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  1. Preorder Access?
  2. Beta Codes, how to redeem ?
  3. Server error on closed beta
  4. Ordered the game for a friend, beta acces help
  5. Connectivity troubleshooting guide for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint
  6. Error silent-30086
  7. Update tech test II or fresh download??
  8. BETA access from OTT2
  9. Pre-load on Xbox One - OTT & OTT2 participants
  10. Invite friends?
  11. Error code
  12. Console change
  13. BETA Access
  14. pre-ordered still no beta keys
  15. download
  16. Friend Referrals for Beta
  17. No beta key
  18. Breakpoint Beta
  19. entered code on XBOX says i already own BETA, doesnt show in ready to install list
  20. Friends never got their codes
  21. Error code Silent 30086
  22. Breakpoint Xbox One BETA Codes
  23. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  24. Preorder beta LIE
  25. Invites
  26. No beta key received
  27. This game doesnt allow Broadcasting
  28. PvP Ghostwar not working
  29. Error mountain-00700
  30. Preordered but no beta access
  31. Bug report can't do nothing exept moving
  32. Visual bug
  33. Visual bug when using 4.5 scope and suppressor
  34. Invert y axis
  35. Wtf Don't listen
  36. Cave Site - Mount Hodgson
  37. Love the game but climbing issue
  38. You guys said no NDA and encourage to make content, I am limited in my content making
  39. Connection Issue
  40. Wrong beta key issued
  41. Silent 30001
  42. Lost Progress in Beta
  43. Bugs I have come across
  44. [COMPLETED] Beta Maintenance [Xbox One]
