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  1. Random enemy weapons not make any sound after update
  2. Another Broken Patch
  3. Open Beta Access
  4. Preload for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Open Beta is now live on Uplay! or is it ???
  5. Download disappeared - I had to start all over
  6. Beta not updating or showing up under free games
  7. @devs BattlEye updated version?
  8. PC Troubleshooting and Connectivity Guide
  9. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Open Beta Known Issues List
  10. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint: Open Beta Start Delayed
  11. Directx error.
  12. problems with extended display mode
  13. Unable to find link to Open Beta download on my games screen
  14. no mouse cursor?
  15. Aim at GAZE doesn't work
  16. Red texture on clothes
  17. marking enemy causes lag
  18. PRoblem with input
  19. Bug during opening cutscene
  20. No Audio after a few minutes with AstroA40
  21. NO guidance mode works??
  22. 7.1 Headphones Sound Channel detection issue
  23. Low FPS problem
  24. Ghost Mode/ Joining friends Causing Errors
  25. BUG - Sight setting flies
  26. Worse performance than Closed Beta
  27. Stuck cycling through weapons
  28. Vehicle "Path Keeper|Standart" stuck between stones. Bug type - General
  29. Blackscreen after login to ubisoft servers
  30. Mouse mirado para o céu
  31. Single use vehicles?
  32. Error whalers - 00301
  33. Scope TARS101 not working?
  34. Very bad performance
  35. PC - Can't Get Past "Create Your Ghost" Screen
  36. Invert mouse Y-axis when in helicopter
  37. Game stops responding after connecting to servers
  38. [BLOCKER] Player becomes immobilized after using a bandage
  39. CO-OP not working at all
  40. Bushes made of adamantium. cant shoot through it. Video
  41. Can't enter game
  42. Underbarrel grenade launcher Bug
  43. Whenever I try to play Ghost War my computer hits it's breakpoint.
  44. Bugs So Far
  45. Blocks on screen
  46. Prone key
  47. AK-47 Soung Bug
  48. A few bugs I encountered
  49. Game Crashes
  50. Deploy drone and Switch Trigger conflicting
  51. Cant Load Into Game
  52. Code Whalers 00301
  53. Is the Beta running on DX11 or DX12
  54. Some bugs to report
  55. Controller and keyboard input bug?
  56. Infinity 00100
  57. More bugs
  58. Invisible wall on building roof by Old Distillery Lake
  59. outfit overide
  60. Sound bug AGAIN!
  61. Game froze in ghost war PVP mode after killed-going menu-press "L"- check map
  62. night vision biug
  63. Fps problem 1660ti
  64. Bug report - Drone Gone After Starting the game again
  65. Enemy flashlights shine through walls
  66. Bugs Bugs and more Bugs
  67. Possible Bug
  68. Bug: drink + walk = locked up UI
  69. FPS Drop on 1080ti ?
  70. No Drone or Night Vision both missing
  71. Aiming Mode Bug
  73. CQC use bugs pickups also Weapon Breakdown equips next item in list
  74. Incompatibility with cooler control software
  75. Is it possible to reset skills?
  76. PC Controls Bug - Aim Press instead of Hold breaks context system
  77. Recommended Specs for 2K
  78. Spelling errors on subtitles, audio slipping
  79. Gear Dissapear in cutscenes
  80. Sound issues
  81. Major Bug with Controls Regarding NVG and Drone
  82. BUG - Mouse with Controller
  83. sync shot drone optimize and use items problem
  84. Memory Issue: Non-Paged Pool uses 90+% of memory, causing hitching/freezes
  85. Where do I see my NAT Type ingame?
  86. Error on entering the game, mission rollback and campaign percentage fall to 0
  87. Cut Scene Bugs!!!!
  88. Blocky graphics intended?
  89. Can't use drones or nightvision/thermal in Breakpoint
  90. Problems & improvement
  91. Some suggestions / problems
  92. Random Crash
  93. Prone Scope Glitch plus other musings
  94. Armory upgrade skill bug???
  95. Known issues so far...
  96. Whalers 00301
  97. Open Beta Bugs
  98. Grenade launcher and night vision
  99. Moving items to 'inventory' or 'usage' wheel ???
  100. Black screen when playing 4v4
  101. Bugs from Closed Beta in Open Beta too
  102. key bindings lost during game!
  103. The same rock bug.
  104. Mouse aiming conflict with analogue stick movement
  105. Press/Hold Aim on PC - Bug Report
  106. NVG's/ helicopter bug
  107. Issues with weapon controls
  108. bug reports
  109. Can Not Throw Multiple C4
  110. Stuck in looting animation loops.
  111. Zero percent gpu utilization...
  112. Co-op Sync Shot lag/glitching
  113. Can't Assign Mouse Thumb Buttons
  114. Suppressor can be attached / detached without aiming
  115. Drone + NVGs lost after PVP crash
  116. Game breaking bugs
  117. Issues with ADS and weapon options
  118. BUG - Missing arm and weapon after carrying a body and dropping it.
  119. General Bugs So Far (many) and Suggestions List
  120. Skells villa underground door code bug.
  121. cutting fence gate tool not working?
