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  2. Canceling out of matchmaking softlocks the game.
  3. Matchmaking not working
  4. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Help us help you!
  5. Crashing after intro video.
  6. Plays Trailer then CTD
  7. No Uplay Overlay = Not able to invite friends?
  8. Matchmaking Broken
  9. Matchmaking and other issues
  10. Matchmaking works for me, but can't invite a friend.
  11. Uplay makes me redownload 1,87 Go again and again without being able to play.
  12. Mouse and Keyboard Support
  13. Small server disconnection
  14. Game running VERY slow.
  15. Roller Champions freezing at black screen with build data
  16. Controller Left analog stick is inverted and no other buttons are working
  17. Extreme slowdown mid-match.
  18. Duplicating glitch
  19. Massive FPS drop in Mexico arena
  20. Mexico Arena FPS
  21. 2 Bugs: Inverted direction arrows and game froze in the middle of the game
  22. I can't select things in the menu due to my mouse.
  23. Stuck on a black screen when launching the game
  24. Roller champions not available in South America?
  25. Framerate is low
  26. Issues when joining/inviting friends
  27. Seems like a connection problem
  28. pantalla negra
  29. Drastic FPS drops
  30. Please fix the OCE lag
  31. Black Screen, HELP pls!
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  33. Bug when i launch the game
  34. freezing after finding game
  35. Permanent FPS Drop in Mexico map
  36. Cloning bots
  37. It only shows me three dots!!!
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  46. UFC 248 Live Stream Reddit !!
  47. cclosed beta
  48. stuck on loadingsscreen
  49. stuck in black screen
  50. Controller doesnt get recognized ingame
  51. Signing in...
  52. crash after playing 5 seconds of training/crash depois de jogar 5 segundos do treino.
  53. Crash
  54. game crash in the middle of a matchmaking
  55. Cannot choose Character
  56. Crash When Hovering Over Button
  57. Matchmaking doesn't work and cant join friends party
  58. My first day in the closed alpha! :D
  59. Glitches and bugs encountered:
  60. Crashing after Press Start
  61. Game is crashing with Unity error
  62. Loading screen in loop.
  63. Loading screen
  64. the game is crashing all the time never cant play
  65. Error when logging in : Superstar - 500500
  66. Game keep freezing ! :(
  67. Loading stuck to the main menu.
  68. Controller not responding correctly in Menu, and not working at all in-game
  69. Pantalla negra
  70. game does not load loads
  71. game freezes
  72. Friend not received invite to closed alpha!!
  73. Endless Loading
  74. Black screen problem
  75. Chose the wrong gender any way to switch?
  76. Graphical Glitch ( 5700xt running latest amd driver 20.2.2 )
  77. Alt-Tab Sound Bug
  78. Connection Error After Binding to server message
  79. Can't figure out how to invite friends into the closed alpha
  80. My account was reset.
  81. reset acount and i can't play anymore
  82. How can I change form E3 demo to alpha?
  83. I cant play two games in a row
  84. Error Connection.Superstar: 302000
  85. Skates missing
  86. Bug in graphics settings
  87. Bought El Tigre Body, but was givin El Tigre glove + Purple body instead.
  88. i couldnt play the game at all
  89. Problem with activation key
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