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  1. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Open Beta Known Issues List
  2. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint: Open Beta Start Delayed
  3. Cosmetic bug
  4. Belts, vests and backpacks don't fit female model properly
  5. (BUG)scope ,rate of fire drone glitch.
  6. Frame Rate/Lag issues with camera mode
  7. (BUGS) So far after playing 2 hours
  8. Cinematic Texture Fails - BUG
  9. Bugs found
  10. How do I use other items in my inventory bag? I cannot change things in the popup
  11. Invisible Enemies?
  12. PvP crashes and then bans!
  13. Item wheel not working
  14. Things to fix
  15. Ghosts of the past mission broken.
  16. Ghost war keeps crashing
  17. Needs an update
  18. Additional list of bugs i found
  19. Fell into a building
  20. Major connection issue for ghost war.
  21. holding breath is now broken
  22. Menu dropdown list
  23. Issues in the open beta
  24. Invert control for drone and chopper is broken
  25. Question About Breakpoint BETA
  26. Bae Jumping from Sunken Clipper Bay Bivouac
  27. PvP only Elimination available
  28. Bug when ADS and holding breath with snipers, DMRs, and ARS
  29. No Drone
  30. Cannot aim or shoot
  31. Game save loss due to connection issue
  32. Whalers-00301
  33. Xbox one s graphics
  34. SOOOO many bugs.
  35. Please fix this bug with the scopes on snipers DMRS and ARs
  36. Bugs other than on list
  37. Breach Torch and Comp M4 scope bugged
  38. Menu screen crashing Xbox
  39. [BUG][XBOX] When riding motorcycles the video seems to get choppy
  40. Got my *** kicked while playing solo on Normal while defending the dock
  41. Headgear and backpack after Bivouac
  42. Intel next to ammo cannot be picked up
  43. Bug makes me unable to do anything other than move, aim, and shoot
  44. Floating tent on White Ridge
  45. No drone or night vision
  46. Bugs I've Encountered So Far + Suggestions
  47. penalty for leaving a match from beta crash cannot play pvp with out getting banned
  48. bugs
  49. UI buggy
  50. Lets not forget
  51. Glitched Mission.
  52. Bug Report Xbox One X 9/27/2019
  53. Bugs I've came by
  54. Game crashed, lost skill points
  55. Infinite loading on language select
  56. Pvp crash
  57. Xbox one ingame bug
  58. Bugs I've encountered
  59. Breakpoint issue with Item wheel.
  60. Samuel '' Hunter guy '' mission
  61. RB wheel doesn't move through items
  62. XB1 bugs
  63. Night Vision with HDR active
  64. Item Wheel Glitch (Xbone)
  65. Switching weapons while reloading
  66. Scope glitching bug when aiming down sights and holding breath with snipers DMRs and
  67. Combat rolling through walls.
  68. Hot wheel not working on xbox
  69. Not really a bug but a question
  70. Syringes not appearing in wheel
  71. Server error ARGYLL-00054
  72. Screen tearing issue on Xbox one X
  73. Bugs I've noticed
  74. Y’all I’m stuck on Jace Skell Mission
  75. Bugs i found
  76. My list of Bugs
  77. bugs and fixes that i would see sorted
  78. Language Screen
  79. Bug
  80. My BETA experience
  81. [Bug][Xbox one x]
  82. Some bugs I've run accross.
  83. Climbing ladders has been broken since alpha
  84. Bought and DL'd game. Do I have to DL the Beta as well?
  85. Bugs
  86. Unable to select inventory items
  87. wheel bug
  88. Game freezes before it starts
  89. Ghost War - Disconnects, errors, bugs
  90. Repeatable game crash issue:
  91. Ghost war penalty?
  92. Stuck on "Create your ghost" screen
  93. Binoculars not in inventory
  94. Silent-40002
  95. Beta Issues
  96. Ton of bugs and glitches
  97. Launcher and Binoculars
  98. [BUG] Gear customization bug
  99. Skin Override
  100. BUG - Using rocket launcher
  101. found a couple graphics bugs and weapons bug
  102. Breakpoint Issues
  103. Open Beta Test Findings
  104. Error: Silent 30086
  105. Is beta still live
  106. Error's i noticed while playing
  107. Sniper
  108. Only English voices , no additional packs
  109. ADS-Sniper
  110. Missing Ghost face at Start of Game
  111. Only English voices , no additional packs
  112. Drone not tagging enemies anymore
  113. Xbox One Game DVR Faulty. Capture not working Properly.
  114. Unable to pick up loot or carry bodies
  115. Whalers - 00301
  116. BLOCKER: Can't talk to Mads to finish Investigation:Is Erewhon Safe from recon Drones
  117. Beta Emblems Not showing
  118. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  119. LOADOUT screen can not scroll through weapons list.
