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  1. buying games as a gift with Uplay
  2. uplay+ not available in your country
  3. Question About Uplay+
  4. Forum Rules
  5. Do I get a refund for my pre-orders if I subscribe to uPlay+ ?
  6. Are saved games... saved?
  7. uplay+ and 10% off for 100 Ubi-Points
  8. Origin allows a 5$ version so people can test games yet you don't?
  9. Is there a uPlay+ subscription for Families?
  10. any 1 have try and sign up for uplay+?
  11. Uplay+ for consoles?
  12. How About Different Payment Modes
  13. How does it work if I already have the base version of the game?
  14. Where to stop subscribe to Uplay+
  15. A question about sign up
  16. el servicio de ubisoft no esta disponible en este momento,
  17. Uplay+ on consoles?
  18. Buy passport online Buy identity card online Buy driving lic
  19. Breakpoint not the Most Premium Version on Uplay+
  20. The monthly charge for Uplay+ is too high
  21. Make Windows (=Xbox) Achievements available for UPLAY+ games on PC
  22. Uplay + EU
  23. PC & Stadia
  24. PAY for UPlay+ o.0?
  25. Uplay +Expire Question
  26. Couple questions
  27. UPLAY+ Annual Subscription
  28. Uplay+ subscription question
  29. My questions and concerns I have regarding Uplay+
  30. My questions and concerns I have regarding Uplay+
  31. DLC on Steam?
  32. Uplay+ PLUS
  33. Will progress and unlocks be available if I cancel Uplay+ and buy game DLC later?
  34. So what time does this kick off?
  35. When will the uplay+ be live? (Time zone)
  36. No ANNO 1800 in Uplay+
  37. Uplay+ payment issues?
  38. Has ANYONE anywhere in the world got uplay+ to work?
  39. Your Uplay+ subscription has expired
  40. Uplay+ Known Issues
  41. Uplay+ Free or better said 15 euros?
  42. Trial Counter for Uplay+ SECONDES? not Seconds.. En garde!
  43. Dont try signing up
  44. I get it working! Here is how!!
  45. Uplay+ finally you have to pay through Paypal
  46. Can't add The Crew 2 Gold with uplay+
  47. Obsolete!?
  48. Not activated for me until now
  49. Take money for trial period
  50. Money taken
  51. Workaround does not work
  52. Multiple Charges.
  53. Uplay + dosnt open
  54. Uplay+ says I'm not allowed from this store - wrong country.
  55. Uplay+ finally worked for me
  56. canceling auto renewal
  57. Paysafecard not working
  58. Missing games
  59. uPlay+ billing information removal
  60. 12 € a year subscription
  61. why write crap all over your sites?
  62. Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry gives ERROR
  63. Checked out and everything but still not got the trial because of a 404 error
  64. 1 EUR being billed for FREE trial
  65. uplay+
  66. Uplay free trial question
  67. Did Ubisoft limit the access due to those troubles for a time?
  68. Seems this is not the store dedicated to your country.
  69. Wrong Store
  70. I can get Uplay+
  71. Post here if you managed to subscribe and it says Subscription active, but no Uplay+
  72. "Your bag is empty."
  73. When will the multiple "Authorised Holds" be removed
  74. Paid 3x times, still no access
  75. Begin August Ubisoft still accepted non-CC PayPal or Dutch iDeal.... Yet now not.
  76. Suggestion: resolve it for now by an toggleable free month
  77. Uplay plus expired
  78. Price still not fixed despite assurances to the contrary
  79. shopping cart
  80. Blank screen
  81. UPlay+ free from 3rd to 30th?
  82. Possible Work Arround
  83. Subscription problem !
  84. So what was the point for those who signed up during the E3 announcement?
  85. No Uplay+ products found
  86. Website and client desync on Uplay+? Website says I am subbed, client says not
  87. Uplay+ NOT FREE?
  88. Cannot subscribe to uPlay+
  89. No access after signing up during E3 Announcement
  90. Why Uplay+ is not available in México?
  91. Seems this is not the store dedicated to your territory...
  92. Did Ubisoft just play themselves?
  93. Rainbow Six Siege Ultimate Edition - Extra Content
  94. speed
  95. UPLAY+ still down???
  96. ANNO 1800 is available
  97. Your Uplay+ Subscription is expired
  98. UPLAY+ not cancelable in Quebec? WHAT
  99. I Havent gotten a email for uplay+
  100. I was charged three times
  101. No free lunch much?
  102. You (don't) already own this game.
  103. Epic fail ubisoft worse than anthem fallout 76 launch
  104. Why are you trying to charge my card for a free trial?
  105. No trial after september?
  106. Uplau Plus
  107. 404 - Page not found Oops! This page doesn't exist!
