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  3. Please Add Blueprints for every Item Variant in the Game
  4. A good nice nerf for existing skill users.
  5. New talent tree recommendations (10 reasons for change)
  6. Skill haste brand set talent only gives 10%
  7. Skill viability
  8. Oxidizer Chem launcher needs 2 starting ammo like the firestarter
  9. extra skill duration from capacitive talent is not affecting CC skills
  10. Stoner reload animation
  11. A few things i noticed
  12. Revert Defender Drone Nerf, have it block 100% in PVE at the cost of Duration
  13. Firestarter and mods
  14. Feedback so far skills and a little on crafting bench
  15. Really, really tried - you need to reconsider
  16. A Preface on the Skills feedback...
  17. TU5 PTS Initial feedback and ?bugs? |
  18. Ballistic Shield still feels extremely weak, some suggestions.
  19. Turns out skill haste is useless when base cooldowns are 4 minutes
  20. Reset skill cooldown when resetting health and armor
  21. Crafting suggestions
  22. It's unacceptable that most of the CDR skill mods weren't tuned for skill haste.
  23. UI Changes feedback
  24. was a nerf to Shield's active regen and healing by chem healer really necessary?
  25. Carbine 7 Laser Misplacement
  26. Buff survivalist Crunch time bonus
  27. Let us use any signature pistol from any specialiazation.
  28. Changes from skill cooldown to skill haste are not proportianlly good
  29. Give players X% of skill haste per utility stat they have
  30. [Feedback] Ballistic shield on PTS is even worse than it is on Live.
  31. Change Hard Wired 5PC and 6PC Bonus Around
  32. "For gamers by gamers" is longgggg gone
  33. TU5 has destroyed fully skill build!
  34. Ongoing Directive - Resource Harness Suggestion
  35. New Main missions
  36. Sniper Turret & Hive Stinger - Allow them to make targets Bleed.
  37. Time of the day
  38. Carbine 7 attachment model
  39. PTS schedule to be posted on the forum as well
  40. New missions are locked if you don't own the season pass on PTS
  41. Things I experienced after doing the new missions
  42. Pts..
  43. Skill protocol mod +burn duration not applying to burn skills
  44. deterioration of skills rollback. fix it!
  45. Reagrding the two new Weapons
  46. [FEEDBACK] New Main missions
  47. TU5 PTS - Skills rework - General feedback
  48. the promise of leveling dps from the developers
  49. Title 5
  50. *Knock**Knock*SkillDev(s)
  51. The CORE issue with the current BUILD / GEAR and why DIVISION 1 was much better
  52. what makes a good EXOTIC - and why (for me) PESTILENCE is the best one so far
  53. [PTS Report] My so far impressions and suggestions [Will Update during Phase 1]
