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  3. Eagle Bearer Nerf (TU6)
  4. Dont nerf the Eagle
  5. Turret
  6. Recalibration UI
  7. Will there be a PTS for consoles ever again?
  8. Conlict - Game Mode Voting
  9. Wasting my time AGAIN.
  10. Eagle Bearer - Damage nerf is fine. But then recoil should also come down.
  11. Can't Destruct my Turret early.
  12. Targeted Zone Inconsistency
  13. The hunt for Eagle Bearer is what drives my friend and I to play, DO NOT NERF
  14. Darkzone still normalized
  15. AI aggression towards turrets
  16. Eagle bearer Nerfing
  17. You need to re-copy player profiles from live environment
  18. DZ East - Tax court bug
  19. Firefly quick deploy emits from ground level
  20. Thrown skill Aiming and weight is off.
  21. Invaded : District Union Arena - Mission impossible
  22. My thoughts and suggestions on the Eagle Bearer nerf
  23. Nerf the EB, bring your salt.
  24. Saved loadouts connected to specialisation
  25. What's the point on increse cooldown of pulse in dz?
  26. Great shooting range additions but also needs Grenade/Medkit restock.
  27. New difficulty for world missions: Legendary
  28. Blueprints For New Gear
  29. long time to login.
  30. Target Loot feedback
  31. Projects menu - missing action buttons
  32. Recalibration
  33. Loadouts - "item missing" image
  34. Targeted loot concern
  35. Suggestion to add Heroic difficulty in shooting range
  36. [BUG] Mask Talent Concussion Not Categorized
  37. Feedback on seekers, please read Devs!
  38. Resurrection Hive not working with "In Rhythem"?
  39. (PC) First impression for the Inventory Changes
  40. "No resources when at the Cap" does not work for Hard Wired Items
  41. seriously? re-calibration changes are a waste of time...we need optimisation station
  42. Inventory/Stash and modding item - blurred art for hard wired mask and gloves
  43. Ongoing Directive
  44. Should Spark and Concussion timers always reset on DMG?
  45. Nemesis is now ridiculously inaccurate
  46. Ongoing directive feedback
  47. DZ Chat - worked, then stopped working
  48. TU6 PTS - Calibration Station
  49. TU6 PTS - first impressions
  50. "Nerf the Eagle" is a fake topic used by the official hype? Change it to other ways.
  51. Why would I farm a new exotic?
  52. Shotguns - ZERO Buffs, only NERFS
  53. assault turret VS MDR rifle // damage to elites battle
  54. On the new Loot Runner enemy type
  55. loot system feedback
  56. hive cooldown system
  57. BUG Weapon behavior
  58. Crafting station [Take a look]
  59. [FEEDBACK] Targeted Loot - Survey
  60. I just crafted about 200 Backpacks on PTS.
  61. Material Cap - Feedback
  62. Suggestion for the Field Pro. Caches on PTS
  63. "PLEASE READ THIS" Dont Nurf the Eagle bearer
  64. Missions bug (?) - blank tutorial screens
  65. Open Wold activities sparse
  66. Nice Story Spoiler
  67. Suggestion: Blueprints for all brand gear
  68. no hope for the game in current state of the PTS
  69. Eagle Bearer Nerf
  70. Changes to Loadout Switching
  71. Public 'TEST' Server as the name implies is for testing.
  72. Suggestion for Hoarding Gear Issue
  73. "Loadout can not be equipped since it requires a specialization to be active"
  74. [BUG] Stinger Hive cooldown is not affected by BTSU gloves
  75. Can we please finally get rid of fenris chest for the love of god?
  76. Recalibration feedback
  77. Seekers feedback
  78. FEEDBACK on difficulty,enemy damage and enemy mechanics
  79. PLZ Ubi. no magic enemy mechanics. " Guardians "
  80. No guardians
  81. Marksman Rife Is Broken In The PTS
  82. Gear Score 500?
  83. Loadouts - 2 massive problems
  84. Skill Power - mods requirements approximate value problem
  85. The Skill Power number is misleading
  86. Some suggestions to consider
  87. PTS Seeker Changes
  88. This game is nearing the end with TU6 changes. About the reason.
  89. RNG improvement recommendations
  90. FIX or Remove Gear Score + Quick feedback on the changes so far
  91. [FEEDBACK] Turret / Drone destroyed too much
  92. Suggestion: Unique looking brand gear future
  93. Enemies deal too much damages in PTS
  94. DZ PVP increasing players
  95. Request : Increase in Personal Inventory!!!
  96. Unstoppable force
  97. Guardians are fun-breaking.
  98. TU6 DZ becomes more harsh for PvE players, and there is no build diversity
  99. My list of useless gear talents and how they can be improved
  100. How to increase diversity without weakening eagle bearer
  101. Bleed and burn mods are still useless
  102. Where should we be reporting PTS bugs?
  103. Inventory Sorting Could Benefit From New Recalibration UI
  104. Is My Inventory Count Faulty?
  105. [feedback & suggestions]
  106. 3 11 7 build
  107. Target Loot rotation - Missing items and duplicates
  108. Most of the Skill Changes are not needed.
  109. Who formats and proof reads this?
  110. My two cents on better loot and higher rolls and recalibration
  111. Hey Massive The Game Isn't Dead, Stop Trying To Kill It
  112. Unique Tallents on gear
  113. Devs trying to make things harder just for the fun of it?
  114. Merciless to Ruthless
  115. [Major Bug Report] -- Map locks game. Volume Stacks.
