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  5. Mod tabs in inventory dont work
  6. ECHO-02 Error
  7. new missions locked
  8. LVl 30 Character
  9. New help, locked out of PTS, same error, deleting whole PTS game didnt work.
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  17. Foam party
  18. 500 GS Lullaby only has two talents
  19. Echo-2 error?
  20. [BUG] Sniper Turret headshots unreliable in Firing Range
  21. Echo 02
  22. Why I can't get into PTS,But When I switch my friend's account can get into
  23. Echo-02
  24. Blueprints not dropping still
  25. Bug report and Feedback on sharing resources across characters and inventory UI.
  26. [BUG] National Archives Bldg.
  27. EAC Launch Error: 10022
  28. Can't connect to PTS server "Echo 2" since yesterday
  29. Login error, please!
  30. Accuracy Bug is back on TU5 PTS
  31. Blueprint count is wrong and missing !
  32. Using helicopter makes you lose granades and armor kits
  33. [BUG] Overflowing Talent (Weapon) found on Black Market AK-M Assault Rifle
  34. Exotics sold by Cassie
  36. PTS Access
  37. [Bug?] Cooldown mods converted to Skill Haste discrepancy
  38. Added a new GPU Card and getting problem
  39. Please Fix Echo 2 Login Failure - Many Can't Play PTS At All!
  40. Division 2 PTS Echo-02 error
  41. [BUG] Tip of the Spear Crossbow Pulse Sweep Animation missing
  42. Little sound issue
  43. NPCs and sound problems
  44. Military 870 bug
  45. 3rd July 2019 PTS (seem's) Bug report
  46. Aces & Eights
  47. 2 days of echo-02 and nothing change wow !
  48. Getting error ECHO-02 in the division 2 pts
  49. [BUG] Aces and Eights UI bug during Story Raid
  50. Bugs discovered on PC.
  51. Bugs I found so far - Carbine 7 and zoo mission
  52. This needs to be fixed
  53. Crunch time skill haste bonus didn't get adjusted
  54. Black Tusk Exotic Gloves kill you if you locally deploy skills while infused
  55. Nice backpack
  56. Bug- Sig ammo not being picked up on pts
  57. Lose of Live toon on the PTS.
  58. [BUG] Bleed infusion icon is wrong and timer is missing
  59. [BUGS] Camp White Oak
  60. [BUG] Carbine 7 laser Pointer mount location incorrect
  61. My character changed completely, loot and all after most recent update to the PTS
  62. TU5 Bug: Hive spends charges healing turrets, but turrets do not get healed
  63. Operation Dark Hours Raid server not working
  64. [BUG] Crafting bench upgrade
  65. [BUG] More crossbow explosion bug
  66. [BUG?] Reviver hive can kill the player while in bleed out
  67. Agent Selection
  68. Black screen traveling to new missions, phones missing, Energy Infusion Talent
  69. [BUG] invisible wall around weapon case
  70. [BUG] raid gear sets
  71. [BUG] weird zoom level while ads with a scope 8x or higher magnification
  72. Armor and grenades not being restocked
  73. [PC] [BUG] - Fast Travel Animation to Expedition Glitch
  74. Deleted my Dodge City Gunslinger holster by accident,
  75. Can't Get Collection Item(Device)
  76. Crashing when playing with other agents
  77. white oak and zoo (pc)
  78. No bullet registration
  79. Why doesn't skill score effect the damage/effect of skills?
  80. Game crashes when connecting screen displayed
  81. division 2
  82. Sound in game
  83. Guns do zero damage, Division 2
  84. Ubisoft really broke my heart
  85. HDR is not working anymore on PC
  86. PTS Only can create new character???