  14. Track of the day rotation
  15. [Suggestion] Allow us to change nations skins
  16. Folders for Skinning Mode in Map Editor
  17. Please make Records overlay better
  18. Replay Improvements
  19. Folder for Signs
  20. Club suggestions
  21. only worse
  22. Hey NADEO
  23. Playing live on satellite connection is impossible! Tons of issues.
  24. [BUG] Semi Crash if interface is hidden when completing a race
  25. [SUGGESTION] Easy Revalidation of Edited Tracks
  26. About Splitscreen
  27. The New Replay System Seems Poorly Designed (And Is Also Broken)
  28. https://sites.google.com/site/vitrexotinmaleenhance/
  29. Image with colours for texturing models.
  30. There wont be a future for trackmania like this.
  31. Undo in editor sometimes duplicate blocks
  32. [BUG] Game forgets about Personal Best in Local
  33. [SUGGESTION] Revert the Telemetry API to TM2 Stadium state and add more stuff
  34. TOTD should show second PB time (after leaderboard has closed)
  35. Local play is lackluster compared to Club campaigns/older TM titles
  36. Map review concept: Put each map on its own server
  37. Third person camera which is "fixed" behind the car
  38. Great game NADEO
  39. Suggestion: More characters at club-news. Its not enough.
  40. Today's update broke secondary respawn
  41. [REQUEST] Please include a change log in dedicated server files
  42. Regarding new "Hide chat" option
  43. links in chat break on new line
  44. Telemetry?
  45. Using analog triggers for digital bindings
  46. what do we pay for here every year
  47. Matchmaking
  48. [SUGGESTION][MINOR] Player page; 12 maps instead of 10.
  49. [Suggestion] Player amount per server
  50. [Suggestion] Club room admins options and other club room feature suggestions.
  51. Trackmania became unplayable... how?
  52. Actually give out TOTD trophies before the season end
  53. Forced cam 1 on track 17 and 18 of new Fall Campaign
  54. Public servers on old script version[Fixed]
  55. Sound extremely loud on custom maps with no stadium
  56. Mediatracker Triggers Disapearing.
  57. TOTD : lack of ice maps
  58. [Suggestions] Creation of a trackmania roadmap on trello ?
  59. Convert Macroblocks into Items.
  60. Bring back the water blocks that make you bounce
  61. Hide interface toggle ony show when holding the show button option.
  62. Questions about Cup of the day
  63. Add RTX ??
  64. Thinking about the trophy system
  65. Cup Of The Day times
  66. BUG: TOTD Server outdated
  67. TOTD Feedback from a Dinosaur: A little honesty is in order....
  68. [Suggestion] View friends profiles through club rooms
  69. smurfing in Cup of the day?
  70. filter/sort/favoritize campaigns & rooms?