  120. missing sentinel pack
  121. UI BLOCKER: RB Inventory Wheel INOP
  122. Rewards missing in new save
  123. Drone activates while switch fire mode
  124. Drone NV and THERMAL are not working
  125. Bug XBox 1
  126. Ultimate Edition Packs
  127. Graphic mode keeps defaulting....
  128. Rewards for Playing and Completing Wildlands Showing Locked
  129. Wried pinkish grahics in main homebase
  130. animals not dropping protein
  131. Both HDR settings default....
  132. Sync Drone gadget not deploying, NV and Thermal vision not working on recon Drone
  133. whalers-00301
  134. Helo bug is back
  135. Drops not being pickedup
  136. Bogue Xbox One X
  137. The FR language pack is for next year ????
  138. **Game breaking bug still occurring**
  139. Spending points when you level up
  140. Four Honor achievement not unlocking
  141. assault rank 8 bugged
  142. Infinity ff8aa962
  143. Très mécontent !!!
  144. Field medic rank 9 challenge
  145. Hot wheel freezes character
  146. Xbox Graphic Issue?
  147. Standby of game not loading on return
  148. Drone no longer working
  149. Audio issue headset only
  150. Class special item in hot wheel still bugged..
  151. Issues with the red doors when carry Dead Bodies
  152. Skin
  153. Find Skrell game breaking bug.
  154. Sniped in Helo and then this happens....
  155. How do i Fast travel ?
  156. Scope Glitch
  157. Thermal vision doesn't turn on
  158. Typo
  159. Rank 9 Marksman bug
  160. PVP wins no longer awarding BP
  161. [BUG] after day one patch bugs
  162. bright yellow flashing reminder: join or invite players
  163. Game Breaking Bug - Find Skrell - Reach the hidden entrance
  164. Skill tree and ADS bug
  165. How to PvE matchmake without Leaving own Server.
  166. Bugs I am experiencing & some feedback
  167. When zooming in and holding breath the scope goes black
  168. Weapons Convoy
  169. Whalers-00301 error
  170. [BUG] Scopegoes black when ads and holding breath
  171. Ubisoft support and Devs won't acknowledge ERROR CODE "WHALERS-00301"
  172. Binoculars do not exist
  173. [BUG?] Can no longer mark enemies or discover areas with binoculars
  174. Map/ Waypoint
  175. AI and Other Bugs
  176. Bug list
  177. PLEASE HELP. 2 people can't play in the same household.
  178. Can't shoot out lights?
  179. Panther Rank 7 bugged..
  180. Drone can’t mark enemies in co-op
  181. Bugue d'armes
  182. Can't Fire or even aim gun
  183. Equipment wheel bugged
  184. Dedicated servees
  185. In kive with ghost war. But please fix cover snap
  186. blurry/hazy screen
  187. Invert controls and holding breath
  188. Drone Invert Y
  189. Xbox One X Bug Thread
  190. Game breaking bug Ubi please fix this ASAP
  191. A few bugs ob xbox
  192. Xbox One Breakpoint Servers Down?
  193. GJ ubisoft
  194. Silent 50001
  195. Only one day out and can't even play the game normal..
  196. Silent-50001
  197. SILENT-50001 Why is this game online only?
  198. Game sound
  199. Breakpoint where did u go?
  200. Silent-50001
  201. Silent-30089 why is this game online only
  202. Persistent leg injury...
  203. Bugged mission in capr north?
  204. Sniper Can't hold my breath
  205. Speech-to-text is turned off.. but really it's not
  206. Can't find standard weapon parts at high level
  207. Private beta emblem missing???
  208. Stuck on start screen
  209. How do you redeem ubisoft rewards
  210. always bleading from right leg
  211. 2 side missions can't be completed
  212. rocket launcher bug stay away from the weapon till fixed
  213. Where the Day 1 patch @?
  214. Weapon aiming bug
  215. Unable to Mark Targets
  216. PvP sabotage
  217. Keeps crashing
  218. Fix or remove the sliding mechanic on slopes
  219. Ubisoft rewards not working
  220. Medic Stage 9 bugged.
  221. Faction mission
  222. Binoculars are broken
  223. Can not scroll in selection menus
  224. Keeps Connecting to Ubisoft Servers
  225. Cannot complete level 9 Field medic Class Challenges
  226. lvl 10 sniper doesn't unlock
  227. Ammo crate bug and shop bug
  228. Collectable audio bug
  229. [BUG] Panoramic NVGs flipping down too much on character's face
  230. Unable to pick up bodies and loot sometimes
  231. only getting standard pistols from convoys
  232. Where is my closed beta emblem?!
  233. Assault challenge 7 issues
  234. Blow torch is not working
  235. Anybody ele having a weapon swap bug?
  236. Aiming Issues (Small but dangerous)
  237. Drone controls - unable to invert camera controls
  238. PvP Suppressors
  239. Sound cutting out
  240. Loadout stuck in pvp cant get my pve gear
  241. Unable to BASE jump
  242. Item Wheel BRICKED. logging out NOT WORKING
  243. Wildlands -> Breakpoint Rewards.
  244. Finding Side Mission Items out of order (eg For Honor)
  245. Scuba Diver Top clipping into player model
  246. Uplay Content
  247. Common bugs Xbox
  248. Full game bug issues
  249. Triggers and bumpers unresponsive
  250. hdr calibration does not work