  45. Brackpoint gliched xbox i was opening a creat and got flung 200m away
  46. Game disappeared from Xbox library - lost access?
  47. Fire Quality
  48. Silent 40002
  49. Bugs I have experience today
  50. Game stopped responding to input in main game
  51. Probably posting in the wrong place, Hold breath issue
  52. Silent-40002
  53. server SILENT-40002 message
  54. another beta bug
  55. getting really annoyed
  56. Silent-40002
  57. Bug de npcs
  58. Mountain-0006
  59. Shop at Erewhon not working properly
  60. Beta stops loading
  61. Whalers-00301
  62. Still getting silent-40002
  63. Silent errors on xb1
  64. Silent-30001
  65. more than 10 log in attempts silent 40002 keeps coming up
  66. Red and Blue blocks
  67. Visual Glitches (Lines across screen in the background)
  68. Class Disappearing
  69. Error message argyll 00141
  70. Ghost War
  71. Resting in Bivouacs
  72. Visual tree glitch
  73. Uniform
  74. Graphic bug on drone
  75. drones and also more
  76. Game progress gone after relogging
  77. Character Bug?
  78. Sundown visual glitch
  79. Stuck in wooden bridge
  80. Binoculars
  81. Whalers-00301
  82. Bug
  83. Lost Several Items
  84. Amazon BETA Access Code
  85. Mission Glitch
  86. Multiple Player Errors - Xbox One
  87. Collectible Objective (Collect stash info) glitch.
  88. Interaction glitch.
  89. My Issues List
  90. Prone camo working some of the time?
  91. Beta timing out before accessing server
  92. Why does it say that I can't stream this game when I try broadcasting on Mixer?
  93. Motorcycle crash glitch
  94. Ghost Recon Breakpoint. saying im to early on X box.
  95. Unresponsive Controls BIG CONSISTENT PROBLEM
  96. Swimming in Earth and concrete
  97. Not changing equipment
  98. Lighting shifts and missing weapons
  99. Breath Control and item wheel
  100. Wildlands Rewards
  101. Friend invites not delivered?
  102. Dead body phasing through a wall
  103. Hud Issues
  104. No XP and cannot change items
  105. Bugs what i encountered so far in open world (day 1)
  106. AUDIO BUG: Waterfall sound cuts in and out
  107. Clipping in map
  108. Loadout/Inventory questions and holster option
  109. Mission not resetting on death.
  110. Items dropping through floor, unable to be picked up
  111. Experience after 5 hours of gameplay
  112. Bug: Helicopter Y-Axis Inversion also inverts "throttle" forward/backward
  113. Bug: Climbing Ladders against a fence, you end up climbing the fence
  114. Leaving Orewhen first time, friend departed first, and then he disappeared.
  115. Missing blueprint
  116. Beta on Live
  117. Chalky Inlet Bivouac
  118. Glitched through wall into locked room
  119. Controller Button Lockup
  120. Connection keeps dropping me from server
  121. Frame rate when driving
  122. Bug: exit vehicle into rock
  123. Glitching
  124. Glitchy Graphics on the grass and trees
  125. 'Online Only' Playability
  126. Player's face (unnaturally) dark during character creation on xbox one x
  127. Your game doesnt work
  128. Xbox Support
  129. Bugs I have found so far
  130. Unable to select items from the inventory wheel
  131. Invite 3 friends
  132. Pvp npc dialog visual glitch
  133. Autosave not working.
  134. Bug/Missing feature: Look inversion for Drone
  135. Down respawn issue
  136. Weapon blueprints issue
  137. Crashes (Xbox One X)
  138. Current weapons are removed or dissappearing from inventory
  139. Item quick select wheel not working
  140. Minor reviving bug
  141. Bugs and stuff
  142. Visual bug /!\ tons of flash /!\ (video)
  143. I can't play Ghost War.
  144. Issues I have had so far
  145. A few bugs so far.....
  146. X1X - world/environment "shakes/vibrates" while driving. frame drop?
  147. Shopping in gun shop
  148. 3 bugs/issues that I found so far
  149. Beta issues I ran across so far...
  150. Something Simple, Spelling
  151. Feedback so far from my squad
  152. Head gear
  153. Silencer issue and one hill
  154. How do I get access to AI's?
  155. ISSUES with Customization in GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT BETA
  156. Is ghost war available?
  157. List of bugs that I have encountered so far!
  158. Quick question
  159. Dancing in the air bug
  160. Lost progress
  161. Probably not a bug, but the vehicles are not that great...
  162. I do not have any weapons
  163. Changing Camos on apparel bug
  164. Question regarding bugs and the forum
  165. Bugs so far...probably already posted ...but
  166. Bug report ,Xbox one player unusable after set actions
  167. Unable to complete Maria Schulz tutorial
  168. My first bug today
  169. Cant download even though givin access
  170. Bugs i had
  171. Bit of an issue
  172. Email beta code not enough characters
  173. Motorcycle bug on the rocks
  174. BUG: M14 and T5XI scope
  175. Self-destructing vehicles
  176. Game unexpectedly goes into loading screen
  177. Setting off C4 crashes the game
  178. Bug: Unable to Exit Loadout Tutorial
  179. Trail tx dirt bike sound
  180. Cannot scope in or change item
  181. Having trouble inviting friend to beta on X1.
  182. some issuse with the game
  183. Grenade launcher not working on g36c
  184. The C4 Melee Kill
  185. Items Wheel freezing
  186. Some blueprint hunts not working.
  187. Clothing Bug
  188. List of bugs in first play through
  189. Loss progression after lost connection
  190. Bugs encountered on Xbox one
  191. Connecting to UBI server crash
  192. Xbox Live is Down Sep 6 2019
  193. Xbox ruins everything.
  194. XBox live Server issues
  195. No button input response
  196. Dept of field and Focus
  197. Control Inversion
  198. Grenade bug
  199. Bad Frame rate while driving cars Xbox X
  200. waterfall in erewhon
  201. The side mission - One Man's version of Hel is super glitchy
  202. Shop Screen Tearing and Lag
  203. Sniping
  204. Graphical Error
  205. Weapon plan Bug
  206. Bugs I've noticed in the first 2 hours of play
  207. Rag doll physics get in the way of hiding bodies in bushes.
  208. Reviving
  209. Han No Solo.....
  210. Keep on getting kicked to the main menu
  211. Missing weapons
  212. Dismantling weapons issue
  213. Disappearing objects
  214. A Couple Bugs, I Think
  215. Using Binoculars stops you from playing
  216. Controller issue
  217. Custom characters don't appear in cutscenes [BUG]
  218. A few bugs
  219. Immortal NPC
  220. Bug cant invert y axis for drone view
  221. accessories dont change
  222. Loss of progress/data (multiple times)
  223. Loss of progress/data (Multiple times)
  224. Revive/buddy carry broken and tossing dead bodies over bushes.
  225. Progress lost after exit
  226. Team mate revive
  227. Glitch in lake mary
  228. How to scroll down the controller customize Controls menu
  229. Aiming does not work after respawn
  230. Screen flashing when in thermal mode
  231. 2nd list of bugs I found.
  232. Glitches and Bugs I have found.
  233. Interaction bug during fire fight.
  234. Graphical Error
  235. Unlocked but inaccessible skill
  236. Never ending slide
  237. Game save corrupted
  238. Various observed issues.
  239. Pvp
  240. Traversal Glitch
  241. Hold breath not working
  242. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta- Installion Keeps Stopping on Xbox One
  243. Bugs with reviving teammates, world turning pink or other colors, and Weapons Missin
  244. ** Helicopter Bug: overseer MkII issue **
  245. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta- Installion Keeps Stopping on Xbox One
  246. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta- Installion Keeps Stopping on Xbox One
  247. Unable to revive
  248. Invisible to new joiners
  249. Firespin Bike
  250. Aim and Collect Bug