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  1. Canít pre-order :(
  2. SLI- capability of Ghost Recon Breakpoint?
  3. Sniper Class does have bipod?
  4. How to change hair color
  5. [SUGGESTION] Approach to Tiered Loot/Weapons
  6. MovimentaÁ„o do personagem
  7. Something is very wrong with the running animation
  8. Please tell me that aerosol drone cloaking isnít a thing.
  9. COD:MW vs Breakpoint
  10. Forum Rules
  11. Preparing for the Beta!
  12. Is September 5th beta open or closed?
  13. PVP in September beta?
  14. AI team in the Beta?
  15. Is there going to be an open beta?
  16. Bonus crossover missions?
  17. Thank you Ubisoft
  18. Solo Offline
  19. Progression
  20. Can I capture or stream the beta?
  21. [question for ubisoft]
  22. CONFIRMED: OTT to beta
  23. Beta test
  24. Beta key giveaways
  25. Rules?
  26. Stream
  27. Quiz to win a key to the beta!
  28. Got into Beta, but deploying for Hurricane Dorian
  29. Recon beta
  30. Is pvp in beta
  31. Will be Streaming this BETA... Come Join
  32. Anyone have an extra beta key?
  33. Can enemies be injured too?
  34. 我预购了BreakPoint的终极版,但是又被选中了预约测试.
  35. Streaming the Beta
  36. Thanks to Ubi
  37. All OTT players have access?
  38. FÄ$£ off
  39. Giving Away PC Beta Invite
  40. user right to withdraw, context of immediately.
  41. Did UBI just "cop out" of the Injuries System?
  42. Release notes or changes from OTT
  43. Streaming and recording
  44. Can anyone invite me for PS4
  45. Breakpoint beta
  46. Breakpoint Xbox One BETA Codes
  47. HDR support in the Beta?
  48. Thank you
  49. Closed or Open Beta?
  50. How long this beta gonna stay
  51. Ubi downgrades gunsmith to increase their ****ty loot pool and calls it more indepth
  52. Is PVP in the beta or what?
  53. what did they do
  54. Looking for squad members
  55. Thank you Ubisoft-Team
  56. Стрим бета теста
  57. Anyone has a beta code for Ghost Recon?
  58. Stream
  59. Can i keep the game after the end of the Beta
  60. Ayuda con con la beta
  61. Is there a NDA for the beta this weekend?
  62. Time does beta go live ?
  63. Anybody have any spare PS4 beta invites?
  64. Does AMD Beta Keys come with the Sentinel Corp. Pack?
  65. Confirm beta is live?
  66. What time does the serve open in new Zealand
  67. Inviting 3 friends!!?
  68. Performance
  69. forced to play coop? class challenge: heal a teammate
  70. Is there going to be PvP for the Beta?
  71. Great Perfromance (not sarcasm, actually runs well)
  72. Ps4
  73. What is this horror?
  74. Mi opiniůn en EspaŮol
  75. Animation, movement and new enemy levels?
  76. The Opening Boxes Simulator? In Menu's ALOT! Thoughts...
  77. Corrupted profile before even starting
  78. [XB1] 2 Beta Invites Remaining
  79. How Do You Holster Your Weapon?
  80. Ps4
  81. I have problems with changing keybindings, play M&KB
  82. Squares in the sources of fire
  83. Good game
  84. How do I collect info?
  85. Vehicle handling
  86. Is it okay to hand out my Beta friend invites to random people?
  87. optimization and graphic is a bad joke....
  88. Rauswurf
  89. Ps4 bug lights
  90. [PC] Is PhotoMode disabled in Beta?
