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  1. Pvp too much ammo
  4. PVP issues
  5. Ghost War
  6. Stop calling Ghost Recon series a TPS tactical shooter
  7. pvp problems
  8. New season of battle rewards? Where are my rewards from last season??
  9. New Maps and Game Modes?
  10. Unfair matches
  11. http://click2nextorder.com/acv-plus-keto/
  12. 6 maps!?
  13. Raid boss rewards. clothing with stats that actually effect PVP
  14. Match rewards are very inconsistent with performance.
  15. How can I get fast battle reward?
  16. [FEEDBACK] PvP Issues.
  17. PVP is dull and boring
  18. In game comms not working!!!
  19. PVP is DEAD
  20. Follow "breakpoint_meme" on instagram
  21. Camera too close
  22. Granting everyone all Battle Rewards
  23. Jual Obat Aborsi di Mojokerto ( 085647312229 ) Klinik Penggugur Kandungan
  24. R'n'D map sound issue
  25. Delta Company please pass on our concerns
  26. [SUGGESTION] New Map Locations - Pictures inside
  27. Will this kind of behaviour be allowed?
  28. My clothing change
  29. Losing faith PVP user experience
  30. Problems with PvP
  31. Ghost War cheating has destroyed the game
  32. my thoughts on what to do with pvp i have been playing since beta
  33. PvP Content Drought
  34. Christmas list
  35. PVP server link problem
  36. Does ubisoft actually care?
  37. pvp dead? and gsync? not fixed yet?
  38. PVP lag problem = too much speed
  39. Lag And Cheaters
  40. suppression system
  41. The Dedicated Servers Promise
  42. PS4 Tactical Shooter games?
  43. [Feedback][Hardcore]
  44. Post for all players who don't like Ghost War in Breakpoint. Read this.
  45. PVP Ghost War Ideas
  46. What do you think ppl ?
  47. A lot of players started lagging on purpose !?
  48. Removal of sacrifice
  49. Completely remove aim assist
  50. My best kill in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint PvP!
  51. When will you update the game engine?
  52. Glitching Guns in pvp
  53. Community Managers & Community Representatives
  54. Battle rewards
  55. [Gas Glitch][Exploits]
  56. 3 fixes that need to happen now.
  57. DMR glitch needs to be addressed ASAP!
  58. [BUG] FMJ give DMR/SNR 200+ DMG
  59. Opinion
  60. Nerf Assault Class
  61. January is coming
  62. Lots of players with DMR glitch
  63. Goodbye ghost war - hello rainbow 6
  64. MAKE a new PvP ghost recon
  65. Cheaters DMR, Silver stake, Bullpup PDR
  66. Loved wildlands pvp absolutely hate Breakpoint’s
  67. My Issue
  68. No ban for cheaters but ban for leaving matches in progress
  69. So Many Cheaters
  70. Patch notes/ changes community wish for
  71. Why best of 3?
  72. Xbox medic drone
  73. Give Revivalist to Medic only
  74. Quick rant...
  75. [Remove Deltas]