  108. I've tried you solutions to no avail.
  109. Monopoly Plus not starting with uplay plus
  110. Can't Subscribe.
  111. TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error message
  112. You have take from me 6 euro from my bank account but I do not have access to uplay+
  113. Button "Start playing now" doesn't work
  114. I now understand all the memes about Ubisoft
  115. uplay+ in czech
  116. Amteur service and unsolved resolved issues
  117. So now it is resolved
  118. Payment Authorization Information
  119. uplay + error
  120. You know what i'm completely done with this
  121. Extend Free Trial?
  122. Cant subscribe to UPLAY PLUS in KUWAIT
  123. Pricing Error is still unsolved
  124. Uplay+ Subscription Discounts?
  125. Status update
  126. My subscription canceled, want to charge me 3 times 15euros!!!!
  127. Assasssin's Creed Odyssey version change on Uplay+
  128. Trouble subscribing for Uplay+
  129. 30 days? GOOD JOKE. We want 1 more month for free as recompensation
  130. Can't cancel/unsubscribe???
  131. What was the purpose of "pre-register before August 15" deal?
  132. I want my 4€ back!
  133. Two pending charges yet no uplay plus access
  134. Joke's over
  135. What is going on with Ubisoft and Uplay+?!
  136. free trial of uplay+ untill the september 30
  137. Subscription expired (details only)
  138. Blank box after payment
  139. Bug | Ghost Recon Future Solider isn't supported
  140. Timeline and Status is needed from the team behind Uplay+
  141. Uplay +
  142. Error 404 after redirect from credit card 3DSecure
  143. Great experience with Uplay+ so far
  144. UPLAY+ not for Israel ????
  145. No uplay+ south america
  146. Open question to ubisoft
  147. No Uplay+ for Puerto Rico (USA Territory) Because we're in Brazil Apparently
  148. ANZ store doesnt have a Dedicated store? Ffs.. You're saying its Resolved? no..
  149. You can't delete this payment method
  150. Uplay + = Can't even cancel membership or contact support.
  151. Uplay+ not working? Confusion on price?
  152. Cannot subscribe to uplay+
  153. A round of applause
  154. Cannot play breakpoint beta as uplay plus dont work
  155. Worldwide uplay plus doesnt work for anyone
  156. Money on hold is still charging your bank
  157. 404 errors expired subscription null cannot cancel
  158. rly you wanna charge 15,- for games from the 90s?
  159. Charged $60 aust still sub expired
  160. Post here how much money ubi took from you for free trial
  161. My email response from ubi
  162. How do I cancel ?
  163. When our money will be unfreeze ?
  164. Can we get an update on "Subscription Expired" please
  165. Uplay+ blank page
  166. 404 account name
  167. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta on Uplay+
  168. Will take months to fix
  169. We all should report ubisoft for false advertising and holding our money
  170. Can't subscribe Uplay+ .
  171. Charging taxes on no sale ?
  172. Uplay + still not working
  173. Joined UPLAY+ ON 9/4. Division 2 Continuously Unavailable. Why ?
  174. The Division 2 - Episode 1
  175. Anno 1800 - Technical Issues Resolved
  176. Any update on getting Failed Authorization for payments resolved?
  177. Uplay+ email promo
  178. 5 days out and.. i SUBSCRIBE! Oh.. No acces to UPLAY
  179. Timeline and Status are needed from the team behind Uplay+
  180. Cancel button doesn't do anything
  181. Should have known.......
  182. Is this missleading customers or am i seriously missing something?
  183. My full subscription fee has been released
  184. any info about missing games (like bridge crew)?
  185. even the support site is extracting the urine now
  186. Ubisoft are advertising the service on twitter
  187. Uplay+ charge was NOT a temporary transaction authorization, but are refunding
  188. There was an error processing your request
  189. This is how it worked for me -RO-EU
  190. Wrong Store
  191. Still 404 problem
  192. Open letter to Ubisoft
  193. Stop saying money on hold its charged
  194. I paid three times for a service that says expired
  195. Do paypal dispute to get money back
  196. Ubi please fix the wrong store thing.
  197. Database problem i guess
  198. Wow many are using this service atm??
  199. UbiSoft need to do this with UPlay+
  200. Cards on the table Ubisoft, do we need new accounts (expired sub)
  201. WTH is this?
  202. Please remove Credit card requirement for Free trial
  203. new accounts ?
  204. Rainbow Six siege
  205. The crew 2 in Uplay+ Can't add to library
  206. Update service for an extra free month once these issues are fixed?
  207. Trial and uplay+ incompatible
  208. UPlay+ Known issues needs updating
  209. For Honor Year 1 and 3 Pass characters?
  210. Complete and Utter Incompetence
  211. everyone still cry for UPLAY+
  212. Still waiting
  213. Paid £12.99 for a free trial and still no subscription
  214. Order history issue (uplay+ subscription related?)
  215. Why are people in Japan unable to use Uplay+?
  216. no uplay+ games without internet connections
  217. Launch Rainbow 6 downloaded from steam while it was free from uplay +
  218. UBisoft supports response to a new account..
  219. known issues ^^
  220. Ubisoft store Payment Isuue
  221. The Division 1 - Not part of Uplay+ subscription?
  222. A week and still not fixed
  223. Charged 3 times still on hold after a week
  224. Known issues! Can't be fixed?
  225. A week and still subscription expired
  226. A little help for Ubi!!!
  227. The Trackmania series on Uplay+
  228. Trials of the Blood Dragon on Uplay+
  229. 2 Accounts 1 PC and 1 Works
  230. Uplay+ not having Assassin's Creed Blackflag
  231. 404 Page not found for the 9999999th time.
  232. Has ANYONE got Uplay+ to work?
  233. Can't get a new UPLAY+ subscription and UPLAY+ error.
  234. UBI soft people hope you hat a nice weekend and slept well.
  235. Give us an update on the "Subscription Expired" major issue!
  236. Subscription works perfectly
  237. A week and still not fixed
  238. Soon work is in session at ubi.
  239. Endless Loops
  240. Uplay+ games offline
  241. Why does Uplay+ doesn't have Blackflag?
  242. Cannot cancel means they will charge you for october and so on
  243. I got four responses from ubisoft case
  244. Paid with paypal, but no email or paypal history
  245. Silence all monday but in the office...
  246. How to remove a game?
  247. Uplay + Charged Me for "Free Month"
  248. Hilleriously pathetic scam
  249. Cancelled my subscription but it instantly locked my Uplay+ access
  250. it's been 6 days and you still can't subscribe because I can't pay in my country