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  1. TU10 Balance Feedback
  2. Gear Set Changes - Striker’s Battlegear
  3. Clutch/Perfect Clutch
  4. 2 shotguns missing from patchnotes
  5. bighorn and lady death mag sizes
  6. Shotguns - only DMG increase???
  7. No rework of all previous exotics?
  8. Still no love for offensive skill builds
  9. Striker Gear Set
  10. Stryker Gear set stacks with turret
  11. New Bulwark set regens too much in PvP
  12. Shouldn't the FAL be the hardest hitting AR?
  13. Armor needs to be looked at
  14. Ongoing directive backpack talent
  15. True Patriot
  16. Foundry bulwark set a little to strong
  17. Foundry Bulwark
  18. AR/LMG/SMG Damage Buff
  19. Base Damage
  20. Matador - named backpack - Top!
  21. Chameleon assault rifle damage needs to be buffed
  22. Need to have ability to setup hybrid skill builds
  23. Rifle dmg reductions.
  24. NPC acc Shoutgun
  25. Double barreled and ACS-12 shotgun need a buff (PVE)
  26. Shotgun Damage Still Feels Weak
  27. I think this PTS is for less frustrating?
  28. Feedback to new exotics
  29. Increase MMR Ammo Capacity
  30. Perfect Adrenaline Rush's cooldown might not work as intended
  31. (Perfect) Headhunter may be OP
  32. Are NPCs tuned at all? Solo heroic feels like the enemies are extra jacked...
  33. My suggestions about Foundry Bulwark
  34. Eclipse protokol
  35. TU 10 PTS Datasheet
  36. Enjoying the Mantis Sniper Rifle - target highlighting bug?
  37. Crusader Shield needs to be able to Shoulder Swap -- Ravenous
  38. Explain Mantis Talent
  39. Weapon Talent: Future Perfect Problem
  40. Feedback from long term Ongoing directive gear set user
  41. Feedback on Vile exotic mask
  42. PLEASE take another look at specializations
  43. Remove "Reduced Damage For Named Enemies" For Specialization Weapons
  44. Firestarter Chem Launcher in PVP?
  45. Buff M16 ammo pool to be the same as Ravenous
  46. Why the striker will be Always bad
  47. Armor and health stats
  48. Preliminary Feedback on Shield Set and The Ravenous
  49. Regulus & Ravenous: Missing PTS blueprint upgrade
  50. Mantis - I am always Focused
  51. Cooldowns in the Raid
  52. Perfect Headhunter / Walker, Harris & Co. Feedback
  53. Future Initiative
  54. Loot Quality Feedback
  55. Agent Armor Ineffectiveness
  56. Did MMR's get +50% HSD base?
  57. SMG/AR Weapon Balance Feedback
  58. TU 10 changes will make PvE too easy -- constructive suggestions
  59. Rework Suggestion
  60. Bleed is irrelevant for PVE
  61. Sticky bomb firing incorrectly now
  62. Red Blue and Yellow Tiers
  63. Remove Idiot Combinations on Gear, Weapons, Etc.
  64. What Happened to Buffing Skill Builds?
  65. Headhunter
  66. Remove "No Respawn" attribute from Solo Heroic Missions...
  67. Weapon Handling - potential balance issue??
  68. The Ravenous
  69. PTU Core issue
  70. Striker still underwhelming
  71. Rifle changes feel kind of pointless
  72. PvE Skill Builds - utterly low DPS - Why?
  73. Screen Shake (And more thoughts)
  74. AR Feedback
  75. I'm still really confused by the devs and SMGs.
  76. some talents to look into adjusting
  77. Walker, Harris & Co
  78. System Corruption not working as stated
  79. Future initiative underwhelming and other gear
  80. Let's make damage over time great at last!
  81. Nothing done to help healers to be more viable
  82. Foundry set
  83. Harmony probably shouldn't work with a red build
  84. Shotgun Feedback
  85. SMG Feedback
  86. Shotgun Feedback
  87. SMG Feedback
  88. What needs a Tank?
  89. QoL Suvivability changes.
  90. getting named items exclusive bonuses to roll in lower % on all gear
  91. unlocking core rolls on some gear brands well open up more viable build diversity
