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  1. Discussion about the sprint animation
  2. Why Are The Devs So Tone Deaf To Fan Outcry?
  3. super speed crawling animation
  4. Forum Rules
  5. Bullet Drop, Recoil Profile, and General Ballistics...
  6. Ubisoft is listening to our feedback about their marketing - wait no, they are not...
  7. Call signs
  8. My expirience with Breakpoint
  9. Camera View Feedback/Suggestion
  10. breach charges?
  11. Hoodies?
  12. Camo
  13. A few ideas for UbiSoft
  14. Breakpoint rewards.
  15. ***Please Use This Post For Changes You Would Like To See In-Game***
  16. toliewheekin
  17. Push back the Beta or Extend the Beta
  18. 한글로도 가능하겠죠?
  19. hope UBI can give player a chance to have the cross shoulder sight
  20. Jogabilidade
  21. Dlc/mission
  22. Custom Character
  23. Thank you!!!
  24. Who Wants To Play As One Of The Wolves?
  25. Why remove the stock and barrel option?
  26. Really breakpoint really
  27. Sniper Rifle Optics
  28. Finally, a detailed look at the customization options. (JorRaptor Video)
  29. AI companions
  30. Already dissappointed
  31. Third party software and hardware? Anyone from Ubi please answer this honestly!
  32. Download of the Beta
  33. Information Released on Stealth Mechanics
  34. Breakpoint Rewards: you might need to know this.
  35. I want a more HARDCORE survival experience
  36. Always on-line means what regarding game updates?
  37. help please
  38. Campaign Mode
  39. Cqc animationa are repetitive again ...
  40. Sad news about suppressors
  41. Remove RPG/Loot Shooter Elements Prior to Release
  42. Ubisoft, I'm nauseated
  43. Did Wildlands Have The Same Level Of Player Apprehension and Frustration
  44. accessory clip on the weapon
  45. Playing CooP with AI teammates
  46. Levelling up weapons and clothes items
  47. Suggestion- shooting from vehicles
  48. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is no more ....
  49. Please put PVP in the BETA
  50. Repelling
  51. Moving Bodies
  52. pvp players forced to play campaign.
  53. Wish List Part 2 (1st one deleted from tech beta)
  54. Suggestion: Make all light sources destructible permanently
  55. [suggestion]
  56. game plays a lot like wildlands, so please ubi, add offline support
  57. IS This a joke ? optimization
  58. Running Animations/More Custom Options
  59. Dedicated cover button.
  60. Camera issue/suggestion
  61. Feedback for Breakpoint
  62. Controls/camera feedback (and possible bugs)
  63. Beta
  64. Good game but needs some attention
  65. My disappointed experience. (Very minor spoilers ahead)
  66. Looks terrible totally put off of playing it
  67. Thoughts on beta
  68. mp7 shoots 9mm
  69. Intel gathering for life?
  70. Mouse Thumb Buttons
  71. Helicopter control/camera problem (Xbox)
  72. Sound and Character Problems
  73. Helicopter Inverted Look Missing
  74. Grabbing animation suggestion ( ennemy no screaming, animation not appropriate )
  75. reload circle
  76. Driving experience Problem
  77. Breakpoint Beta Suggestions and Thoughts!
  78. My feedback
  79. Are you purchasing this game after the Beta Sep 5?
  80. Stuff thatI see
  81. Why is this game "the division" and not "wildlands"
  82. Gun fire problem
  83. 关于Beta的问题
  84. Please include SLI
  85. Bug chest
  86. Nomad Customization
  87. Minor visual bug with frf2 sniper rifle
  88. Movement and shooting
  89. Ghost Recon Weapon Replica
  90. Control problems
  91. Bug made my save file unsync to server now unplayable
  92. Cant even connect to the servers. Error Code : MOUNTAIN-00700 SEPT 5 Beta
  93. Select an intel to gather
  94. The bandage Dial
  95. Any attachment on any gun
  96. Error code mountain00700
  97. Beta
  98. Holster Weapon
  99. game crashing
  100. maria`s store up, down key don't response
  101. Mega LAG
  102. This is why no one wants online only
  103. People standing on tables
  104. [Suggestion] The ingame shop needs more polish
  105. UbiSoft ****s The bed again!!!! YAY Good Job Guys
  106. Store and Military Chest Bugs
  107. Dialog menu bug
  108. 3 bugs so far
  109. Prone Bug (or Feature)
  110. no invert look camera Y axis on helicopter?
