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  1. Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece FAQs
  2. Discovery tour gave me a blonde Kyra O-OAnyone else has her blonde or am I experienci
  3. No audible dialog in Discover Tour with surround sound
  4. @UBI Problems with Discovery Tour
  5. Minimal Hud problem with tour
  6. Keys not working
  7. Discovery Tour Bug: Please fix first person eye height
  8. Not a bug, really, but some feedback
  9. End-Tour Scene Bug
  10. Discovery Tour not working
  11. Getting to Islands
  12. Looking up/walking
  13. Same answer displayed in the Discovery Tour Quiz (in Italian)
  14. Discovery Tour - Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  15. Discovery Tour Not Launching on Xbox One X (Black Screen)
  16. Big ships, pls?
  17. Cannot Start Tour - Question Marks Next to Options
  18. Feedback cutscene vs. free player movement in tours
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  20. Discovery tour photos missing
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  22. Interacting with the npcs doesn't work
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  24. Boat Dad
  25. Nicely done, Ubisoft....
  26. This is a disgrace to our rebel queen!
  27. HUD issue
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  36. PC Controls broken?
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  38. assasin creed black flag
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  40. Game will not launch
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  42. Discovery Tour Ancient Greece do not pass the video.
  43. 2 Invincible objects on the 1st discovery tour
  44. napisy Pl
  45. Assassin-s-Creed-Odyssey: CROUCHING
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  48. Forum Rules
  49. AC Odyssey DLC - can’t acquire Rapid Fire or Fury of the Bloodline abilities
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