  116. Healer Talents
  117. Suggestion: Improvements to the stats sheet/ missing data
  118. Suggestion for "Unique Basic Gear Talents"
  119. Game freeze when Open Map
  120. QOL suggestion: Add a loot index/database station/loot bench or gear catalog
  121. M16a2/converted usc
  122. We need transition period for the talent update
  123. More weapon balancing suggestions
  124. If you decide to keep Unique Talents, here's a suggestion...
  125. Spark talent doesn't make sense
  126. Map BUG :mad::mad::mad:
  127. Please correct gear in the crafting station
  128. M60 over-nerfed according to patchnotes, Unhinged breaks crafting bench
  129. Mk20 SSR request & a bug report.
  130. My Feedback so Far... if it matters... *shrug*
  131. protection from elites
  132. [bug wave 2] BTSU gloves does not apply skill haste on newly changed skills
  133. Merciless (Buff) RPM increased from 260 to 400.
  134. Suggestion:Make Raid reward guaranteed at X completions instead of RNG
  135. [BUG] Reviver Hive malfunctions when In Rhythm talent procs
  136. Suggestion: guaranteed raid reward instead of RNG
  137. [PVP] Feedback
  138. ACR, FAL and MK16 still need a decent buff
  139. Famas Uselessness !!!
  140. Can we get mods with extra ammo % ?
  141. How to make Shotguns viable as main weapon?
  142. Sniper Accuracy down the DRAIN
  143. That's why the nerves do not pass!
  144. Spec change with loadouts bug
  145. [bug wave 2] BTSU gloves skill haste bonus and Hard Wired "Tamper Proof"
  146. Aces and eights
  147. Recalibration of gear after TU6 - reset of current gear
  148. Suggested Additional Damage Tweaks for ARs and SMGs
  149. (Feedback) Gratz on SMG and Shotgun upgrades
  150. If you are a master skill and make the configuration more diverse or used for RAID.
  151. Weapon Balancing and PvP-Improvements
  152. Sig 716 Nerf is far out of line
  153. Sound bugs : Sound effects / environmental sounds
  154. The Pro's and Con's of TU6 so far (simple short version)
  155. Negotiators D
  156. Protection from Elites and Skill Haste stats are not showing on the Breakdown page
  157. gear mod inventory
  158. Wave2 update is positive and some bug reports
  159. Let's talk about FAL & Shotgun(overall)
  160. Unique talent on gear is terrible idea
  161. Sniper aiming Bug and how to get me into DZ
  162. Mod with bad description
  163. Reticule bloom bug on M1A CQB and Diamondback
  164. TU6 mission difficulty feedback
  165. Ongoing Directive
  166. Firefly "blasting" module is still broken
  167. Shepherd Exp
  168. Confusion with Loot! Play vs Review!!
  169. Make Gear Score Matter
  170. people, get more positive energy from the game :D
  171. Targeted loot: Mission completion rewards should include a targeted loot item
  172. Sound: Pulse sound effect is extremely loud compared to other sound fx
  173. The Armor and health points on the hud need to be moved
  174. [FEEDBACK] Title Update 6 PTS Survey 2 - Balance changes for PvE/PvP/Eagle Bearer
  175. Larger Damage Numbers
  176. Tattoos
  177. Bug switching loadouts
  178. Composure not included in stats
  179. Gear mods and skill mods can't be deconstructed individually
  180. Gear mod blueprints are too random and made obsolete by targeted loot
  181. A Dilemma with Negotiators Dilemma?
  182. PTS Healing Nerf's too strong... thoughts on the eagle bearer Nerf
  183. D3
  184. A little think, big vision.
  185. Make the gear set chestpiece and backpack talent changes retroactive
  186. Scrolling behavior on vendors sell section
  187. SIG 716 and other rifles feedback
  188. Stat rolls on gear
  189. Purple it's enough!
  190. Native armor rolls on gear shouldn't count towards the budget of an item
  191. Stash Space usage??
  192. [Suggestion] Pickable turret
  193. [Suggestion] Loot - Locked crates balance
  194. I feel that the talent of skills is weak and has no features.
  195. Liberty not getting any love in EP2? (small buff suggestion)
  196. Requesting a change to frenzy
  197. Put Talents on ALL Gear Pieces and Brands
  198. Suggestions for Armor Regeneration
  199. Certain enemies in heroic difficulty feel a bit out of line.
  200. How dynamic skill mods will improve dramatically the gameplay experience
  201. Title Update 6: Heroic NPCs, Missions and Balancing Summary
  202. Remove the rof cap on revolvers
  203. Exotic Sawyer's Kneepad is not good enough
  204. The M60 nerf is more than I thought and something doesn't add up
  205. Recalibration sometimes prevents the change of an attribute to a different colorclass
  206. Raide
  207. Un ique talents
  208. Skill Power stat on Screen cropped to 100s
  209. Weapon Base Damage (RAW)
  210. Raw damage
  211. Shouldn't named weapons be max roll?
  212. Make SIG 716 Great AGAIN
  213. Talents balance feedback.
  214. Gear and Gear Stash
  215. Are you fing serious?
  216. Show us how much each TP bonus gives
  217. Seriously, Undo Every Skill Related Nerf
  218. Named weapons and Teddy Roosevelt (tangential thread)
  219. This is my Feedback and Suggestion about
  220. Is my game gliched
  221. Overflowing Gun Talent
  222. Don't nerf LMGs, rework Unhinged instead.
  223. Med kit
  224. Match making for raid
  225. Strong holds
  226. Remove requirements in materials for crafting
  227. Control points not going up
  228. Do not change the eagle in pve!
  229. Problem with skills not work
  230. Do something about raid matching
  231. Glitch in Jefferson plaza
  232. Specialization
  233. Game Language even thought it is 17M
  234. Bring back optimization
  235. Clothing Options
  236. Raid: Normal Mode Matchmaking
  237. Weapons