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  1. soulforge
  2. UPlay + Heroes of Might & Magic VI - Progress Stuck
  3. Cannot Connect to Conflux
  4. [Fan Art] Pit Lord, help needed!
  5. problems with the game
  6. Can't Attack Stack and Progress
  7. Solution/fix for every known error/conflux bug/connection timed out!!!
  8. Bugs etc.
  9. New idea for a game‏
  10. Everybody plays haven.
  11. Game not starting
  12. Extended play multiplayer?
  13. Complete Edition
  14. Game alive?
  15. simultaneous turn yet?
  16. My old heroes 6 not run,need expansion set?
  17. Shades of Darkness Patch
  18. uplay is ugly ****
  19. Uplay points not earned
  20. Two copies of the game on the same account?
  21. Dinasty coins [HOMM 6]
  22. Heroes 6 franchise
  23. How to share screens in Heroes VI through Skype?
  24. How to you move camera in window mode?(aside from keypad)
  25. DLC content compatability
  26. freezing ?
  27. "Blackscreen" and fps laggs
  28. Geting black screen
  29. hey how come i cant play with my sweet old siham deck anymore
  30. Heroes VII Missing his most important part
  31. During The Good, The Bad and the Bloody, during opponent turn, game stops responding
  32. prosím o radu!!!
  33. Uplay crashes after launching
  34. Can't change town type in MP?
  35. All who has Heroes of Might and Magic VI Shades of Darkness
  36. spell not working
  37. Connection
  38. Extended solo campaign complete edition?
  39. Some questions
  40. Heroes 6 complete edition bonuses
  41. Game crashing
  42. how to
  43. Disable funny animations
  44. Laptop GTX 870m not showing any graphics
  45. HMM6 perfomance issues
  46. cant connect to Conflux
  47. What's going on with Uplay in China?
  48. Game locks up in city screen
  49. (URGENT) Ask Question
  50. Replay the campaigns
  51. Still Having Conflux Issues, Cannot Connect.
  52. Maybe you can help me coz Support cannot
  53. Can't run game on nVidia
  54. about low graphics !
  55. First mission in campaign won't recognise start town fortified
  56. Can i run this game on my lap top?
  57. help
  58. Need help building wiki
  59. Why can't i play the tuturiol
  60. Ubi credit lost, and the forth slot from available to unavailable?
  61. Problem unlocking campaign
  62. 2nd mission of Haven campaign (Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair) cannot be finished
