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  1. Game Health Feedback
  2. No rng inprovements
  3. Hit Registration issues gone?
  4. Stability Attribute
  5. Glitch respawn iñimited
  6. Reviver Hive Cool Down
  7. Grand Washington mission is still bugged where an NPC hides and can't be hit
  8. Mission Summary
  9. Pistol Crosshair
  10. Gunner Specialization Skill Mods Still Broken
  11. Fire damage
  12. Shd sewer Civic Center
  13. Npc weak spots should do more stagger
  14. Grand Washington Hotel Door at end
  15. NPC bombider drones take too much damage to disable
  16. Cleaners explosive gas grenade requires too many bullets to ignite
  17. Burning Status Visual not working
  18. NPC's throwable range is not Balenced
  19. Firefly - Exploding/dying upon deploying it
  20. NPC Named Enemys Can't Use Armor Kit's while being under fire!
  21. NPCs can one shot melee you
  22. TU10 Patch Notes
  23. NPC weak spots should definitely not take 1 clip to destroy
  24. Change Stance Shields (make shields great again)
  25. Skills and Mod Pass - Nothing in Patch notes???
  26. Skill Haste + Builds Changes
  27. Technician Specialization missing
  28. SHD Level Bug
  29. Vile - Invisible Effect Cooldown
  30. Ongoing Directive- Potential bug
  31. Daily reminder: Alexandra "Tidy" Popov Invaded Space Admin HQ boss does not spawn!
  32. Stats on screen
  33. Resolution displays incorrectly, plus new in-sync talent does not trigger
  34. FPS fall on PTS
  35. lvl 40 character for testing
  36. Hit Registration bugged
  37. Striker new backpack talent is not working
  38. [UI BUG] Currently equipped specialization is not showing up in spec select menu