  122. Vision cycle bug
  123. Can't Strafe Whilst Prone
  124. FPS problem GTX1080Ti
  125. Unable to climb , carry, or loot enemy when they fall too close to a climable surface
  126. Random black screens/white screens
  127. [Wild Mystery] Standing in a large fire without taking damage
  128. Bug while reloading DMR while crouching
  129. Mouse Cursor Moves Off-Screen in Borderless mode when using inventory/map!
  130. I want an answer Ubisoft
  131. Crashes over and over again
  132. Unplayable weapon to drone loop (preorder canceled)
  133. Stuck on main mission
  134. Temporarily unable to perform actions while prone
  135. Teleport to last bivouac after leaving squad and (multiple) suppressor bugs
  136. Conversation bug, remote shop bug + one gameplay bug
  137. [BUG] Game doesn't always let me ride my vehicles immediately when I leave them
  138. Binoculars consumable
  139. Mouse looked to the sky
  140. Heli stick - and few other bugs
  141. Black screen after 43%
  142. fps drops when using scope and in random places
  143. The Same Issue I Have Had Since Day 1 of Wildlands
  144. Big weapon model when changing loadout
  145. [Trail TX] [Audio] Stuttering audio occuring with the Trail TX dirt bike
  146. Suppressor get off each time i get into menu
  147. Cars - 4-WHEELS
  148. pvp penalty
  149. Simultaneous Input not working
  150. PC Bugs and issues
  151. Pc - mapping
  152. Crash reports
  153. Game Freezes during load
  154. [Bug] Guided mode
  155. Voice communication/voice bug
  156. Unable to exit ghost war during searching for people and players at end of matches
  157. Sev 4 [All consoles] - Drone & Nightvision/IR keybinds stop working indefinitely.
  158. [PC] Visual Issue
  159. Баги открытого бета-теста.
  160. Tobii eyetracker not working with Mark at Gaze
  161. Ghost War Issues
  162. Game won't launch
  163. Weird Visual Bug as of today.
  164. C4 auto-detonate = insta-kill (of me)
  165. Error - Static Mesh Placement: This tree is doing some Recon...
  166. Massive Stutters whenever I encounter particle effects.
  167. "V" for 40mm/night vision? really?
  168. Potentially game breaking bug
  169. Some cosmetic bugs
  170. After playing Ghost War, some repeating bugs...
  171. missing left arm
  172. Bugs/suggestions
  173. Bugs in the pc
  174. Graphic broken phenomenon and loading error
  175. Ghost war error..
  176. Couple Little Glitches... Nothing Too Bad.
  177. Ennemy respawning when loading a save, got killed ^^
  178. leaving camp problem
  179. Bug when using takedowns.
  180. Weapon settings get resetted.
  181. Using the drone? Not working
  182. Vehicle and cqb issues I have found!
  183. ADS Glitch / Visual Bug ??
  184. Remap Deploy Drone Key Bug
  185. Singleplayer and bad Internet connection
  186. What?...
  187. Connection probs - nat status
  188. [Bug] Shop - Can not scroll menus
  189. C4 Use & a bug
  190. Main Mission BUG - The Enemy of my Enemy
  191. Cycle Vision Mode Bug
  192. PVP bug/glitch ? (video)
  193. want to play
  194. Bivouac Animation
  195. Drink Action Bug
  196. PC unplayable visual problems
  197. Constant connection problems
  198. Wrong sound?
  199. Keybind issue
  200. Loadout issue - selecting unwanted equipment
  201. Loot animation glitch (repeats)
  202. Can't move while prone while ADS.
  203. Skin tint issue / face textures not matching with body
  204. BUG After cancelling item
  205. バグレポート
  206. Game Crashes While Loading
  207. Trigger Problem
  208. Low Resolution Textures on Ultra Settings
  209. Bug report
  210. Game freezes when marking sync shot targets
  211. Audio issues
  212. Sync shot drones
  213. Enemy of my Enemy - Can't Lead Skell to Erewhon
  214. where is activation key?
  215. Knife kill issue
  216. Bug report
  217. Takedown removes suppressor
  218. [Bug] Last time connected - Playtime
  219. PC Key Binding - Hold breath
  220. Can't rebind the X key
  221. Player Movement Lags
  222. Unable to Open Red Locked Doors with Dead Bodies
  223. Pre-nstalled full version and now I can't launch the beta version
  224. Location bug?
  225. fps issues
  226. Ghost Of The Past - Bug?
  227. The Enemy of my Enemy: Can't get in the door.
  228. Bugs from Presets
  229. Bluecorp Heliport Ladder
  230. BUG - Invisible weapon.
  231. Gamepad Binding Still Doing Multiple Things
  232. Sound Issues
  233. Bugs
  234. Bugs and glitches noticed over the last three days
  235. night vision too dark
  236. [BUG] Swimming on the earth/air
  237. SYNC SHOT & rocket chopper
  238. My main bugs from 3 days of the beta.
  239. Confirming Dismantled Gear Equips Next Item
  240. [BUG] Random light floating in the air
  241. Unable to play Ghost Wars
  242. No Collateral Kills?
  243. Drone and Night Vision not working
  244. Game crashes very frequently.
  245. Consumable Wheel Bug?
  246. Just A Few Funny Visual "Bugs"
  247. The Sun Bounces
  248. Cannot launch Open Beta.
  249. Not sure if bug or just me.
  250. A few funny bugz