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  11. Will there be Manialinks again?
  12. Dedicated server files ?
  13. Good Job Nadeo/Ubisoft
  14. Closed game once I click "Play"
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  16. Game not available on Epic Store
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  18. How to see full leaderboard?
  19. What's Club VIP ghosts?
  20. How to create a Server?
  21. Can you get Trophies while playing the Training maps?
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  23. Pas d'enregistrement des médailles et temps
  24. How is this counting?
  25. [suggestion]Can we also get the speedometers on the screen please?
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  34. Local game unjoinable
  35. [Suggestion]key binding in the menu
  36. Cam 3 way too close to the ground
  37. Buddy/Friend System
  38. Crash then I Can't start it again Tried to uninstall and Validate files.
  39. I cannot enable sound
  40. Medals are gone after reset of game
  41. ManiaPlanet account merge?
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  43. [Suggestion] Videos explaining major-ish updates
  44. [Suggestion] Add a way to recolor player names
  45. Are you talking somewhere to the community ?!
  46. Racing your friends
  47. Clubs not allowing Standard access to join seems Ill Advised
  48. Bring the price down!
  49. Respawn with Zero Speed?
  50. CD key or activiation code
  51. Any way to bring the game over to Ubiplay
  52. Can we play with more than 1 of our replay ?
  53. [IDEA] Past TM gameplay in TM2020 ?!!!!!!!
  54. Framedrops in Solo Mode
  55. Activation code for starter access
  56. [Idea] Click on "Restart needed" = make the game restart
  57. No speed while driving backwards.
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  59. Anyway to show time in a replay?
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  62. General Data Protection Regulation Infringement
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  65. When does the actual ranking starts?
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  68. Ladder points or just trophies?
  69. Wrong flag
  70. Just Want To Pay Once
  71. Needs to be a way for clubs to actually communicate what they're about
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  74. Replay Editor "Shoot" Broken?
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  76. Key for "Ghosts"
  77. Trackmania 2020 Dedicated Server Tutorial Question?
  78. [Tutorial] Trackmania 2020 Dedicated Server
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  80. Passage de la version standard à la version club quelle compensation proposer
  81. There is not present the egyptian flag
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  84. Trophy system is an unclear mess
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  86. For all CZ/SK players