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  1. Squad
  2. Taking your gaming seriously?
  3. Looking for a group
  4. Friends for Open Beta and full game after release
  5. wanna play with people you know locally? see this post and you know what i mean ;)
  6. LF group/ players [EU timezone]
  7. Task Force Recruit for Immersive Campaign Completion
  8. I am looking for a friend. For communication and holding warm cozy evenings
  9. Live Action Role-Playing Group - POLAND
  10. Discord server for Breakpoint
  11. Stealth - Panther Class Type - Ranged / Silent Type
  12. ClanAOD Looking for new members for GHOST RECON: BREAKPOINT!
  13. [US] Stealth-Focused Player Looking For Contacts
  14. 1700+ member Steam - 500+ Discord - Co-op Group
  15. Looking for a stealth focused group
  16. Looking for Stealth Focused group 18+
  17. Looking for a group
  18. Looking for a dedicated group 18+
  19. Looking for a tactical/milsim group
  20. Looking for Stealthy, Tactical, and Communicative Players (NA PST)
  21. Looking for English EU casual/semi milsim groups
  22. Recruitment mainly tactical players, mainly Asia-Pacific region
  23. Looking for people, preferably stealth group
  24. Legit- Recruitment, Groups, Clan, Task Force. Ghost War (PVP) & Campaign [PC]
  25. Looking for a teammate
  26. Looking for help to complete Paula Madera main mission
  27. [NA-EST] 18+ Looking to start a tactical/MilSim group.
  28. Tactical Gaming Recruitment(Community since Nov 2004)
  29. Recruitment - Ghost_Recon_UK
  30. Looking for battle friends
  31. Looking for some fun casual players
  32. Aus/NZ Discord MILSIM crew - wanna jump in?
  33. New Team Glasgow surrounding area
  34. Looking to Squad up with Other Adults
  35. Join Inat Unit (rakija fueled balkan clan)
  36. Looking For Squad (London Time zone)
  37. community
  38. Sharpshooter/Medic
  39. Casual Support Medic
  40. Laid back looking for group
  41. looking for good tactical group
  42. Looking for Panther/Sniper/Assault Team gameplay..
  43. LF a active milsim group
  44. PVP Group
  45. High Tier Players
  46. Szukam osb do gry
  47. Looking for a group :D
  48. Looking for 18+ players,discord,clan.
  49. Veteran player: Looking for a group tactical, strategy, no rush, with or without mic.
  50. Recruiting for Breakpoint! *PC*
  51. Looking for Group for Stealth Gameplay
  52. Guided Mode constantly resetting
  53. Looking to start a mature recce group
  54. Looking for some cool people to play with, serious and casual, but mostly serious.
  55. Unknown Soldiers is recruiting |PC|NA|Mature|Military Realism|Tactical
  56. Looking for tactical indian clan with no rush and realistic gameplay. (Mic or no mic)
  57. Reclutamento Outer Heaven IT
  58. Medic looking for a group (PC, EU, 18+, Hardcore, w/o guided mode, almost fresh)
  59. Close Protection UK Limited | 18+ Realism.
  60. Unknown Soldiers is recruiting |PC|NA|Mature|Military Realism|Tactical
  61. Discord Server LF Ghost War Players
  62. Ghost Recon Regiment (Recruiting)
  63. Looking for Group (Mostly PvE) but open for late PvP
  64. looking for tactical squad on extreme
  65. Discord group
  66. Variety Hour (In Ghost War, kill enemies with 3 different weapons in a single round.)
  67. LFM for start the game
  68. Blueprint cap?
  69. LF People to Team up with
  70. Close Protection UK Limited | 18+ Realism.
  71. Army Veteran looking for other Vets
  72. Unknown Soldiers is recruiting |PC|NA|Mature|Military Realism|Tactical
  73. PvE Extreme (minimal HUD) and teambased PvP
  74. Looking for...
  75. PVP in USA
  76. looking for "friends"
  77. Forming a Team
  78. looking for a one to one gamer buddy!
  79. i m looking PVP players TEAM
  80. Creado un grupo para el idioma espaol
  81. sNs is recruiting for PC
  82. Unknown Soldiers is recruiting |PC|NA|Mature|Military Realism|Tactical
  83. South Africans! WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!
  84. Esquadro/BR/+18/2 vagas
  85. Looking for a team, I'm in Vancouver, Canada
  86. Need new homies to play with
  87. PvE Extreme, Extremely limited HUD
  88. Ищу сквад :d
  89. Uplay: Failed To Synchronize Cloud Saves
  90. Looking to Build a Squad
  91. OKtober Gaming is looking for PVP Players (paid to play)
  92. Looking for Team/Player [PvP-EU]
  93. Ghost S.A.S
  94. breakpoint coop
  95. Somebody, Anybody overt Gear LvL 230
  96. [PC] [XB1] [PS4] [NA] [EU] Tactical Gaming is Recruiting!
  97. Ghost War Friends
  98. Wir suchen noch Einen! oder Eine!
  99. Spelling
  100. Looking for players
  101. Patch 1.02
  102. Looking for co-op player (mature and humor)
  103. No fast travel, expert difficulty, Tactical gameplay?
  104. Ghost War - Uplay achievement
  105. OCE LFG - Ghost War PVP
  106. Fails to join friends in co-op.
  107. [AA] Is Looking
  108. [PC/NA] New to Breakpoint
  109. Unable to loot gear while sliding/carrying
  110. Looking for buddy
  111. [PC/NA] Looking for Players and/or a Clan
  112. Ghosts of Auroa looking for teammates
  113. [PC/NA] Looking for Players
  114. crashes everytime I log in
  115. [PC/NA] Looking for Players
  116. LF ppl to play on extreme. no mic
  117. New Clan/Squad
  118. Looking for team mates, for no hud gameplay
  119. Extreme - Limited hud - Chill team - no roleplay
  120. looking for crew to play on extreme difficulty with no hud and tactics. must use mic
  121. [PC|NA|EN|18+] mainly ez-mode pve discord
  122. otsin tiimi
  123. Night Nine Seals is recruiting!
  124. Babbelbekkie Discord looking for GHOSTS
  125. Latvija [Latvia] - kur spēlē Breakpoint ar humora izjūtu?
  126. Do you like to blow stuff up and have fun? LET'S RAID!
  127. LFG Raid on extreme diff
  129. Looking for static group for raid - adults only
  130. Suche Gruppe fr Raid
  131. Looking for RAID group to beat Quantum Computer
  132. Looking Guy
  133. Looking for group
  135. Looking for +50 players to make a team
  136. Szukam ziomka do ekipy
  137. Looking For UK/Irish Players Just To Have Fun "Must Have Discord"
  138. Looking for a RAID group
  139. Looking for ROLEPLAYERS
  140. Titan Zeta
  141. еду набор людей для совмесной игры в Ghost Recon Breakpoint П
  142. Whiskey Task Force Needs You
  143. Want a SpecOps Milsim experience in Breakpoint or Wildlands?
  144. Se cauta 1-2 jucatori petru RAIDS
  145. [PC/NA] Looking for a Clan and/or Group to Play
  146. Making videos- need some actors