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  7. Looking for Dutch or UK squad.
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  16. International Delta Unit (Realistic teamplay)
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  19. MilitaryGamers.com
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  22. sNs is recruiting for PS4
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  24. PS4 Community:)
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  28. Belgian Ghosts out there??
  29. HDR Settings Thread
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  31. Any OCE Oceania players?
  32. 3 KD / 4 WL ratio LFG for PvP (NA Region iom Preferred
  33. Jogadores Portugueses?
  34. Ghost recond break point español buscó gente para jugar
  35. Lf2m (nl)
  36. SoV vs ???
  37. Covert Reconnaissance Division~MILSIM~Recruiting Department
  38. Stealth Squad.
  39. Looking for casual PvPers
  40. Looking for competitive pvp players to play with
  41. Polskie Duchy? Szukam / LFG
  42. New STEALTH/TACTICAL character
  43. Need new players to run with
  44. LRS - Recon first minded players
  45. Night Nine Seals is recruiting!
  46. Raid, need sqaud
  47. Panther Class & Assault Class Members Adults Only!!!
  48. Raid Squad
  49. Looking for a good group, Adults only (25+)
  50. Looking for 3 people to go to raid island and just explore.
  51. Looking for team (raids, pvp, faction) PS4
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  53. Nábor hráčov z SK a CZ
  54. Raid Squad
  55. Looking for Indian players
  56. Looking for Milsim/Impression Players
  57. Look to create or join a Canadian Squad - Eastern Standard Time - Poutine Squad
  58. Raid Squad
  59. Looking for 1 French speaking adult player for the raid
  60. Raid Squad / Clan
  61. Looking for Swedish players
  62. LF new friends for chill missions and lots of raid fails because BUGpoint yiiihaaaa
  63. Raids
  64. Need 1 player for raid, Shouldn t know mechanisms
  65. Want a SpecOps Milsim experience in Breakpoint or Wildlands?
  66. Need help with walker
  67. TF 249 recruiting - milsim
  68. Tactical Gaming Recruiting! [Est. 2004] [Multi-Game]
  69. Task force 249 operation: Yellow madera
  70. Looking for a group of adults to game with. UK
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  72. Looking for tactical/milsim group
  73. Europe tactic group
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  75. Looking for 2 players
  76. PSN: Solo Player Looking for Raid Group
  77. [NA] [EU] Tactical Gaming is Recruiting!
  78. Looking for players. Light milsim
  79. DMR Attatchments Glitch!
  80. Adult mid-day mid-week player needed
  81. Player(s) needed for solo
  82. Looking for Raiding party
  83. Indonesian Players are Welcome
  84. Raid
  85. Group for platinum trophy
  86. Roleplaying
  87. Realism, roleplay, NO HUD, extreme - Silent Thunder Unit
  88. Raid!!!
  89. Looking for stealthy team members.
  90. A.r.c.s
  91. Raid
  92. Not being negative, but..
  93. Norsk milsimgruppe
  94. Squad needed
  95. Looking for like minded players
  96. Starting a Raid Team (PS4)
  97. Lets Group up
  98. Looking to start a squad in Aus
  99. Stealth group ("newish" players only)
  100. Looking for stealthy players to group with
  101. Behemoth hunting
  102. Currently Recruiting
  103. Tactical Milsim looking for talented players
  104. MTF-Delta 5 Tactical MilSim looking for experienced, RP oriented players
  105. Co-op missions
  106. RTF PaPa Mazza
  107. Unable to update to latest GhostRecon breakpoint patch 1.10
  108. Im looking to get good and do some raids if anyones down
  109. I am Japanese looking for friends!
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  111. Looking for Clan/team battles?? JOIN THE SQUAD
  112. Looking for raid squad
  113. Looking for squad/people to play with
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  116. Looking for players to go immersive. No HUD. Higher difficulties. Possible MilSim
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  118. missing laser targeting
  119. Oso Defense (Recruitment)(PS4)
  120. The koblin
  121. Indonesian Player Lv.250 above for Raid
  122. Lfg spanish/latam
  123. Buy real registered passports and driver's license(whatsapp: +14086864759)( https://t
  124. Looking to finish off my platinum
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  126. ARCS Charlie
  127. US Based PS4 Private Military Contractor Milsim - Looking for 18+ yr old new members
  128. looking for a group to enter the raid
  129. Spartan Elite (Relaxed GRW/GRB Milsim) is Recruiting
  130. United Nation Force
  131. Looking for GR Breakpoint milsim team
  132. Looking for indonesian player for community and in game friends
  133. Looking for teammates to do stealth operations,Raids and etc
  134. PC and XBOX "Crossplay" MilSim. PS4 and PS5 community incoming.
  135. Looking for immersive players
  136. Looking for 2 adult players (35+) for mil-sim/immersive gameplay PS4
  137. Besorgen Sie sich einen echten und gefälschten Führerschein (
  138. TIER-1 Special Missions Unit(SMU)
  139. teammates
  140. GST-Viking recruiting
  141. Recruiting for Ghost Recon Breakpoint Milsim
  142. immersive mode - high difficulty - milsim
  143. Milsim with 3 others
  144. Searching Players from Europe
  145. Looking for chilled but tactical Coop teammates (UK) PS4
  146. I am on the hunt for a special M4 A1 and I need help???