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  2. Ranked match
  3. PVP Tactical Mode
  4. A couple of things...
  5. Sound positioning
  6. Clan System
  7. Internet keeps dropping
  8. Pvp wish-list
  9. Shooting moving targets
  10. Why I struggle with co-op
  11. improvements
  12. Back with the old Ghost classes, separately.
  13. Ghost war problems
  14. top 5 pvp player and why i do not like were this game is going
  15. About PVP feedback sound
  16. Something more than 4v4
  17. Almost there
  20. ghost war is a ****ing joke
  21. Ghost war for PS5
  22. Does not need to be a class based game
  23. Shooting through hills and terrain on pc
  24. Please bring back ammo/health crates
  25. I play Inverted
  26. Narrowing of the area
  27. Gas Dron unable to use
  28. Disable "Revivalist" totally in PvP or at least remove "Damage resistance"
  29. Is the PDR OP?
  30. IMO, "True grit" should be nerfed or adjusted. [I'm a Assault main as well]
  31. Enable "Sixth sense" as wildlands "Safety first" on PvP part.
  32. Please tell me you guys fixing this "infinite medic drone tactic."
  33. Title Update 1.0.2 is a joke
  34. Slim shadow and Stealth in PVP
  35. I can't use "Adrenaline Shot" and "Syringe MK.1" in PVP
  36. vote if you are in favor region lock
  37. Gonna take a lot of crap for this one but...
  38. A new update
  39. Ubisoft is all in the name
  40. Quick Hands Perk
  41. Sabotage issue
  42. Turn off mark enemy permantly?
  43. Why secondary primary weapon in pvp?
  44. New issues with pvp following patch.
  45. Ghost War modes?
  46. Only first person?!?!
  47. Obvious aim bots on ps4
  49. BreakPoint PvP on PC [FEEDBACK] [SUGGESTIONS]
  50. Allow over the shoulder aiming with DMR's
  51. Best perks for PVP?
  52. Matchmaking/Quiters [FEEDBACK] [SUGGESTION]
  53. Pick up Animation BUG !!!!!
  54. [SUGGESTION] I would love to see a hide/seek style gamemode in this game.
  55. Broken
  56. Back to super aim assist geeez..
  57. Impossible to have a healthy match...
  58. Tutorial Completed
  59. Awful bugs in PvP
  60. Absurd aim snapping
  61. Battle Reward Copies
  62. Ghost War | BO3 < BO5 | 4v4 < 5v5/6v6
  63. ISSUE SABOTAGE MODE: Player does not get off the radio if shot? in wildlands it does
  64. What the heck happened to PvP?
  65. Well I'm enjoying it
  66. Bring the Wildlands PVP to Breakpoint.
  67. Xbox . Does ubi even look at the forums?
  68. Fixes when???
  69. how do I access these locked structures?
  70. PVP Feedback. Please implement a "classic" Wildlands-Ghosts game mode.
  71. Lagging
  72. Defining the classes
  73. Sabotage mode: is this a bug or bad design?
  74. Bleed Out
  75. Pvp ban
  76. Ghost War Missions
  77. PLEASE bring back Wildland style of play (pvp)
  78. When will this unfinished game be fixed?
  79. Bouncy medkits
  80. Cheater is out, Battle eye has been breach
  81. Shame
  82. Respawn PvP Game Mode | Forums
  83. This game is more tactical than Wildlands. Here's why:
  84. Wtb
  85. Any plans for Hardcore / Survival modes
  86. Infinity-66B34EE1
  87. Gear Parts (Useless?)
  88. Please remove aim assistance and snap from pvp
  89. Balancing
  90. Ghost War Montage
  91. Ghost War PVP
  92. PVP lag issue
  93. Remapping marking button
  94. Orange Death Anus
  95. Ghost war problems
  96. L'ennemi de mon ennemi
  97. how to kick teammate?
  98. Can no one aim?
  99. Why do you want to limit play
  100. Missing Camouflages as of Update 2
  101. Fix the game or lose players
  102. Same map
  103. I'm trying my hardest to enjoy, but what are these servers?
  104. Missing a weapon or a talent when switching classes between rounds
  105. Add different color pings
  106. PVP Items not in my Inventory
  107. Variety Hour (In Ghost War, kill enemies with 3 different weapons in a single round.)
  108. Can we get a clan system?
  109. Has anyone at Ubisoft ever played GW Wildlands ?
  110. Fix Assault class
  111. Easy to spot
  112. Please Do Something About the Ping Spam in PVP
  113. Warning to players of the toxic teams
  114. Pvp
  115. Collectibles and stuff
  116. Map Rotation ?
  117. Movement in cover
  118. Sound glitches at R&D center map
  119. you guys clearly don't care about your consumers
  120. Chicken dance, aim assist, & bugs
  121. New PvP meta !
  122. Fix the Lag or lose your Playerbase
  123. Pvp stats & statistics bug error all 0 0 0
  124. Looking to play with players with a K/D over 2?
  125. Map Rotation bugged
  126. (SUGGESTIONS)/FEEDBACK How to Improve PVP
  127. Do dedicated servers really exists???
  128. Some comments on the current breakpoint
  129. Ghost War - Uplay achievement
  130. Ghost War PS4 Clan Match Setup
  131. Nothing to work towards unlocking in PVP. Where is the PVP Progression?
  132. What's the point of having the ability to turn OFF auto-spotting in Ghost Wars?
  133. Night time maps are too bright. Please fix.
  134. mines in PVP, how to use ?
