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  1. The Far Cry 6 Wishlist
  2. Forum Rules
  3. Play as El Presidente please
  4. Backup Sights
  5. Returning weapons
  6. Savegame(s)
  7. Czech subtitles?
  8. Thanks @Ubisoft for this epic Reveal of Far Cry 6 // Best 'place' to preorder it?
  9. Question: 3rd person cutscenes in Far Cry 6?
  10. Question: teammates system in Far Cry 6 is from Far Cry 5 or New Dawn?
  11. Question: will Far Cry 6 have same tiered loot/enemies system from New Dawn?
  12. Far Cry 6 music
  13. Multiplayer
  14. Maneuvring /interaction polishing in FC6
  15. Far Cry games are what I love, and hate the most about shooters.
  16. U.S, Sanctions, Yara
  17. Far Cry 6 Fankit
  18. Can't wait for Far Cry 8.
  19. About Far Cry 6
  20. Trending: Free to Play, Community Driven Gaming Environment is the next big thing(?)
  21. Won't spend one dime FarCry6 If like FarCry5 it ....
  22. Ubisoft, don't listen to these SJWs
  23. I cannot believe Ubisoft is recycling AGAIN all weapons for Far Cry 6
  24. Weapon suggestions for Future Far Cry Games - STOP RECYCLING OLD WEAPONS
  25. FC6 COOP & Cross Play Question
  26. Flora & Fauna
  27. Will Far Cry 6 have 4 player co-op?
  28. Ultrawide Resolutions, Multi Monitor, and FOV
  29. The only thing that interests me at FC6....
  30. Prone
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  32. Feedback to the Devs
  33. Resources, economy, crafting and perk system
  34. Far Cry 6 WishList #3
  35. Waiting until I hear from You All -- before purchasing
  36. Regarding the free upgrade to PS5/Xbox Series X
  37. The FN FAL shown in the promo image is backwards and wrong
  38. I Am Latino, Please Listen To Me (My Esposito Controversy Response)
  39. Sea
  40. far cry 6 collector's edition
  41. UBISOFT you must see this video for Far Cry 6
  42. Wildlife of Yara: what to expect
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  45. Longinus, Hurk, And Agent Willis will not return to Far Cry 6
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  47. Far Cry 6 map editor?
  48. Need some help and ADVICE NO MORE steam i want to buy this game from UBISOFT HOW?
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  50. Far cry main forum subsection.
  51. I am looking for the Castillo family symbol in high quality
  52. Simple/Manageable FC6 Map Editor Improvements that would go a long way!
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  54. Outpost Master feature
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  57. Far Cry and Player Agency (or lack thereof)
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  65. Side activities/missions: what next?
  66. Map Editor Inquiry/Request
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  71. The location, style, wolrd for Far Cry 6.5 - the SpinOff after Far Cry 6? [Whishlist]
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  85. Will far cry 6 include microtransactions?
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  96. Better sniping experience please ubisoft
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  99. Which Gaming Laptop is good to play Far Cry 6?
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  101. Far Cry 2 Weapons
  102. When can we expect to see some gameplay of FC6?
  103. Product Placement in Far Cry Games
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  105. Some awsome ideas to make this game better than previous ones.
  106. AMD / Far Cry 6 bundle - by January 30th?
  107. new takedowns
  108. Will Far Cry 6 have New Game Plus?
  109. Flamethrower from collectors edition
  110. Melee combat
  111. Far Cry 6 delayed
  112. Re: Far Cry 6
  113. Far Cry 6 not on steam
  114. Far Cry 6 promotion AMD
  115. AntiCheat
  116. DEV TEAM! Add in-game chat for DEAF Co-Op players!
  117. What are the Ubisoft Connect rewards for Far Cry 6?
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  119. Can i hardware verify the game with a 5600X?
  120. Tornado. In the heart of the vortex.
  121. The collectibles
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  123. Not relasing on Steam?
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  125. Procedural paint tools
  126. Suggestion for Ubi: CONSOLE MODS
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  128. Far Cry 5 (or 6) Blood Dragon
  129. FC6 PC Requirements?
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  131. Is this LEGIT? Far Cry 6 Promotion
  132. A most in-depth careful FC5 review, mind candy for FC6
  133. Pvp?
  134. Review!~Of Best Gadget in #2020
  135. What if: Far Cry 6 will be released not until September 2021 ?!
  136. any similar games to play while waiting for far cry 6
  137. Far Cry 6 delayed? Maybe use this time to implement music volume control?
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  141. show some gamelpaly
  142. Do you think Far Cry 6 will have a mission replay option?
  143. COOP with not player distance limit
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  145. Three things I wish Far Cry 6 wonm
  146. Three things I wish Far Cry 6 won't have
  147. Far Cry 6 gonna use the same old engine as FC5 and New Dawn?
  148. AI & difficulty
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  150. mai i get one free copy of Farcry6?
  151. idée de jeu : Far Cry reverse
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  153. Far Cry 6 on PS5
  154. FarCry 6 gameplay? (Question)
  155. In case you didn't know, Far Cry 6 is not developed by
  156. Founded with the aid of Sri Swami Vishnudevananda, disciple of Sri Swa
  157. Question/discussion about Far Cry 6
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  159. Complete beginner question - will FC6 have any online multiplayer?
  160. The importance of map editor driven game modes
  161. Far Cry 6 First Diego Interaction (WARNING SPOILERS)
  162. Farcry 6 where is it?
  163. Delisted Far Cry 6 on Xbox ?
  164. Large map
  165. When far cry 6 is ready
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  167. If you only fix ONE THING.....
  168. Why has nobody talked about the Tanks in the game?
  169. Is Far Cry 6 in trouble?
  170. Far Cry 6 Sacm
  171. FIX ****ty spawnsystem since FC3
  172. And God said: There will be W7/W8 support too! Yes?
  173. PC code for the collector's edition?
  174. It is true Far Cry comic is coming?
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  176. Important questions for the game !!!!!!
  177. FarCry 6 gameplay? (Question)
  178. Microsoft Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Certification competitors
  179. When can we expect to see some Far Cry 6 gameplay? In June?