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  3. Just for warning you people are going to be pissed.
  4. main missions
  5. Explosive Damage
  6. triple the cool down? WTF!
  7. Skill Duration talent on armor does not affect the blinder firefly anymore
  8. Range mods on chem launcher got buffed, needs about 10%-15% more radius
  9. Is this a joke? Or u forget a part of the patch ?
  10. Raid difficulty mode addition and Matchmaking
  11. Forum issue - Logos all go to division
  12. TU5 Skill Haste-Nerfed in the name of Progress. Again.
  13. No more material caches at vendor?
  14. High cooldown but high damage
  15. How does the expedition start?
  16. It's a PTS.....it can be adjusted some.
  17. Main Missions unavailable for non Y1 Pass owners
  18. Trouble finding Snitch
  19. Crafting Material Cashes Removed???
  20. Sharing resources between characters
  21. Title Update 5, Skills, and You
  22. Discovery Mode ?
  23. Dumb question, but what about the flashlight?
  24. Known way to get Pistol Flashlight
  25. Skill intensity protocol mods need higher +burn/bleed dmg and +burn/bleed duration
  26. Ubi-RealDude - is this for real?
  27. A explosion based skill build for PTS in it's current state
  28. Agents armor to WEAK. + ISAC
  29. The new AR and LMG
  30. Skill haste Spreadsheet with discussion
  31. New missions and MM
  32. Story Raid with Matchmaking is up!
  33. Support skills under skill haste system.
  34. Where Can I Find The BTSU Exotic Gloves
  35. Please, make the call to delay TU5.
  36. Please have dedicated pts for season pass holders>>>>>
  37. 10 second cooldowns are Back!
  38. Echo-02
  39. Hard Wired Gear Set needs defensive or utility mod slots not offensive
  40. Updated Spreadsheet with description of some skill haste changes
  41. How Hard is Showing Base Weapon Damage?
  42. Question about crafting.
  43. Why the eagle bearer should drop from "easy mode" raid
  44. Carbine 7 and the Stoner LMG
  45. Something's wrong with Healing hive mechanism
  46. Kills by team members
  47. merciless fix???
  48. Server Status
  49. Bugs I found so far - Carbine 7 and zoo mission
  50. Why cant primary weapon also have flash light attachment
  51. New cooldowns and updates
  52. who need 10 sec cd when you gonna have this...
  53. Combine 2 skill mods to gain a slightly stronger variant of it
  54. Is the PTS down again?
  55. Loot from PTS?
  56. Rip pts
  57. Total random character at login?
  58. Exotic glove. Double the damage of the mortar turret?
  59. New skill changes feel great today! Notices one bug with the gloves!
  60. Question for the devs, do seeker mines crit now?
  61. Suggested Skill and Status Changes
  62. 5/7 pts observation and suggestion so far
  63. Played PTS yesterday, PTS not working today
  64. Getting instakilled from dropping seekers
  65. skill build - the new go to... and some other observation
  66. Hard Wired Gear Set / impact of TU5
  67. Will the mastery system be available in PTS?
  68. PTS Skill feedback
  69. Better performance.
  70. Expeditions are the Worst Part of the Missions where you aren't told where to go
  71. I like the expeditions
  72. Are Kin and Spitifire supposed to be immune to bullets?
  73. The PTS roadmap says final phase is coming tomorrow
  74. negotiator dilemma and explosion build
  75. You showed us the top of the mountain. Now let us see how much climbing we have to do
  76. just to get it right
  77. Please buff hardwired to +50% skilldmg / +35% Skill Health
  78. Where are the changes to hive?
  79. Shepherding issue?
  80. Final stage of PTS
  81. Cooldown Reduction to Skill Haste
  82. PLEASE READ: RNG is broken… here’s a more executable solution
  83. Survivalist PTS Feedback - Skill haste when in cover went from 10%cdr to 10%haste
  84. Accuracy mods do not effect the shotgun at all
  85. Newbie Feedback on TU5
  86. How do you use the new exotic gloves?
  87. Dumb question, is gear balancing talk for this phase of PTS also gun balancing?
  88. Defensive & Support skills feedback
  89. New maps are very cool and gorgeous
  90. Feedback regarding Rifles in pvp and TU5
  91. eagle bearer
  92. Gear Blueprints
  93. update for xbox one
  94. PTS Servers offline
  95. https://www.foodiespanda.com/igr-plus-digestive/
  96. The Division 2
  97. Reddog50
  98. Did not get early access to episode 1
  99. Kinley College?
  100. Load times?
  101. Blueprints not dropping
  102. AR base damage changing when recalibrate