  135. Everyone is muted for me.
  136. Quiters
  137. Where Searchable Lobbies and other suggestions
  138. (Suggestion) Viewable Lasers on PVP
  139. O.K. Who decided that the death circle was o.k.
  140. Whalers 00301
  141. PVP delusion delusion delusion. I abbandone the game and come back to wildlands
  142. PC wait times
  143. Big Bugs
  144. Helikon CPU not avaliable for me
  145. character Movment in ghost war and problems
  146. Fix this pvp map
  147. Pvp team balancing
  148. Cumulative penalty.
  149. Pvp is a mess( consumables not working)
  150. Player Vs Player issues. Pt 1.
  151. Ghost war missions issues
  152. "Stealth" is non existent in Breakpoint(unlike Wildlands)
  153. Ghost War missions
  154. [SPOILERS!!] Kill Walker too early. What happens? [SPOILERS!!]
  155. Bring back the team kick in PvP
  156. Very slow sniper shots ... useless sniper skill?????
  157. Weapons damage
  158. Awful region matching
  159. Void_ak
  160. Suggestions
  161. I cann't use all slots in ghost war
  162. Ghost War battle point reward logic
  163. PM overpower
  164. UBI do you see this stats???
  165. Water canteens & rations in PvP, really???
  166. Ghost War mission : Tech *Not Working*
  167. Monthly Tournaments
  168. Ghost Recon Tactical Shooter
  169. Plz fix score in pvp
  170. To the people that break tbe game
  171. Pvp suggestion
  172. Ghost war Assault class outbreak ó true grit spamming (nerf required)
  173. UBI... Why is Conflict not in Ghost War
  174. After new patch 38 min to find a match on pvp
  175. Number of enemies marked bugged?
  176. UBI are you reading this?? (PvP)
  177. No longer able to join a match in progress
  178. GW Estimated Search Time And Match Correction Ruined By Recent Patch
  179. Millisecond Connection Drops Kicks You Out Of Game/GW
  180. My thought on PVP
  181. Ranked pvp
  182. Strafing and stamina ruining Ghost War
  183. Suggestion- issue needs addressed asap
  184. BattlePoints Not received after match wins
  185. Fix controls / unwanted running while trying to ADS
  186. What do you mean with...
  187. never (seen friends) so many leave so fast !
  188. Bugs
  189. Movement, range and damage _PVP Broken!!!
  190. Abuse of game mechanic / Wonky hip fire mechanic
  191. GR BP No Class selection
  192. Conflict mode needs to return
  193. 1 Favourite gun in each class?
  194. Strafe and pvp suggestions
  195. New update
  196. Damage resistance needs a nerf / fix classes
  197. (BUG) R&D Center
  198. Is the reporting tool even working?
  199. Question
  200. My ideas to class changes
  201. Spin in circles
  202. [SUGGESTION] Smoke Grenades
  203. New pvp game mode - Wildlands Rules
  204. Player not affected by hits of Sniper Rifle!!!
  205. PvP Thoughts DEVS need to read.
  206. Tweak to sniper balancing
  207. Disable Aim Assist in Ghost War
  208. Damage fall off not working
  209. The game are crashing and crashing and crashing .....
  210. Please fix the glitch that's being exploited on PMC *video prrof*
  211. My suggestions to remove "Spin to Win"
  212. From a loyal fan... I tried
  213. Why are knockouts counting as kills?
  214. Anyone else having extremely choppy PvP play?
  215. Aimbot in PS4
  216. Cold war bunker sniper glitch
  217. Unable to sabotage objectives
  218. How is BP rewards in PVP scored
  219. Revert Stamina consumption in Ghost Wars
  220. Just remove stamina regen
  221. Patch on the 26th
  222. *More video proof of glitch* New patch coming with no fix to PVP maps.
  223. Gear perks in PVP?
  224. Ghost war mission: top dog, Ghost war mission: logistics expert
  225. Flash Grenades
  226. "Drone Hunter" was nerfed to shift the meta.
  227. MAIN ISSUE: MOVEMENT (bring back Wildlands movement)
  228. Why is aim assist so strong?
  229. fix the multiplayer please!
  230. Question on 1 primary weapon for PvP?
  231. Does health regeneration a thing in PvP?
  232. New update LAGGES!!
  233. Is Ghost War server is down?
  234. Canít find a pvp match, stuck in matchmaking forever.
  235. Start everyone off with syringes or let them drop when you die
  236. Extremely dissapointed
  237. Shoot problems
  238. Stop lying to the community and treating us like idiots
  239. Longest snipe in PvP?
  240. mp5, mp7 or others?
  241. Will Raid guns give advantage in PvP to its owners?
  242. Classes are unbalanced. Assault and Medic are the only classes worth anything in PVP
  243. Turning OFF auto spotting should turn OFF auto spotting permanently.
  244. Only 15% wanted improvements to PvP?
  245. Changes on aim assist?
  246. Can't "USE" at Raid instance
  247. Desinc, lagswitch or something else
  248. Camera / Movement
  249. Ghost war mission Top-dog
  250. Pvp too much ammo