  91. Wtf
  92. Am I the only one who feels like I'm watching a bad movie? - dialogue
  93. Dx12
  94. So are people able to play now then?
  95. Getting my car?
  96. Cutscene focussing
  97. interaction with npc
  98. No Mixer streaming?
  99. What is your fps like on this game? (PC version)
  100. UI Interface? is bad or whatever it's called
  101. Trash
  102. Any sense of the size of the Island compared to Wildlands?
  103. Can't use radial equipment selector.
  104. Is Beta Progress Saved for Full Game?
  105. Movement Feels a bit stiff and Cars Handle Still weird
  106. Killed by the impenetrable Drone Swarm!
  107. nothing has changed game is DOA
  108. Hey guys, I have a few quick questions if you donít mind answering.
  109. Mk2 weapons help
  110. Ahhhhh!!!!
  111. Finding Blueprints
  112. Problems with Radeon VII
  113. looks not so good at ultra settings
  114. Some minor features I consider to be missing from the game.
  115. Please Improve Server Stability!
  116. Game notes during solo gameplay
  117. Select different option (shop)
  118. Sync Shots Needs Optimization
  119. Really enjoying the beta so far
  120. Looked good, hoped for great... got Epic
  121. Is it any way to change the speed of the in-game camera movement?
  122. Nice game btw
  123. Ubisoft, I love you
  124. Points for equipment
  125. Extreme difficulty feels like easy difficulty
  126. FlashBang Grenade and Epileptic
  127. can't talk with npc
  128. How do I get the codes for my friends?
  129. Профилактика
  130. Reminds me of Far Cry 5. (Not a bad thing)
  131. Server maintenance! WTH?
  132. Wtf ubisoft
  133. This game is such a downgrade like holy crap.
  134. Servers Silent, but my other friends are playing WTF!!
  135. WIN 10 Insider Builds NOT supported? Cause of game crash on startup?!
  136. Does anyone read these or pass them on to the Devs?
  137. So the holo with 3x
  138. Ghost recon services not available
  139. How do I know if I have beta access?
  140. Why PVP don't work
  141. For UBISOT -Some Beta Test Notes
  142. Clunky af
  143. PC Download issues
  144. Ghost war available for Beta?
  145. When are you gonna fix the servers Ubisoft
  146. What regions?
  147. Autorun does not work. Mouse side buttons unrecognized.
  148. How do I invite friends?
  149. This is not Breakpoint - its a ****POINT. Game is horrible.
  150. 4K and weapons holstering
  151. Change my CQC weapon to the karambit?
  152. Ubisoft you got some changes you need to do before releasing this game
  153. cant even start the game
  154. Bug: Strange lights (Xbox One)
  155. Ubisoft
  156. game is awesome but this beta is verry unstable
  157. If anyone knows how to kill a game itís Ubisoft
  158. FPS is very unstable
  159. This is not Wildlands 2, never suppose to be,,,Undrstand?
  160. Error code Silent-40002
  161. Nor7hy
  162. Intro changed
  163. Itís terrible...
  164. Silent 40002 ..
  165. A couple of bugs (PC)
  166. Ubisoft thinks...
  167. GR Brakepoint PS4 pro
  168. PC controller Help
  169. first thoughts!
  170. Terrible experience i hope bugs it not in the full game
  171. Character wiped clean
  172. Xbox Beta won't work
  173. Ps4, the driving is not good
  174. Unable to join Beta (UPLAY+)
  175. Please don't make it like The Division
  176. Cant heal me in the Beta
  177. The plan to milk customers dry...
  178. Beaucoup de trucs ŗ revoir
  179. No respect for standard edition owners
  180. What happened to holstering your weapon?
  181. Thoughts after playing the beta
  182. I made the biggest mistake of my life
  183. Breakpoint Solesurvivor Breaks immersion with HUB
  184. Ps4 pro have access key but cannot download beta
  185. PC PLAYERS! Please tell me I am not alone...
  186. Ghost recon breakpoint online offoline
  187. Xbox one x dead
  188. Os servidores
  189. Ps4
  190. Thoughts on Beta.....
  191. game crash
  192. Preset Loadouts and Dismantling Weapons
  193. comentarios de la beta
  194. Movement and Aim
  195. Digital preorder friends invite
  196. Meh
  197. Canceled preorder, will take the wait and see approach
  198. Does Game Save Work?
  199. beta comments PC
  200. Game crash connecting to servers
  201. Bug im Spiel oder vielleicht Verbindung zum Server verloren?
  202. Ghost war
  203. Where's my squad?
  204. Refund anyone?
  205. An hour in - I really don't like it
  206. How tf can i invite my friends?
  207. HEALTH REGEN is KILLIN any sense of SURVIVAL
  208. Bugs (Ps4)
  209. No stance change option?
  210. WOW!!!! Good struff!!
  211. Beta Bumps Aside
  212. Game runs like garbage
  213. When being a Ghost feels nearly
  214. Find a weapon attachment quest
  215. Canít find my invite code
  216. Not that fun
  217. Beta Maintenance - Sept 5th - 7pm EDT / 1:00am CET
  218. stuck after pressed "passenger" instead of "driver seat"
  219. Sharpshooter 4: 150m handgun kill
  220. PS4 beta invite?
  221. Experience points stop?
  222. Binnoculars?
  223. Fast ropes
  224. why when I go to this link https://account. does not let me sign up to play the beta?
  225. Parachuting fail
  226. 21:9 Aspect Ratio with a 2560x1080 resolution cannot be used
  227. Character movement is trash.
  228. Still don't know how this work
  229. Wt...h
  230. Random Freezing
  231. GHost war?
  232. "Dirty" system
  233. My thoughts on the beta
  234. Can anyone confirm the save mechanic? Lost Progress
  235. Ghost Recon: Crash Bandicoot Raids Auroa
  236. How do you even heal yourself?
  237. Sniper: Hold Breath
  238. Hey devs,
  239. No code yet?
  240. Listen Up Ubisoft
  241. "you ever think of the old days?"
  242. How do you feel about the new social hub?
  243. If rockstar made a Ghost Recon game!
  244. Ghost patch and Nomad hat
  245. Kids version?
  246. wildlands with maps and mods.
  247. Breakpoint does a great job of making you feel alone.
  248. Time for a job search
  249. welp, back to wildlands :)
  250. almost unplayable