  39. NPC nerf, Time to be killed & Loot Quality
  40. Technician
  41. Gear mod slots not showing up on Walker, Harris
  42. First Shot on Named Bosses doing minimal damage
  43. Crash to Desktop / Graphics Freeze
  44. Turret, Drone, Stickybomb issue
  45. Exotic Deconstruction / NPC Backpack ignore hits
  46. Scaling PvP
  47. (Perfectly) Future Perfect Bug
  48. Weapon Handling Changes are not in PTS 1
  49. [FIXED] Armor Breaker Distinction seems working now
  50. Foundry Bulwark Backpack Talent
  51. Ongoing directive Backpack Talent
  52. Game Idea
  53. Liberty Sidearm
  54. Ammo hoarders needs fixed.
  55. Weird interaction with Mantis and Headhunter chest talent
  56. HIVE cooldown prevents you from changing loadouts... broken!!!
  57. Bug with recon drone and scoped in with TAC 50.
  58. HW Set-up Demolisionist
  59. Glitch in the Federal Emergency Bunker and Technician glitch at Base of Operations
  60. NPCs Killed in Spawn Closets do not drop Loot
  61. Bug: Special Ammo and Ammo Capacity with Ongoing Directive
  62. Multiple trackable objectives
  63. Mantis Talent bugged
  64. Regulus crosshair for other pistols
  65. Game Health? How About longevity!
  66. Harmony Rifle - Light Extended 7.62 Mag
  67. Sticker Drone doesn’t follow me
  68. HDR Not Working - colors are bleached out
  69. Buglist
  70. Weapon Handling didn't changed
  71. Visual Bugs
  72. [bug] sniper turret + overcharge = isn't working properly
  73. Wicked BP Talent bugged
  74. Technician Specialization
  75. Missing brand name text when deconstructing Walker Harris gear
  76. Mender Seeker issues
  77. List of Bugs/Issues gathered from numerous players
  78. Hard Wired - some things fixed, some still broken
  79. NPCs ignoring blind / fire crowd control
  80. +20 mag - kills other weapon magazine mods in game
  81. Crashes are making it a little tough
  82. Any chance you'll grab another LIVE snapshot?
  83. Future Perfect
  84. Ammo Hoarder bug
  85. Improved sticky Payload mod has no stat in it
  86. Matchmaking potentially broken?
  87. Heroic missions should no longer have spawn restrictions
  88. TU10 Game Health - Control Points
  89. Glitch or Hack or Authentic ?
  90. Weapon Handling stat gear still capped at 14% and show wrong values
  91. pts not carry my game level over
  92. Future Perfect talents does not grant overcharge at Skill tier 6 on kill
  93. Difficulty Settings
  94. Future Initiative
  95. Overlord, D&H, and Fenris set changes
  96. Backpack without mod slot
  97. Right clicking to mod item seems fixed
  98. BUG: Eclipse Protocol Kneepads Mod UI
  99. PTS weekend summary
  100. Can't destruct drone/turret skill
  101. Technician Specialization
  102. what happen to difficulty and hardcore PVE player ?
  103. Couple of Issues in the Tombs Mission
  104. Feedback on Phase 1
  105. Enemy Behavior
  106. Skills still shoot the fire left by Hyena cars
  107. Please remove screen shake from friendly explosives
  108. [Bug or reworked?] Hard Wired reduces the cooldown by 30sec instead of resetting.
  109. Project menu - daily project missing text
  110. Big horn buff drop rate and player armor needs buff as well
  111. Notification Overlaps on Screen
  112. Clear all
  113. Opening Music - Prologue 2 - not playing at startup
  114. No Regen directive
  115. NPC Elite Dodging
  116. Coney Island Ballpark mission
  117. PTS Lvl 30 character
  118. Undetected godrolls
  119. Loadout stacking bug
  120. ongoing directive
  121. Civic Center - inaccessible sewer entrance
  122. Walker Harris named chest piece displays lore text instead of name
  123. Future Initiative Skill Cooldown - Shooting Range vs Open World
  124. Bug by Horizons Bagback
  125. Heavys/Tanks etc. reload animation skip on armor break
  126. Difficulty of NPCs
  127. Still Missing the Mark With Healer Builds PTS TU10 Future Initiative
  128. Sniper NPC Doing Same Damage w/Pistol as Marksman Rifle?
  129. Event Rewards Need Improvements
  130. Increased vault capacity and number of loadouts
  131. Project Availability (Locked) between NYC and DC
  132. Skills
  133. Post Mission Metrics are not great
  134. Global Events punish you for playing in a squad and on higher difficulty
  135. Project Availability (locked) between NYC and DC - Take 2
  136. Matador Backpack issue.
  137. The Bighorn
  138. trauma/carnage/eclipse problem
  139. the reflect shield bug
  140. Game crashes/freezes with DirectX 12 not addressed in TU 10
  141. Mini tanks stuck during legendary missions
  142. Old issue with how status effect are not good
  143. Bug report:Chameleon's talent Continue permanence
  144. Shields are taking to much dmg
  145. Mad scientist danger!
  146. NPC resistance buff feedback and effect on status damage builds
  147. Survivability on low health DISABLED
  148. Grenade or area targeted skills
  149. Link to chat still broken
  150. Reload bug with manually chambered weapons
  151. Blinder Firefly Cooldown: Bug or Intended
  152. TU10 PTS Phase 2 - incorrect weapon handling bar on gloves
  153. Crafting still yields low stats.
  154. Rogue Agents in missions bug
  155. Sniper turret graphic issue
  156. Remove the +1 mortar ammo skill mod
  157. PTS is missing Missle launcher
  158. Overhealed enemies
  159. BUG: Bank HQ Mission & Rogue Agents
  160. Open world event without reward
  161. Rogue angents in the open world
  162. Sniper turret
  163. Skill damage is not counted correctly
  164. Gunslinger headshot damage not registered as headshot
  165. Too much activities at the same time in open world
  166. Vulkan API Support!
  167. We are the SHD agents ...
  168. Burn Sticky + perpetuation bug
  169. Bug: Sawyer's Kneepads
  170. A simple way to make the game and pvp interesting
  171. BUG: Manning National Zoo invaded - Text says Capitol
  172. BUG: Coney Island Ballpark
  173. Enviromental scaling and skill bug
  174. BUG: Unwavering weapon talent's description is misleading
  175. Why doesn't accuracy affects shotguns?
  176. BUG: Phase 2 Merciless possibly broken
  177. Blinder firefly cooldown is still not working properly
  178. Safeguard and Reformation do not update the healing values of skills in the UI