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  1. Show support for Conflict mode in Breakpoint
  3. Horns
  4. Injuries for enemies (or at least better shooting feedback)?
  5. New animations specifically Weapon switching
  6. Health system
  7. AI teammates and 10 more important topics
  8. Things that NEED to be added/changed!
  9. Health regen Ideas!! and one other feedback
  10. Weapon tiers
  11. Attachment Options and Selection
  12. UI Changes - Whats not in the latest patch notes
  13. connection issues...
  14. Intro Change Suggestion: ****balls vs God Damn It
  15. Environment
  16. Flashlights
  17. Inverting your flight controls on Xbox problem
  18. What do gamers expect from a military shooter?
  19. Tiered loot
  20. Open Beta Beginning at 3AM and ending at 7AM??
  21. Save data loss resolved?
  22. Closed Beta Suggestions?
  23. Erro na conex„o no servidor Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  24. error
  25. Don't Break down like Destiny/Anthem
  26. Suggestions and Feedback on THE BIVOUAC
  27. Suggestions and Feedback; RAPPELLING FEATURE
  28. Suggestions and Feedback on THE SOCIAL HUB
  29. Suggestions and Feedback on the ADAPTIVE COVER SYSTEM
  30. Suggestions and Feedback on ENEMY INJURIES
  31. Suggestions and Feedback on CIVILIAN A.I. BEHAVIOR & INJURIES
  32. Suggestions and Feedback on ENEMY SPECIALIZE TACTICS
  33. Suggestions and Feedback on K9 SECURITY TEAM
  34. Suggestions and Feedback on VEHICLES & AIRCRAFT DAMAGE SYSTEM
  35. Suggestions and Feedback on USE OF OPTICS
  36. Suggestions and Feedback on WEAPONS & EXPLOSION SOUND FX
  37. Suggestions and Feedback on LMG SUPPRESSION
  38. Suggestions and Feedback on STEALTH SHOT
  39. Suggestions and Feedback on AIRSPACE RESPONSE SYSTEM
  40. Suggestions and Feedback on TACTICAL MARITIME ENVIRONMENT
  41. Suggestions and Feedback on THE AZRAEL DRONE
  42. Suggestions and Feedback on A.I. TEAMMATES
  44. Suggestions and Feedback on the ROCKET LAUNCHER
  45. Feed back
  46. Suggestions and Feedback on INTEGRATION OF SMOKE
  47. Suggestions and Feedback between Loot-drop vs scavenger-loot
  48. Error
  49. Need a Quit or Close button at main title screen
  50. Multi Monitor Set-up on PC
  51. crash at launch of game
  52. GR:B I'd love to play
  53. Game FPS is Worse, Not Improved
  54. Still No Option to Holster Your Weapons!
  55. Option to remove black circle around screen when prone or in brush
  56. Ugly people...
  57. Tavor still says it's 9mm
  58. Are my eyes ok?
  59. Headgear in cutscenes/chataracter changes
  60. still continuing to walk after releasing thumbstick
  61. Still the same issues
  62. Jump option required
  63. PvP, movements and performance
  64. Unable to Select Different Dialogue Options - PC
  65. [PVP] [FEEDBACK] Waiting times in Menu
  66. Drone comes out when trying to change firing mode
  67. Stuck cycling weapons
  68. Thirsty
  69. Which game am I playing? The Division 3?Or worse Ghost Recon: Wildlands?
  70. Loadout wheel
  71. Can't remove the headgear!
  72. To be honest...
  73. Pausing for long period de-synchs sound
  74. A way to fix tiered loot
  75. Please Ubisoft come back with Wildlands camera
  76. [PVP][FEEDBACK] Shrinking Combat Zone Is Anti-Ghost Recon
  77. Female ponytail changed?
  78. Running animation and running stop with pistol still bugged etc.
  79. AI conversations - for the hard of hearing?
  80. [BUG] drone rate of fire glitch
  81. Color mess Purple and cutscenes
  82. [BUG] Agter dropping a carried body, the sidearm is not re-drawn
  83. Map Overlay/Layout
  84. First 10 mins of open-beta
  85. While in combat, stopping after moving/sprinting makes both feet slide backwards
  86. Please bring back Wildlands character creator.
  87. Scorpio sniper rifle
  88. PC performance is poor
  89. Collecting cache - Repeated animation
  90. No SLI Support
  91. Join/Invite Players Chirstmas Tree UI Box
  92. Ghost war class distinctions
  93. Inverted Camera Controls.
  94. Blinking invite players
  95. My expirience with Open Beta
  96. can't skip BlaBlaBlaBla cutscenes anymore
  97. Can't re-enter vehicles
  98. 1hr playing open beta
  99. [Feedback] Camera Issues
  100. Character customisation options
  101. Performance issues
  102. The "JOIN/INVITE PLAYERS" blinky in the hub has to go
  103. Shadow, custom resolution and my ultrawide monitor!
  104. Bugs found
  105. Pvp injury .
  106. Bug -pvp
  107. Thoughts and possible improvement
  108. Sensitivity needs working on
  109. Multi-monitor bug and fix
  110. Player Hub(Erewhon)
  111. Helicopter Controls
  112. Bad german synchronized
  113. Controller+Mouse on PC broken
  114. [Suggestion] Change shoulder POV while behind cover
  115. List of bugs from a PC player
  116. Opinion
  117. screen layout on 21:9 not adjusting
  118. Weapon Grime
  119. Absolutely love that bodies finally stay and can be moved
  120. Side Mission Icons?
  121. Tearing,Pixelated Stuff during cutscenes and Fast background changes
  122. Can't Deploy Drone or Use NVG and Thermal Vision
  123. More time to accept a friends mission
  124. Skip Cutscene Option
  125. Clothing Cutscene
  126. This game is terrible ...
  127. Switching to Under-barrel is turning night vision on and off
  128. This game is not ready to launch !
  129. Perks
  130. Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a lot of issues.