  111. Movement in this game is a HORRIFIC!
  112. Old GR or New GR?
  113. Rifle scope glitch
  114. Movement animation
  115. water sound glitching
  116. Better Lighting/View When Customizing Appearance
  117. Could you please, FINALLY make enemies intelligent?
  118. Bucking the trend
  119. Hair and other options question
  120. Don't Drive a Motorbike into Water
  121. Breath is too loud
  122. Camera is zoomed in too much?
  123. So this is what happened when you try to neutralize enemy while in a bush.
  124. Graphical bugs
  125. Frame rate drops and sudden glitches
  126. Option to hide or remove battle belts?
  127. [FR] Avis détaillé de la BETA
  128. Walk animation
  129. 2 weapons
  130. Missing Texture in New Argyll
  131. Feedback after first two hours
  132. Gun Sounds
  133. Hmm. Initial Thoughts
  134. Vehicle Handling and physics
  135. Weapon Shopping Issue?
  136. Motion blur on grass
  137. It's Not Looking Good Folks
  138. Make them look more femai
  139. Difficulty/immersion
  140. Customization & NVG
  141. Things to improve and add in
  142. Immediate feedback on basic features
  143. Beta Feedback and Issues
  144. Femail face
  145. Item drop notifications.
  146. Sloppy Enemy AI
  147. Zeroing scopes
  148. Invert Camera on Helo, Plane and Drone
  149. Assassin's Recon: Division
  150. Intel Controls
  151. Initial thoughts on BETA
  152. Wehicle physics
  153. Holstering weapons
  154. Cover system and Camera
  155. Beta Feedback?
  156. Ghost mode no still not ghost.
  157. Importing Character From Wildlands
  158. Ideas for improving the game
  159. Subtitles are so wrong wrong calibre suppressor And vehicle handling
  160. First impressions of first 15 minutes
  161. Where is the DOF option?
  162. My BETA Experience; FEEDBACK
  163. feedback
  164. Horrendous Graphics & Interesting Features
  165. In game weapon/ credit cache teleportation bug
  166. Poor performance on an RTX 2070 SUPER
  167. Keyboard Controls [Suggestion]
  168. Beta
  169. Item Wheel (ALT key left side) conflicts when I change Vault to ALT key left side
  170. Question about the rental
  171. PC controls are terrible
  172. Camera, cover, controls, and optimization
  173. Camera issues
  174. This game still have the chance. Don't waste it.
  175. Camera sits far too close to the player
  176. Bikes and vehicles
  177. So you cannot holster your weapon in breakpoint?
  178. Shooting from vehicles...
  179. Horns
  180. Fire quality
  181. In the Menus
  182. Face colour turned to pure black. (Not trolling)
  183. Switching between scopes first sniper
  184. settings at the beginning of the game
  185. First Impressions.... hour zero
  186. Climbing over objects
  187. Thank you for listening Ubisoft....NOT
  188. Not Ghost Recon
  189. Ghost Recon BreakPoint Complete Character Customization - OMG The Options
  190. Gear & Weapon lvl?
  191. Running animation
  192. Resolution
  193. Invisible distant objects
  194. Headwear not quipping
  195. Ubi, Please Unblock ReShade for my Singleplayer Game, Begging You
  196. [Feedback] Guns, gear, vehicles, survival, this game needs survival mode or something
  197. Subtitle mistake in the intro cutscene
  198. Enemy direction should be shown on minimap.
  199. Crouch and Prone on one button
  200. So many things wrong I don't know where to start.
  201. Something i dont think anyone like
  202. 21:9 in-game cutscenes?
  203. Night vision
  204. nothing has changed
  205. Clothing cannot be selected
  206. Sound of cars ect
  207. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta
  208. [Suggestion] No Night Vision without basic NVG equipped
  209. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint potential improvent suggestion
  210. ***some stuff what really need to change***
  211. Bivouac Animations
  212. Aiming?
  213. Conflict between Mouse & Keyboard and Game Controller
  214. I have no clue if this is the division or ghost recon.
  215. First impressions
  216. What I found thus far...
  217. Medic suggestions
  218. Beta Feedback
  219. Pistol only!
  220. ‘Classic’ Helicopter Controls
  221. Couleur environnement sur le personnage
  222. My suggestions of Ghost Recon Breackpoint
  223. Bullet Drop and travel speed and view distance extremely unrealistic garbage
  224. Maintenance
  225. clothing options
  226. Soapy cutscenes
  227. Can't find weapon blue print in the location
  228. Camera too close
  229. I like it tbh
  230. Controls arent displayed during an action.
  231. First impressions, Suggestions + Small bug
  232. Please allow us to zoom in/out on the skills and objectives pages.
  233. World render (draw distance) its bad and textures are not that good
  234. Having trouble changing menu options in game.
  235. Breakpoint has huge problems (Always online, worse then Wildlands, etc.)
  236. Several hours of gameplay gave me the following impression
  237. higher level enemy's take more rounds to kill if your low level and vice versa
  238. Getting into Vehicles especially Boats and Helicopters
  239. First Impressions + Small Bugs
  240. Drone control invert X axis for drone view
  241. Always online - not going to work
  242. so many bugs
  243. [FEEDBACK][SUGGESTION] Please let us holster the weapons
  244. Small Color blind option/add on
  245. (Side)Mission difficulty - can we have something to point that out?
  246. Known bugs
  247. Premières impressions - Beta PC
  248. First Impressions - I don’t want the division re skinned
  249. Sync Shots Needs Optimization
  250. Graphics and Textures