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  8. Co op partner
  9. CNG Recruitment - (PvP focus: Strategy, Organization, & Discipline) NO RAMBOS
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  12. Looking for player to play with tactical
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  14. Looking for 2 others for a full squad
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  16. Looking for people to play tactical with no HUD
  17. Marz Operators Recruiting
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  19. Deutsche xbox Spieler gesucht
  20. 2 - PAC COAST time zone Players looking for a Clan/Guild/Group to Join
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  22. [Xbox One]Rapture Gaming Community Recruiting!
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  24. Tactical camouflage
  25. Looking for Military Veterans
  26. Rapture gaming community casual gaming
  27. Tactical/ Military players
  28. 3's Company, 4 would be better..
  29. (Mic Only) New squad to run with. Send me an invite. Thanks.
  30. XBOX One (Mic Only) New squad to run with. Send me an invite. Thanks.
  31. Night Nine Seals is recruiting!
  32. Try the raid
  33. loking to join a raid team
  34. The ISE Team Needs You!
  35. The ISE Team Needs You!
  36. Looking to join a dedicated raid team
  37. Want a SpecOps Milsim experience in Breakpoint or Wildlands?
  38. Phantom Company - Recruiting
  39. Tactical Gaming Recruiting! [Est. 2004] [Multi-Game]
  40. Orion Strategic Services [OSS] now recruiting
  41. Looking for Zeta titan raid team
  42. Looking For Like-Minded Players
  43. [NA] [EU] Tactical Gaming is Recruiting!
  44. xAllegiancex is recruiting for Division 2
  45. Any Milsims?
  46. Need Xbox one players
  47. Looking for crew Xbox one
  48. Tw1sted evolution is recruiting!!!!
  49. Rainbow Team Recruitment
  50. Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Recruitment PT (Xbox)
  51. Voodoo Gamerz are recruiting!
  52. LFG: Brother Vs Brother
  53. Odin Security Company [OSC] - Recruiting! Join now. (Milsim) Serious Inquires Only.
  54. Task force tomahawk (milsim recruitment)
  55. Looking for One or Two
  56. Looking for cool people
  57. was wondering how to get in the raid with random players.
  58. Look for milsim group or a team
  59. Looking for team mates for Co-op Campaign (UK time on weekends)
  60. Looking For Tactical Players
  61. 202nd Calvary Battalion - MILSIM - GR Breakpoint
  62. Rapture Gaming Discord Gaming Community [Xbox/PC]
  63. Looking for players
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  66. looking for people to play on xbox! feel free to join my stream and ill invite you!
  67. Milsim
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  71. Raid Help
  72. 4th Devgru Group Milsim Breakpoint
  73. Looking for a team
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  75. Experience Episode 3, for free!
  76. US Army Command - MILSIM Recruitment
  77. GRM is recruiting
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  79. Casual Occasional
  80. Tactical but fun
  82. Argus
  83. Spartan Elite (Relaxed GRW/GRB Milsim) is Recruiting
  84. MILSIM Recruitment - Ghost Recon Wildlands and Breakpoint
  85. PC and XBOX "Crossplay" MilSim. PS4 and PS5 community incoming.
  86. Ranking Help
  87. Wanna play tactical with me?
  88. How active is the MilSim community?
  89. Kaufen Sie einen registrierten und gefälschten Reisepass
  90. Building Guardian Squad
  91. Team to defeat raid bosses