  76. Sniper are too slow
  77. Remove Online requirement connection
  78. Do you like this type of ghost war?
  79. Anti-Cheat on safe mode?
  80. Grb dies slowly
  81. A question for ubisoft 4 pvp
  82. Looking for a pvp clan to join
  83. Mission broken
  84. Network Requirements
  85. Ghost war tactical transformation
  86. Crossplay
  87. Use your block/report tools on Xbox.
  88. Please ubisoft, balance this game
  89. Aim snap. Not competitive
  90. Bullet sponge
  91. Looking for a squad which plays fair on PS4, zone EMEA
  92. Cheaters
  93. Stadia: Ghost War - The New King?
  94. ROG again
  95. Post feedback on PvP here!
  96. amazing ROG
  97. Ubisoft you only have 1 chance to get this game fixed and that's it. Everyone's gone
  98. Mid January and still nothing.
  99. PVP player count
  100. What perks work in PVP?
  101. Ubisoft Devs/Mods/PR please reply
  102. Why did you change pvp?
  103. Unable to change class PS4
  104. Damage resistance chest piece
  105. What’s with the PDR ?
  106. Cheaters: Solution?
  107. PVP chat on PS4 and XBox
  108. What are the best perks, weapons, and gear set-ups for pvp?
  109. 2 questions
  110. http://anglocatholicsocialism.org/biorexin-male-enhancement/
  111. January patch
  112. Pvp sacrifice glitch process
  113. January PvP updates - hope there is more
  114. Ghost war is end
  115. For everyone who wants more modes in PVP....Watch this
  116. Bring back wildlands ghost war
  117. Weapon balance
  118. New pvp maps and content?
  119. Any Clans that ought to be banned and doesnt?
  120. Gloves with throw range?
  121. To all pvp players
  122. Ghost Recon Breakpoint-Terminator is coming!!!
  123. Ventilator "The Box" Breakpoint Montage
  124. Thanks Ubisoft
  125. Spectactor camera
  126. Breakpoint New Marketing Campaign
  127. Is PvP down at the moment?
  128. Tu 1.1.0
  129. Terminator weapons in Ghost Wars
  130. Remove aim assist
  131. PVP TU 1.1.0 Patch Notes
  132. Drone scanner in pvp
  133. Less sounds ? ADS time
  134. Round Won / Lost animation is missing.
  135. Title Update 1.1 Just wow...
  136. Is there a way to drop items?
  137. Suggestions about ghost war
  138. This update is very bad
  139. Useless soft duz it again
  140. Gear Score
  141. Ubisoft Please explain the ADS delay
  142. **** you ubisoft!!!
  143. I actually like the update
  144. Increase the PvP match rewards
  145. Finally no quick scoping
  146. Are the devs from Fiverr?
  147. Remove circle running
  148. Developer’s lack of communication is infuriating!
  149. Ubisoft You make eggs from people
  150. Tests
  151. Devs/CMs - update on sound/chat hotfix ?
  152. MK14 terminator (glitch weapon)
  153. UBI! When you fix a sound problem PVP?!
  154. Ghost recon breakpoint on ps4 pro
  155. so why
  156. black crates in RAID
  157. Why nobody from UBI gives any feedback?
  158. How to fix PvP
  159. Since you can’t fix your game Ubisoft, it is time to bring the ban hammer downx
  160. Frustrated with most broken game ever.
  161. Suggestion for improvement on pvp side.
  162. Sound bug
  163. People healing outside of the circle
  164. Plz fix next items, it's basic.
  165. Tired of Ubisoft and GRB?
  166. Alot of problems..
  167. Remove text chat. It's pointless.
  168. It's not safe to use DMRs...again!
  169. When?
  170. Idea to stop glitches
  171. Immortality Perk
  172. UBISOFT does not deserve our respect. Ghost War in BP is dead.
  173. Broken Promises
  174. Gun glitch
  175. Ubisoft, give the money back!
  176. This is just sad and pathetic.
  177. ghost war new call of duty
  178. AimCross missing while sprinting
  179. Reporting and Bans
  180. Pvp balance and updates
  181. improvements on class identification?
  182. Ads delay when using items
  183. Some suggestions
  184. Remove aim/snapping
  185. Out of curiosity...
  186. The run around in circle easy fix for ubisoft
  187. Gun glitch Ghost war
  188. What are the keys to making these pvp moves?
  189. When is ubisoft doing anything against cheaters?
  190. New Maps and glitches
  191. Suggestions to improve Breakpoints GHOST WAR
  192. Where's the love for PvP?
  193. DMR Glitch NOT FIXED!!
  194. Player glitch/can't aim
  195. Quick Fix Suggestions For Ghost War.
  196. Game dont work !!!
  197. Engineer class date
  198. Post Your Loadout
  199. Getting called a cheater
  200. Team Deathmatch in Breakpoint.
  201. Strange Strafe... glitch or cheat???
  202. When will we get new maps?
  203. Add "Stay as team" vote option in pvp
  204. Matchmaking sucks
  205. A friend of mine on Reddit brought this to my attention.
  206. Pass-Führerschein kaufen [WHATSAPP <> +1 (562) 6619780 ID Card Visa [Email..georgefre
  207. Battle Rewards / Post Terminator Event
  208. Tactical Gameplay
  209. Cheater !!!
  210. What Pro players do differently that gives them an advantage
  211. Will PvP EVER be addressed
  212. Update delayed
  213. Hey, Ubisoft. Port over pvp maps from wildlands into breakpoint.
  214. Ghost war estimated wait 1minute 10 seconds.
  215. Whats the point!
  216. State of Breakpoint: Ghost War PvP
  217. Ghost War Mission Missions Completed 42/48
  218. PVP needs to allow players to join during matches to balance teams
  219. Pvp ghost war