  131. Fehler/Bugs/Probleme
  132. Bugs encountered in the beta
  133. Helicopter free look
  134. Bug Report
  135. Over all impression
  136. Animal protein & red dot
  137. Night vision --- or something!
  138. Bring back weapon holster
  139. Rid of the Ring
  140. Ladders
  141. Only requested 2 things
  142. Lights
  143. Bug report - skill points and skelli l credits .
  144. Night Vision Color Change Suggestions
  145. We want Ghost Recon Wildlands 2
  146. josiah hill lip sync and animation
  147. Change to HUD
  148. Solo stealth issue
  149. POSITIVE feedback
  150. Periodic CTDs
  151. Un-equip weapons:
  152. camera position
  153. Vehicle Sounds & Over all control:
  154. Some feedbacks
  155. Please start listening to us Ubisoft
  156. Unlocking customized Clothes etc
  157. Feedback updated over the course of the beta
  158. Night Visions is now Completely Useless
  159. Item wheel issue
  160. Inventory Wheel
  161. Knives Should be Visible on Equipment
  162. Game crashing
  163. Loving the new ghost war
  164. Feedback - Extreme Difficulty
  165. Open Beta - Issues - Day 1 (PC)
  166. Randomize character should not change gender.
  167. Guns feel overly wobbly.
  168. Add a Target Compass
  169. Remove the abandon match penalty just for the Ghost war Beta only
  170. Ghost Wars suggestion
  171. conversation selector freeze
  172. First 30 minutes
  173. [Bug] "Assault Rifle are good" Tool Tip Typo
  174. Vehicle POV
  175. NVGs Need Fixed
  176. clipping&speech
  177. Fix the carrying animation. For the love of God.
  178. First 30 min
  179. Snap cover option
  180. Some [Bugs] and [Suggestions]
  181. My Feedback Thread
  182. Where's the soul of the game?
  183. Enemies blind until detection meter fills, can't get suspicious from a good glimpse
  184. Create a Weapon from a Blueprint problem
  185. Temporal Injection is one of the Worst Things I've Ever Seen in a Video Game
  186. Feels like Division 2 and not Wildlands
  187. Azraels should spawn Wolves in vehicles who rush you, not a squad right on top of you
  188. Base jumping - chute fails to deploy
  189. Loss of character from previous beta!
  190. Please bring back Classic Helicopter Control
  191. viewing distance
  192. Some positive suggestions
  193. Please scale menu to fit ultra-wide (21:9) format!
  194. wrong ammo type in handgun
  195. Night Vision Too Dark
  196. Remove secondary weapon
  197. Camera Switching
  198. After sprinting sight is off
  199. Really annoying by all the other players running around
  200. Holster your gun
  201. Gun ADS stance bug
  202. Acog
  203. Helicopter and fog of war
  204. monitor settings not working
  205. From Private to Open still issues apply
  206. Suggestions
  207. Open Controls
  208. Can't move backwards or sideways when prone and aiming
  209. Stop with the Denail, Ubi. This isn't Ghost Recon, this is The Division.
  210. Secondary Weapon Hide/UnHide
  211. (SUGGESTION) Quicker backpack access
  212. Stealth - Lighting
  213. More Customization Options
  214. Better response time in gun swapping
  215. Better adaptive cover system
  216. Default Camo on Carriers/ Headset/ Hydration Pack Fit
  217. Joystick or D-pad control for menus
  218. Extreme dificult its easy, please make me scary on play in extreme mode.
  219. PC suggestion - Healing must have its own key
  220. Unlimited but rechargeable sync shot drones.
  221. FOV Slider? Camera is too close to Nomad.
  222. Intel bugs/glitches
  223. Dialogue/Story Impressions
  224. (what To Improvement ) and what again
  225. Those menus... skill screen & missions: scrolling around has to go
  226. More camos
  227. A couple of bugs worth discussing.
  228. Shoulder swap on cover
  229. Please fix sub title thai language
  230. A few things missing that need to be addressed
  231. Camera too close on character during pvp
  232. [FEEDBACK] Please FIX People die in the most unnatural ways
  233. I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.
  234. [SUGGESTION] User friendly improvements, Loadouts, etc.
  235. Camera is too close to the player
  236. Spectate camera is much better than when you play
  237. [FEEDBACK] Shooting from vehicles
  238. Pvp menu is complicated
  239. Desligando console
  240. [FEEDBACK] Weapon mud and Night Time
  241. Respawn mororcycles + peasants all over the place !
  242. Prone camo/helicopter
  243. No option to change out color on facemasks
  244. Camera position/s
  245. Drone Invert ???
  246. Day 1 Beta Feedback
  247. Helicopter sticks
  248. Pretty good BUT.....here's my list.
  249. Catched :(
  250. Feedback: It's Frustrating