  71. Club rooms bugs and overall online game experience
  72. Replay saving
  73. New Xbox (Series S/X) Controller support in Trackmania 2020
  74. Totd ranking like any other campaign
  75. Fix DNF in COTD
  76. TOTD month selection requires internet
  77. please FIX Server URLs
  78. TRIAL Keys for Server owners and general testing
  79. [Events] Translation Errors in Events
  80. I suggest adding an option to turn off camera vibration
  81. Explain CLUB and SERVER functions
  82. Fix/Remove Slowdown penality when ???
  83. Editor how can i add a MOD and why is it different ?
  84. display side scoreboard for every campaign
  85. Small bug just to note (Specator)
  86. FPS drops slowmotion & Server performance
  87. Mesh Modeller - Waypoints triggers vanishing when creating custom block/item
  88. Allow standard edition players to apply skins made using the car painter.
  89. Offline mode?
  90. Club interface with standard access
  91. Merge campaign and live?
  92. Display more ranking informations
  93. Gamepad control in TM2020 and vibration
  94. [Heavy BUG] UPDATE broken
  95. TM2020 Review and suggestions
  96. Differents stadiums?
  97. Room interface: add more information
  98. Nadeo you need to Change something.(TOTD/COTD)
  99. Relocate TM Cache ?
  100. Fix broken HTTPS on whole forum
  101. Why am I shadowbanned
  102. New editor stuff for mappers
  103. Video export with FFMpeg
  104. Borders on track blocks when Shader level set to High
  105. Remappable '+' and '-' buttons for the editor.
  106. Records thingy
  107. 32:9 Support for the In-Game Overlay
  108. Mediatracker: 3D Triangles improvements
  109. Display actual rank in Profile
  110. [Feature] Customizable HUD, ghosts and scrollable leaderboards
  111. Matchmaking first impressions
  112. Matching making wait times, practice while waiting
  113. Suggestions regarding the Matchmaking
  114. Started matchmaking with 0 points, while others said they started with 1000
  115. Matchmaking Map Pool
  116. Bugs, feedback and suggestions regarding Matchmaking from a low rank perspective
  117. Notify people of Starter Acess' inability to chat
  118. Ubisoft forum exposure
  119. Automatic AFK Player kick / report button feature
  120. BUG: Game mistook the finish for a checkpoint and didn't count it
  121. Matchmaking ideas
  122. Feedback about gameplay
  123. Ranked 3v3 feedback / bug
  124. I suggest a report system in MM
  125. Add sorting options for Campaigns, Skins, Clubs
  126. [BUG?] MM 3v2
  127. Trophies for community events
  128. Please make region selections locked for a certain time (e.g. 1 year)
  129. Matchmaking with "CHASE" mode?
  130. TOP 10K 30K 40K: ranking accuracy
  131. Starter Access needs basic QOL improvements
  132. Game crash in MM
  133. MM Suggestion: Having the option to always use the same colour for own team
  134. Please improve the room creation interface
  135. Problem mediatracker / Advice validate
  136. Map editor
  137. Cup 21 of february crashed for mostly all servers
  138. TM2 - Bring back Envimix session
  139. Bring back 3D glass mode
  140. https://healthmassive.wixsite.com/slimoriginketo
  141. Matchmaking 3v2 Unbalanced
  142. Lost 250 points in one game of MatchMaking
  143. Add more maps to MM
  144. Chat and access to regional players
  145. Add more admin rights for room's owner
  146. i cant drive against the replay gosts
  147. 3D Skin Support
  148. Arcade seems to be completely broken
  149. More features to 3d triangles
  150. Server files for march-18 th update ?
  151. Broken files after last update
  152. Lag spikes/stutters periodically throughout gameplay
  153. Motocyles For trackmania
  154. Does COTD last a little too long?
  155. Custom items in clubs
  156. [Suggestion] Improvements for a better experience in Matchmaking
  157. Thoughts about Hotseat
  158. COTD Trophy Distribution
  159. Manialink links not working
  160. Replay Editor suggestions
  161. How about a cup of the hour?
  162. Why aren't tracks cutfixed on Day 1?
  163. server of the week (SOTW)
  164. impossible to set up Trustmaster set
  165. Spectator bug
  166. Suggestion : Disable map voting on the arcade server
  167. version of the game for macOS
  168. World Record Ghost + Personal Ghost
  169. Bug- Personal best ghost broken on all tracks that are not official campaigns or TOTD
  170. Why do i need to choose from a city as a German and why can't I choose my city?
  171. not able to add triggers in the custom block editor
  172. Graphic glitch after changing display preset to custom.
  173. [Suggestion] "Non-Respawnable" option for CP waypoints in meshmodeler
  174. COTD time window of joining after qualify
  175. Additional(s) trophy interval(s)
  176. Suggestion: Adding internal resolution option / slider
  177. Display winning time stamp on Track of the Day result page
  178. My friends list ingame isn't loading. Why? (free version)
  179. Somme suggestions from a new mapper point of view
  180. Bookmark our favorite servers
  181. Hoe een origineel geregistreerd en vals rijbewijs aanvragen, (https://documenteverywh
  182. Suggestion: Block 1 track in MM
  183. Add collision gamemode in private server
  184. Auto save for map editor (or there is one?)
  185. Idea for a room interface improvement
  186. Continent choice menu
  187. One major issue in the in-game Mediatracker. A roadblock for creative usage.
  188. Please improve the connection times to the COTD rounds server
  189. Custom Textures section in Medias
  190. Menu when leaving a server
  191. Mildly infuriating things in TrackMania.
  192. MediaTracker trigger system enhancement ideas
  193. TAS'ing, cheating and the Future of TM (easy fix)
  194. MM improvement suggestion
  195. Matchmaking
  196. new MatchMaking concept idea
  197. TM froze during COTD between rounds.
  198. Icons for campaigns and rooms are drawn differently
  199. Implementation of Manual Stick Ranges
  200. Change flag of Belarus
  201. State of Palestine
  202. Request to get more diversity in nadeo season campaign
  203. Matchmaking Points
  204. [UX] "Settings bar" should always be visible in the Main Menu
  205. check version number before allowing ranked match
  206. Mediatracker - colorgrade block changed
  207. Last second finish doesn't count.
  208. Alternative Cameras 1/2 seems not working
  209. Communication and midseason changes
  210. Camera 1/2 alternatives being toggled on 1 button can be really annoying
  211. Making the game more gamepad friendly.
  212. Game Crashes on Camera Switch
  213. Custom cameras improvement
  214. Map review server overhaul
  215. Just a quick idea for Royal UI
  216. Reset of dynamic items via gamemode (Suggestion)
  217. catchup timer in Royal mode
  218. Yellow poles/pillars dont fit in with the look of old maps
  219. Royal round end UI ideas/feedback
  220. Restructured editor: good job!
  221. Pinning Campaigns
  222. Bug with snapping in open-frame
  223. Suggestions for dyanamic items
  224. Action slots information
  225. Mode Fantôme impossible à désactiver
  226. Suggestion: Small 3 player temporary lobbies for friends only, club owners can create
  227. Creating impossible royal track.
  228. No brakes effect
  229. Feedback on new Royal game mode
  230. Royal Mode Suggestion
  231. All Colors Are Beautiful
  232. Suggestion to add a new royal mode block
  233. Can we change royal mod either team based or individual based ?
  234. "Press key to advance" in Royal
  235. Logitech G920 pedals inverted (Suggestion)
  236. Allow players to finish their run in arcade
  237. Change default order of maps in season arcade mode
  238. Add the option to give the ghost a headstart
  239. Error message
  240. Royal mode needs solo practice option
  241. The mystery about the right wheels fix and implications for the maps
  242. Can't Get points for Campaign
  243. Lifetime subscription
  244. Your most favourite and least favourite Royal maps?
  245. Performance really low in TM2020
  246. Map authors not showing in Royal - bug or feature?
  247. List of teleporting cheaters
  248. Wet wheels cam2 behaves like cam1
  249. A quick and easy way to switch club on the fly
  250. Add the ability to win Royale skins