  92. Request Extra mag on SVD, G28 and MK20 like The Ravenous
  93. Fix Vile Exotic Mask with Damaging skills And add cross save please
  94. Ongoing directive's FALLBACK
  95. Global suggestion for gear set «Foundry Bulwark»
  96. Overall feedback
  97. TU10 Balance - First Impression
  98. Want to know reason why M16A2 is not buffed
  99. Patriot Build Bursting
  100. Dilema Build Nerff
  101. Rogue Manhunt Synchronization Radius
  102. M1A nerf
  103. True Patriots
  104. Marksman Rifle Feedback
  105. In Sync not working?
  106. Mantis and Nemesis 3rd stat
  107. Please change survivalist magazine mod
  108. I do NOT like the new "SKILL HASTE" in the shooting range - Feedback
  109. the shotgun and the submachine gun are not PVE
  110. Gunner vs Sharpshooter for Exotic MMRs
  111. Weapon dmg and Gear changes.
  112. Buffs for Exotics and Gearsets and Nerfs against NPC Damage and their Health
  113. Armor
  114. Vile and Eclipse Protocol thoughts and balance
  115. What is up with these rolls??
  116. Skill Cooldown and Loadouts
  117. My thoughts on some of the weapon balancing from PVE perspective
  118. The game is too easy now (PTS Phase 1)
  119. Gear Set Balance - Ongoing Directive, True Patriot, Tip of the Spear
  120. I really hate how enemies all run from the Agent
  121. Status effect Burn Sticky Bomb nerved
  122. PTS First Impressions
  123. Disrupted Shields
  124. PVE Taunt
  125. Ideas of exotic weapons
  126. One Dark Zone area skill free.
  127. My two cents about TU10 PTS Phase 1
  128. Suggestion
  129. Backpack Talent: Adrenaline Rush
  130. The Vile Mask - Secondary Attributes
  131. New skill
  132. Grenade launcher and crossbow are not worth using at the moment
  133. Exotic Buffs in Phase 2 Any Suggestions Anyone?
  134. Gearsets Changes/Buffs Any Suggestions
  135. Gear set idea for skill builders
  136. FAL need more BUFF
  137. weapon handling, reload speed and other stuff
  138. My feedback on TU 10
  139. Suggestions for improving game balance:
  140. FULL Weapon review - PTS
  141. Re: Foundary Bulwark
  142. Re: Regulus
  143. Future Initiative. Suggestion
  144. Game’s Health and Future Any Suggestions Anyone?
  145. The Bighorn is still awful
  146. Named item Carnage
  147. Ongoing Directive and Aces and Eights should be a little bit stronger
  148. Regulus Accuracy & dodgecity gunslinger holster
  149. Why nerf MK17? Weapon balancing thoughts
  150. No support for Tank
  151. Please don't dumb this game down! :)
  152. Mender Seeker Mine need to buff
  153. Don't forget ot take another look the shotguns again
  154. The Gunslinger Talent - Suggestions for Improvement
  155. Please also considers Console Players in weapon / BB Talent evaluation
  156. Good Argument For Buffing Walker, Harris & Co.
  157. Increase/Buff "Player Melee Damage"
  158. Incinerator turret is NOT viable still!
  159. Suggestion for Pestilence debuff
  160. Did you honestlly just nerf OD?
  161. You're going the wrong way about handling Status Effect power on higher difficulties.
  162. TU10 Phase 2 Critic
  163. Problem with the new Big horn talent
  164. Marksman Build weaker than TU9.1
  165. The Chameleon
  166. Skill buff, how are they calculated?
  167. Missed the mark with healing set bonuses buff
  168. The status effects nerf hinders build diversity and is unnecessary
  169. we need more buff assult rifle damage
  170. Striker's is still "garbage"
  171. Nice in theory, bad in practice - PTS TU10 Phase 2 Balance
  172. Phase 2 : Striker discussion
  173. Incoming Repairs change and True Patriot white buff
  174. Sawyer's Kneepads feedback
  175. about eagle bearer
  176. Status EFX nerf not the answer
  177. Douglas Set Bonuses
  178. Douglas Set Bonuses
  179. Rifle buffs - not really
  180. NPC resistance buff feedback and effect on status damage builds
  181. High level picture for balance issues for Heroic and Legendaries
  182. It's time to rework Status EFX and Debuffs
  183. Activity reward, Proficiency caches rework
  184. Weapon Talent : Future Perfection NOT WORKING
  185. PTS stage three NPC time
  186. Diamondback buff feels to weak in comparison to 1886
  187. PTS Patch Notes (Phase 2)- impressions
  188. Suggestions On The Bighorn Buff (Repost)
  189. A whole lot of words about Shotguns
  190. Specializations
  191. Library everything
  192. Bighorn Buff Suggestion
  193. Big Horn is still awful
  194. Lady Death *NEEDS AMMO BUFF TO 60*
  195. Change the CC Status Effect from the DMG Status Effect Bleed/burn/esc..
  196. Phase 2: Status Effects clueless nerf
  197. All Exotics FeedBack
  198. Sweet Dreams feedback
  199. Striker's Battlegear set need a buff.
  200. Legendary Hazard Protection Slightly Overtuned
  201. Striker is still impossible to play
  202. Nerf C.C is very frustrating. Even it was never popular ones.[PTS Phase 2]
  203. Aces & Eights?
  204. Hard wired set talent
  205. Nerfing status effects and skill builds was the right direction
  206. time to kill
  207. Striker
  208. My fundamental issue with Big horn
  209. Upcoming Status Changes
  210. BTSU Gloves
  211. NPC damage adjustment please in phase 3
  212. Buff lady death and big horn magazine size
  213. Chameleon feedback
  214. Sniper turret and skills in general
  215. Game’s Future and Better Diversity
  216. Gear sets - Aces and Tip
  217. Balance and Diversity?
  218. Quick reminder to rework OD
  219. Let’s show some love for the FAL
  220. Please add a 6th Directive
  221. Thanks for the cc status effect nerf!
  222. Big Horn...Little Better
  223. Scanner pulse Overcharge group damage still stacking to cheese raid?
  224. Deflector Shield needs a buff
  225. Firestarter Chem Launcher Damage Ignoring Explosive Resistance in PvP
  226. Weapon attachment for raising critical damage should get buff
  227. Bleed was never OP for PVE
  228. Small suggestion for lady death
  229. Massive own yourself.
  230. Rifleman talent does not show
  231. Instead of fixing AI your procrastinating.
  232. Here,s math for ya.
  233. Risk vs Reward: Shotguns vs snipers/rifles
  234. Feedback: NPC resistance buffs do not prevent chain-CC. Proof and video inside
  235. Just one suggestion re: npc dmg
  236. Gear mod slots suggestion
  237. Good changes to the weapons
  238. Big Horn
  239. If you are going to nerf CC bc it makes things too easy, nerf Turrets and Drones too
  240. Negotiator's Dilemma Feedback
  241. Status Effect Nerf- Ongoing Directive (Gear Set)
  242. status effects
  243. Healing
  244. Chameleon - Feedback
  245. Incoming Repairs - A few questions
  246. A complex suggestion of solving problems within the current SotG
  247. Assault Turret&Drone
  248. Shield health talents and mods broken?
  249. Gearsets
  250. Suggestions for exotic gear changes