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  1. Snap to Cover
  2. Donde dejaron la prueba del pvp en la beta?
  3. Áudio em Português, servidores na América Latina, site da Ubisoft em Português
  4. breakpoint
  5. Why Did You Change the Nomad Voice Actor ?
  6. Beta Feedback
  7. CQC that will make the grass grows faster
  8. Sticky cover option
  9. Issues I found
  10. breakpoint freezes at random points in the game
  11. Beta
  12. Issues in Breakpoint Beta
  13. Beta issue - PS 4
  14. Best Ghost Recon since Wildlands and OGR
  15. Armas especificas por Classe
  16. Class specific weapons
  17. Overall Feedback
  18. Dialogue Choices
  19. The scarred white guy face officially named… “Generic?” :-D
  20. My biggest complaint, reappearing enemies
  21. why is there so much focus on pvp in breakpoint?
  22. Beta Pain Points
  23. Preordered
  24. Manhunt for a fugitive on the run. - my Breakpoint beta review.
  25. I Just got Bored
  26. breakpoint beta views
  27. Where is the gore?
  28. Thanks again Ubisoft..
  29. Floating bodies?
  30. I like when people are honest. Not the streamers on Ubi's payroll
  31. Beta Feedback
  32. Fall of ammo fired
  33. Worth a Buy ? Reviews Beta
  34. The Swarm
  35. No real complaints for Beta
  36. Alternate to public social hub
  37. Amazing game
  38. No Bi pods :(
  39. My honest review of the Ghost Recon Breakout Beta
  40. Dialogue
  41. Mario Brothers
  42. Weapon Stats
  43. Sniping is op
  44. ghost recon breakpoint beta
  45. Bunch of small feedbacks
  46. Second BETA Improvements
  47. vehicles, holster weapon ability, other thoughts
  48. Drone flyby tactics
  49. Improvements for GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT
  50. Post Beta Thoughts
  51. My experience Ghost Recon Break Point beta
  52. How do you open closed doors?
  53. Two sides to this coin
  54. Do the Wolves live in the f'ing ground?
  55. 3 Ghosts Survived right?
  56. General points on breakpoint
  57. 98% of the sheep calling this “division 3” etc, are still going to buy it.
  58. You guys are blowing this way out of proportion. It's got great bones.
  59. Stay invisible
  60. re-download purchase ? / Gamer laptop recommendatio ?
  61. Open Beta? / Delete or Not?
  62. Opinião sobre o game (PT-BR)
  63. Solo - Sharpshooter vs Behemoth - Deagle saved me
  64. Bring back helicopters controls
  65. Ghost Mode
  66. The Digital Scope in Breakpoint..
  67. List of (reasonable) things/tweaks I want for Breakpoint !
  68. Bulletproof foliage?
  69. Walker and Nomad, how it might end?
  70. Breakpoint Beta
  71. Quantity of items transported!
  72. Everyone saying this game is Division 2.5 but it's MGS 6 IMO.
  73. Ubisoft does Listen to your feedback
  74. Poss Bullet Sponging/Example Regen Health Needs To Go
  75. Tiger Stripe camouflage pattern
  76. Anyone know how old the beta build was?
  77. Console Native Resolution
  78. Can Ghost Recon Breakpoint be purchased and played without Uplay+
  79. Breakpoint Beta Is acceptable
  80. Tem muito que melhorar
  81. Sharpshooter´s Armor Buster, effective against drones?
  82. Sound off if you canceled your purchase
  83. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta VS COD:MW Beta
  84. Mods please send some coffee to dev team
  85. Trailer vs beta
  86. Experience Upgrade Perk
  87. Does the enemy reload their weapons?
  88. 39 Club challenges added and more Club rewards
  89. Open beta confirmed???
  90. A question about open beta.
  91. there is a new forum for the open beta, just in case
  92. Stealthy Hunting
  93. About the friendly AI
  94. 2 days before
  95. Close to open beta change
  96. Weapon Attachments
  97. Why is it that we are forced to carry two primary weapons?
  98. Changing the mechanics
  99. Can I Update Closed Beta to Open Beta ?
  100. Nostalgia video
  101. Will PvP be in the open BETA?
  102. Asking for everything, here and now. What you should know/remember
  103. New faction missions
  104. PLEASE no Aimbot enemies in higher difficulties