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  2. Watch Dogs Legion
  3. Watch Dogs Legion: Mistakes not to make again
  4. Watch Dogs 3, my hope or our hope.
  5. [WD3] A "NPC" Shift like in DRIVER San Francisco ?
  6. Legion looks so good
  7. Customization
  8. Watch Dogs Legion Steam Release
  9. VIP Status
  10. Internet connection ?
  11. No main character, no customize, no allskills for one, no scarf, no laptop seriously?
  12. Download game from physical copy?
  13. Is it possible to play the entire game with one character?
  14. your own quadcopter?
  15. Only 3 skill for one npc? in wd2 is 50 skills and all can be used immediately
  16. Will There Be An SLI Profile?
  17. No world map?
  18. Please allow manual crouching
  19. Is it possible to disable permanent death for all characters?
  20. Xbox One X enhanced version at this time???
  21. Bare bone hacking?
  22. It's good to know that Clint Hocking is back onboard
  23. Watch Dogs Legion E3 First Gameplay Impressions
  24. Makes me want to play Far Cry 2 all over again
  25. Legion on Stadia
  26. Will there be a DedSec Delta Company equivalent?
  27. Suggestion for Watch Dogs Legion
  28. Modding the game And always online on PC Platform on Watch Dogs Legion
  29. How deep can you visually customize your characters?
  30. Questions
  31. Day 1 buy for me.
  32. A question about the population density...
  33. PC Ultimate Edition Preorder?
  34. Are certain masks unlocked as certain characters are recruited?
  35. just took pictures of the london map from the presentation
  36. Preorder purchase problem
  37. Bring Back Online decryption
  38. Will recruiting NPCs that are in law enforcement offer benefits?
  39. New 30 minute game play demo
  40. Was Online Hacking removed from Legion? (A question for the team).
  41. As a huge fan on WD1, I will pass on Legion, here is why:
  42. Excellent, I'm looking forward to it....
  43. Can you fire people?
  44. Watchdogs 4 = cyberpunk
  45. Guy Fawkes Mask?
  46. Someone actually listed every NPC and their stats as seen in the demo videos...
  47. White flashing objects
  48. Multiplayer
  49. Watch Dogs Legion vs Cyberpunk 2077 - Here's why I think both games compliment EO
  50. Wdl
  51. drag body and human shield?
  52. Preorder Questions
  53. Legion - My Hopes and Suggestions
  54. Pre Order Email....
  55. No kids, no dogs, no fat people? Also, the E3 Coliseum Panel
  56. What sort of specific squad would you assemble?
  57. Landmarks
  58. Buildings
  59. Money
  60. Please fix the third-person camera
  61. Tendra parkour watch dogs legion?
  62. Restart from start
  63. Parkour?
  64. A request about in-game radio stations...
  65. Where are the Drivers?
  66. Anyone else feel the same about the graphics?
  67. Have they got rid of Game Over screens entirely?
  68. Suggestion for associating your team with certain vehicles and weapons
  69. Idea: Group photo
  70. Will there be a beta?!?!?!
  71. How permadeath works on Season Pass/Ultimate Pack/MTX Operator ?
  72. Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition sudden price increase
  73. Whatsapp: +27639356786) buy genuine passports, drivers license, id cards, visas, etc.
  74. Is WDL going to be like TD2 online only?
  75. Proper Representation
  76. Ubisoft question
  77. have you guys discussion about mask?
  78. Buy passport online Buy identity card online Buy driving lic
  79. So when can we expect more info about Legion?
  80. Interview of Clint Hocking (creative director) on Gamasutra
  81. Didn't Know Where to Post This
  82. Watch Dogs Legion Special Things
  83. Photo Mode
  84. sharp ‎ارقام صيانة ثلاجات شارب الجيزة 01207619993 _ 0235699066
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  87. white whale الرقم الفورى لصيانة وايت ويل الاسكندري&#
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  90. The DRIVER Easter Egg !
  91. Need some answers to my questions...
  92. IRL London has 8 stripclubs while WD Leigon will have 0
  93. Co-op needs improvements or just needs to go-op.
  94. A couple of questions .
  95. Story
  96. Does anyone know what the collector mask is made of?
  97. New Gamescom trailer up!
  98. May die randomly
  99. Better or Not
  100. Will We See Classic Multiplayer Modes Return?
  101. Am I able to switch the platform of my pre-order?
  102. I'm ready to place a pre-order, but...
  103. Question Regarding Recruitment
  104. Just a suggestion for the next trailer released...
  105. [ℂ𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕞𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕔] ⌚🐶Watch Dogs: Legion🐶⌚ Vs 🎵Serhat Durmus - La Cālin🎵 4K 60FPS
  106. When will playtesting become available?
  107. Will Watchdogs legion gameplay from Ubisoft experience be available on youtube?
  108. What about driving?
  109. Игра с друзьями
  110. Jail time?
  111. PermaDeath and the 4 mystery characters.
  112. Recuits......
  113. Possible Beta or Demo?
  114. Clothing Options
  115. https://thisbamlife.com/Personal-growth-and-development/
  116. Fan Creation. So exited, I created a spotify playlist I will be using for the game
  117. To be blunt
  118. Weapon Customization Options?
  119. Recruitment concern
  120. Using class perks for diffrent classes
  121. Will perks be permanent?
  122. Morale Drops?
  123. Non-Lethal vs Lethal Weapons
  124. Game Beta (for Multiplayer and General)
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  126. like it used to when you were younger how orgasms are
  127. Predict/come up with the game's trophy list!
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  129. Don't Botch This Up and Screw Us With More Microtransactions...
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  131. Albion merc outfits
  132. This game better have PvP multiplayer like hacking and bounty
  133. 150 days to go
  134. What will be your favorite class and why?
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  136. How far in the future is the setting?
  137. Owning property?
  138. AC/WD/FC/TC universe?
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  143. How Do You Think the Game Will Start Off?
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  147. Ray Tracing
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  150. A crowded release window
  151. Watch Dogs Legion has been delayed.
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  158. Idea for Watch Dogs Legion
  159. more hacking puzzle
  160. What could be done better in Legion if you look at the gameplay of Watch_Dogs 1 and 2
  161. Would you like to know the true story about Anonymous?
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  165. Please learn from breakpoint!
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  168. How about an actual cyber world?
  169. Why does WD2 perform better after messing with GPU clocks?
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  171. first person view?
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  176. UBI, your hardcore fans ARE expecting....
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  199. When do you think Legion will launch? (April 2020 - March 2021)
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  201. Ubisoft, UPlay, & Watch Dogs 3: Legion Friends (Needed & Wanted)?
  202. Localization
  203. Please add a Cybertruck to the game
  204. Rose Bowl 2020 Live
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  209. Please Improve Chatting Capabilities
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  214. Pre order delivery
  215. Will there be full nudity in the Legion like in the second installment?
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