  54. Main Mission and misc feedback
  55. 2 things Iv seen in PTS that need buffed
  56. SKill Builds / Talents
  57. Idea to improve gear sets
  58. [BUG] Ammo Glitch
  59. talent doesn't work on a certain weapon. Not PTS
  60. Caches sold by vendor
  61. I get 500% of NERF in TU5. What am I doing wrong? Please give me an explanation.
  62. TU5 - Shared materials cap of 400???
  63. Cassie Vendor is Still Pointless -- Please add Custom-Made Items to these vendors
  64. DIVISION 2 BETA ep1
  65. Raid Matchmakikg suggestion
  66. Suggestion for Cassie
  67. Suggestions I have for the PTS Loot situation
  68. Suggestions about Defender Drone
  69. Time to Rethink Skilled and Calculated?
  70. Cassie Could be a Trader not a Vendor
  71. Skill builds get a second huge nerf and is called a buff.
  72. Weapon rack in shooting range of Heroic Exotic drops
  73. [FEEDBACK] Raid Discovery Difficulty - Washington National Airport
  74. My Thoughts and Suggestions
  75. Output comparison of skill haste and skill cooldown, improvement method
  76. [SURVEY] Episode 1 PTS - Main Missions
  77. Raid Matchmaking without loot feels cheated
  78. Suggestion - Make all intel/collectible "account wide"
  79. Skill builds: Where the damage needs to be if they are to be equal to weapon builds.
  80. Feedback-Turrets
  81. How to fix skill
  82. Loot locked behind Raid
  83. Shotguns in PVE
  84. Suggested rework for Sweet dreams
  85. Feedback & suggestion for the shield skill
  86. Raid story mode - Matchmaking feedback
  87. Stoner cannot be recalibrated?
  88. feedback main mission
  89. Raid Discovery and regular raid match making.
  90. TU5 feedback and quality of life changes (+5 hrs of work/testing)
  91. Skill Build Viability Feedback (including video)
  92. My contribution to the game (My two cents and the "bugs" i found)
  93. DIVISION 2 BETA ep1
  94. Stoner L(A)MG could use an increase in damage a bit.
  95. Skill haste on Alps gears
  96. M700 got yet another nerf
  97. Lighting Serivce Error When will you fix it?
  98. Ubisoft club rewards are disconnected from the reality of the player's needs
  99. Carbine 7 and the Stoner LMG
  100. Massive should take a look at the weapon-balances
  101. Open World: Lincoln Memorial North Lawn
  102. Pulse needs a 3rd mod slot
  103. Crafting Bench Suggestions
  104. The skill system I think would be better than what we have
  105. explosion, bleed, burning, poison idea
  106. Some feedback on crafting
  107. Remove skill health
  108. Visual displays for QOL.
  109. Maintenance Info / Server Status on Launcher (With Poll)
  110. [SURVEY] Episode 1 PTS - Discovery Difficulty Raid
  111. [FEEDBACK] Expedition
  112. Omni Gear Mod slots for Gear Sets like Hardwired
  113. Skill Haste on Skill Mods No Increase
  114. Feedback-Mortar and sniper turrets
  115. About the flashlight...
  116. The Diamondback exotic rifle is dissapointing, buffs are needed
  117. Feedback-Striker drone
  118. Skills feel good!
  119. Change all status effect % damage/duration to strenght instead
  120. Over Nerfed shotgun...
  121. Skill Haste mods feedback
  122. Stinger Hive unloading too fast
  123. Future crafting update that will change all!
  124. Skill cancellation clunky
  125. Gearset fix
  126. Feedback: First Expedition - Kenly Library
  127. Long game startup is back
  128. New healer focused gear set
  129. Here are a few bugs with the 2 new guns
  130. Few feedbacks about PTS
  131. BTSU Gloves does not get infused by the fire turret
  132. [PC] [BUG] - New Fixed Character Update locked sidearm to Liberty
  133. Im estatic about the Skill changes! Damn they're amazing!
  134. Damage to Elites not working for bullet based skills.
  135. stuck if raid leader doesn't start the raid
  136. Skill Changes
  137. While you are looking at skills
  138. Expeditions
  139. Improve AI & gameplay of the Drone, Mines & Firefly...
  140. kneecap and skills
  141. BUG-Grenade choice
  142. DIVISION 2 BETA ep1
  143. SKILLS on PVP and PVE
  144. Kenly Metro station Manifold hp
  145. EMOTE BUG: Scout animation bugs slightly when cancelling early
  146. Expeditions feedback
  147. [Visual bug] Gunner Mask misaligned
  148. Raid not starting again
  149. Suggestion for Crossbow changes
  150. BTSU bug
  151. Cronic issues with the game... No fix so far in TU 5
  152. Sniper Turret, Some fun, some bugs! 3 man Heroic!
  153. Expedition Bug Report
  154. Skill Changes thoughts and Qs
  155. Skill Power effectively being capped at 3k isn't a good mechanic.
  156. Negotiators Dilemma
  157. Skill Mods: Please scale them down to ease inventory nightmares
  158. It seems Massive forget some mods that have been announced in Sotg, are they bugs?
  159. Skills deploying close sometimes even though I'm not double tapping / BTSU gloves
  160. Sniper Turret 1 million Per Shot
  161. Respec only for weapon damage
  162. Nerf eagle bearer in PvP and make it guaranteed drop for raid clearance.
  163. BTSU Gloves are not working as stated in the Patch Notes - Bug or Intended?
  164. No Fate...
  165. Suggestion: Change the base cooldown of Stinger Hive
  166. Give us the hardwired gear set to our stash in the pts
  167. Episode 1 PTS Feedback
  168. Expeditions need some work
  169. New exploration missions, Skiils Builds
  170. BTSU Gloves extra damage from 2nd talent only works on infused status effected enemy
  171. We need your opinion!
  172. TU 5 Changes
  173. Feedback New Weapons
  174. Make Stash Mod Storage Like Backpack Storage
  175. Weapon Talent "Spike" is almost impossible to proc with shotguns
  176. The High Price of Crafting
  177. Think Bulwark Shield could use another buff
  178. New exotic mask (Eight reasons to add it)
  179. Specialist Ammo ISSUES Ensue!!!!!
  180. 2 seemingly minor bugs that I have not seen mentioned
  181. Bugs discovered on PC.
  182. [feedback] BTSU gloves... so far...
  183. Missing Translation of Talents
  184. Crafting QOL - Blue Crafting Materials
  185. Skills and PvP.
  186. General feedback on weapons
  187. Brand set swap
  188. [Feedback] Skill Changes
  189. Change the minimal players needed to start a conflict match on pts
  190. Eagle bearier
  191. my feedback and suggestions
  192. Can we have all difficulty levels available for new missions right away?
  193. Data gloves not work with DTE
  194. Display room
  195. Episode 1 Where is it
  196. PTS 10 update difficulty feedback