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  2. PTS vs normal server
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  4. Acosta Go bag Talent 9one in hand) procing without it being equipped
  5. Delta Error 01
  6. Position in queue screen
  7. Unable to access my character in PTS
  8. [BUG] Roy Benitez interaction prompt is at an empty table next to him.
  9. [BUG] Nice to meet you, AlAliAiaKeKelolso!
  10. Delta-C-1-200 on PTS!
  11. [BUG] Tactician Specialization missing
  12. chemical oxidizer no longer works at facilities like BTR on Walt Street
  13. PTS SHD LVL, missing items
  14. [BUG] 500% skill haste
  15. [BUG?] Ongoing directive not giving 30 rounds of hollowpoints
  16. [BUG] Regulus ADS Sensitivity
  17. [BUG] Striker backpack talent listed differnetly from patchnotes
  18. [PTS BUG] Weapon Handling is not maxed at 10%
  19. [BUG] Toxic delivery from new exotic mask inconsistent spread
  20. Diamondback description text error
  21. [BUGS] Bulk Bug Report #1
  22. Sound localization after installation The Division 2 PTS
  23. [BUG] Ongoing directive not giving ammo when one shotting
  24. Fenris update not active both still at 10%
  25. Future Perfect talent not working with Negotiator's Dilemma
  26. Weapon Handling not giving 1% of Everything
  27. [BUGS] Bulk Bug Report #2
  28. [BUG] Toxic delivery can "proc" on allies
  29. [Bug] Sticky Bomb has high chance disappearing
  30. No lootboxes at cp's
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  32. [BUG] Mission Completion Report while on the mission
  33. Tip of the Spear backpack talent does not work with Demolitionist class
  34. Console Player who bought D@ on PC for PTS and
  35. [BUG] Ravenous exotic riffle, defensive primers detonation and bonus damage
  36. G28 MMR - Bullet Spread Problem
  37. Division 2 pts freezing
  38. [BUG] Player takes his own status effect +10%
  39. [BUGS] Bulk Bug Report #3
  40. Echo Inaccessible
  41. Crashing and Returning to Control Point had indestructible Foes
  42. missing gear/load outs
  43. [BUG] Bleed and weapon bonus damage
  44. Control Point
  45. Easy Anti-cheat uninstalls when you remove the PTS
  46. Unable To Complete Simultaneous Open World Activities
  47. Farm
  48. [BUG] Can't destroy/destruct drone/turret skill to start cooldown
  49. [BUG] Ongoing Directive Infinite Signature Weapon Ammo + Hollow-Point Ammo
  50. crashing
  51. Solo Heroic @ Lincoln Memorial with Rogues
  52. Hit registration issues still present on PTS.
  53. Ongoing Directive Hollow-Point Balance Issue
  54. some bugs
  55. Loot of purple items still present in the open world of the game on PTS
  56. Tip of the Spear Backpack Talent Grenade Launcher
  57. headhunter bug
  58. [BUGS] Bulk Bug Report #4
  59. solucionen delta 3
  60. [BUGS] Bulk Bug Report #5
  61. [BUG] Battery Park ladder cannot be climbed
  62. Talent Gear set Hard Wired "Feedback loop" doesn't work
  63. unable to connect Mike 1
  64. Pts connect
  65. [BUG] out of cover ADS height level
  66. Can't update PTS
  67. [BUG] Gunslinger holster headshot talent not working on shooting range
  69. Starting over why?????
  70. Sticky bomb still disapppear when shooting on the ground
  71. Chemical Gun
  72. Reviver Hive
  73. Mini Tanks During Legendary Missions get stuck forcing a mission restart
  74. Some Exotics Working At Recalibration Bench
  75. [BUG] Reconfiguring Exotics
  76. Devs should post a video of a solo Legendary run
  77. [BUG] tamper proof PVP
  78. System Corruption Cooldown UI Bug
  79. [BUG] [DZ] Future Initiative - Ground Control Talent triggers on deployable
  80. [BUG] [DZ] Backpack Galvanize - Talent not working as intended
  81. [BUG] [DZ] Sweet Dreams / Lullaby - Hidden PvP Sandman Talent - description missing?
  82. New Life Keto : A Healthy Way A New Quick Weight Loss
  83. Bug report: New gearsets are broken and buggy
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