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  3. [Updated] PTS Known Issues List - Episode 2 -September 25th
  4. PTS - Cannot unsummon skills if used with Seeker Mines?
  5. Stuck in place after fast travel to CP
  6. Is the Stash upgrade available in the current PTS?
  7. [PC] [BUG] Equipped Weapons (Primary & Secondary) are not checked in loadouts
  8. [PC] [BUG] Recalibration - Replacement section scroll issue
  9. [PC] [BUG] Acurracy/Aim issue with Marksman Rifles
  10. [PC] [BUG] Resource Convoy Icon keeps moving after engaged
  11. [PC] [BUG] Brand not highlighted in Loot Target drops
  12. [PC] [BUG] Field Proficiency Cache drop before Notification
  13. [PC] [BUG] Stash space is still 150
  14. Some Gear Sets still need 6 pieces to activate all the talents
  15. Blurry Hardwired Gear Icons
  16. Crashes about every 5 minutes.
  17. [BUG] Blurred icon for hardwired mask
  18. [BUG] Ongoing directive explosive ammo not dropping
  19. Game breaking bug - new loot cave (hundreds of items... missing)
  20. Bug: Visual: Hardwire set mask in inventory is blurred
  21. sound completely bugged
  22. Bug: Visual: Airaldi and Yaahl mask not placed properly
  23. GAme still freezes with only mouse able to move
  24. Blueprints - Aces & Eights kneepads isn't missing on LIVE
  25. New Shooting Range title in BoO - misplaced?
  26. Automatic reload at WH and Safe House not Working Properly
  27. [BUG] Marksman Rifle Accuracy
  28. New Hive pickup mechanics are failing with Recharged
  29. [BUG] Opportunistic talent appears to be inconsistent
  30. Bug with Turret in PTS
  31. [BUG]An enemy stronghold in the dark area. Enemy stuck(in the wall)
  32. [BUGs] Skills, grenade launchers, etc.
  33. Cannot sort weapons by weapon type
  34. Visual bug - Apollo Operator mod mismatch on crafting window
  35. TU6 PTS bugs
  36. Deflector shield is not triggering Skill damage based talents
  37. TU6 PTS: some bugs i found and some feedback
  38. [PC] [BUG] Ongoing Directive "Emergency Requisision" Ignores Ammo Cap
  39. [BUG] Recalibration Menu Unfavorite Actiom
  40. TU6 Bugs found on Sep 17 & 18 - projects menu, DZ chat, blurred images & more
  41. Mending - options now are mending mine/chem launcher as drone hard targeted
  42. [BUG] Explosive Ammo Bleed Proc Inconsistent
  43. [BUG] TAC-50 Animation
  44. [PC] [BUG] Weird Recoil or Aim Shift with Hunting M44
  45. [PC] [BUG] Model Glitch
  46. [PC] [BUG] New DTE Buff not reflected in Stats
  47. [PC] [BUG] Audio Crackling
  48. Explosive Damage attribute from OD set chest piece can't be recalibrated away
  49. Explosive Damage attribute from OD set chest piece can't be recalibrated away
  50. Deflector shield is not deflecting way less damage than it should on PVP
  51. [BUG] M32A1 aim-down sights issue
  52. Deconstruct with mods bug on PTS
  53. [BUG]Striker Drone damage is now affected by the Damage to Elites attribute?
  54. [BUG] KSG icon, skin and mod bugs
  55. {BUG} Hive and healing skills still do not fix shield
  56. [BUG] [AUDIO] Explosion Sounds Too Loud
  57. [Bug] Toggle Invasion
  58. Recall station [BUG]
  59. Bugs i've found on Solo Play
  60. Gamebreaking Bugs.
  61. BUG Specialization Preventing Loadouts from loading
  62. Inconsistent shield coverage hitbox issues (bug feedback with video)
  63. Some bugs and or problems
  64. [BUG] Image missing from item KSG Shotgun
  65. Many Delta 3s today and yesterday
  66. Wave 2 - missing inventory texture for KSG Shotgun
  67. PTS Bug: New Skill power abbreviations displays wrong skillpower amount
  68. bug the game remanin stuck
  69. [BUG}Tutorial lock out the game
  70. [BUG] Eagle Bearer worst enemy
  71. [bug wave 2] "Self Adjusting" perk and "armor regeneration" broken
  72. [BUG] zoom height level
  73. CP +4 unable to call ally forces
  74. Can transfer Explosive Damage Attribute to some pieces of gear but not others.
  75. [BUG] Stinger Hive deploy failure
  76. [BUG] Recalibration - Transfer button is grayed out with no reason given
  77. Bug - Lucky Shot Skill PTS
  78. [BUG} swapping specializations while in a group
  79. DZ-CP: Changing loadout with another Specialization results in endless loading screen
  80. [Bug report] In rhythm breaks reviver hive cooldown.
  81. Bug Report - SVD reticle not zooming in
  82. Menu text error - Decontruct with mod only gives "Accept"
  83. [BUG] Targeted Loot Gear Set Drop Rate Problem
  84. TU6 Wave 2 bug - stats page showing incorrect mods
  85. Explorer apparel cache key not dropping
  86. Graphics-enemies and locations load times