  63. Black Screen Issue
  64. Problems with new maps ?
  65. activation code
  66. How to read the enemy unit special attributes during the combat phase
  67. never thought i'll say this, but: worst game ever
  68. Fresh install, can't start the game
  69. Dynasty weapos with affinity PERMANENTLY decrease your affinity magic power!!!
  70. Problem with heroes 7 load and save at fair is fouland foul is fair scenario
  71. Trouble on Pall of a Past World map (Vein's campaign)
  72. Can anybody tell me where can i file a complaint against technical support?
  73. {CRITICAL} Unlocking, Enabling The Console
  74. Black Screen when playing Heros 6: Shades of Darkness
  75. CONFLUX problem
  76. Final campaign main hero selector - 5 locked portraits underneath 5 story lines?
  77. How can delete hero in game?
  78. Looking for friends to play Heroes 6 online
  79. Mana Cost Bug
  80. new player looking for people to play with
  81. Multiplayer both player win
  82. Cant connect to conflux..
  83. Number of dinasty trait`s
  84. Remis przy próbie zaatakowania jednostki
  85. Problem z Odinstalowaniem
  86. czarny ekran
  87. unprdedictable crash black screen frozen
  88. new
  89. How can demons reach the surface of Ashan?
  90. Por favor, ayudaa!!
  91. Heroes VI is A Great Game
  92. Reaorganising heroes in the dynasty
  93. Cannot get past launcher - "uplay launcher has stopped working"
  94. Might and Magic VII
  95. Problems with the game
  96. Dynasty Weapons Game Files
  97. Playing on a laptop
  98. Watching Battles in Multiplayer
  99. Multipler with friends - Is there anyway to play each turn at the same time?
  100. H6 not working; Unable to start the game....
  101. Frequent disconnection CONFLUX patch 2.1.1
  102. DLC's and crashes on SOD solution
  103. HoMM 6 download stops at 18% on uplay
  104. First said uplay launcher stopped working, now says desktop window manager stopped
  105. Towns look like black and white checker board
  106. Username change not updating in-game.
  107. Fix for black screen (battle/building/mission)
  108. Mouse Cursor not visible
  109. help please! blocked in the mission all means are permitted
  110. DLC Key not working
  111. Multiplayer CO-OP Turns at the same time (Simultaneous Turns)
  112. Map error (Using portal,after cutscene,using stairs) the map goes darker
  113. What decides a spells strength?
  114. Shades of Darkness portraits
  115. explanation for dummies
  116. No race options in hot seat or multiplayer games???
  117. U play launcher crashing?!
  118. Stack overflow help meh!
  119. Conflux probelms
  120. Spells disappear from Spell Book
  121. Disconnecting from Conflux
  122. Might & Magic Heroes VI 1.8
  123. It's sickening how unstable this game is.
  124. Installing Shades of Darkness
  125. I need tips about sanctuary (heroes n creatures) n about campaign!
  126. Heroes VI Complete Edition
  127. Game won't start, Saved Files not synchronizing
  128. Multiplayer DUELS - EU server
  129. Altar of wishes dont load on webbrowser(chrome)
  130. Cannot activate dlc
  131. Might and Magic VI - Nvidia graphics card issue / CRC install error - Humble Bundle
  132. CONFLUX connection failed invalid username
  133. Download stops at 18%
  134. Game turn time taking forever
  135. No Yume in Heroes 6 gold edition ??! ( humble might and magic bundle )
  136. No Sync problem
  137. Mana costs for spells grow out of control
  138. Can't re-install
  139. Unable to Connect to Conflix: "Please check your internet connection and try again."
  140. Every. Single. Save. Gets. Corrupted.
  141. Heros 6 kann nicht gestartet werden
  142. imposible de trouver et d'installer d3dx9_40.dll
  143. conflux bug (web)
  144. OP build?
  145. "Failed to synchronize to cloud saves" on exit
  146. can't reinstall/download the game
  147. I seem to really suck at custom games; what am I doing wrong?
  148. How is this supposed to work? Everything appears locked?
  149. Cant get Staff of Tides!
  150. I hmm7 working ?
  151. Heroes 6 - how to reset dynasty progress
  152. Canon choices
  153. Open the Developer Console∨ Secet Cheat Debug Console
  154. Necro mission 4 - The tear of Asha
  155. Conflux - Connection failed! IvalidKey
  156. Heroes 6 crashing upon Start
  157. Reinstall on new PC with windows 8 and I cant start the game
  158. Crossword for fans
  159. Funny bugs
  160. unable to connect to the conflux AND unable to connect to the cloud
  161. Language compatibility
  162. Extremely Poor Performance
  163. Might And Magic VI The Mandate of Heaven
  164. Deluxe version incomplete
  165. dddd
  166. "Instal failed" while trying to install HoMM VI
  167. Wallpaper Rewards
  168. Necro mission 2 crash
  169. Attributes "Figures" Query
  170. Help me !!! Uplay launcher has stopped working
  171. Extremely poor performance
  172. Cannot connect to Conflux
  173. Reinforcements ability? Not only one usage per battle
  174. DirectX
  175. Heroes of might and magic VI has stopped working...
  176. Saved games disapeared
  177. Game crash when started
  178. Russian installation
  179. Error Code 2 please help
  180. Failed to start game (Unknown error)
  181. Heroes 6 no cursor in fullscreen mode, win 10
  182. Anyway to verify the files of a game through UPLAY?
  183. Epic Fail
  184. Should I bother buying HOMM VI?
  185. Cloud sync problem.
  186. heroes of might and magic 6
  187. Bug en el primer mapa de la campaÑa de anastasya(espaÑol)
  188. Help can I play this game?
  189. can't conect to coflux
  190. Wo ist meine hilfe
  191. [Feature Request] Fast Combat in garrisons attacks
  192. no connection to conflux
  193. Patch 2.1.1
  194. Can't enter soul forge.
  195. Patch Problem
  196. Why is the game running like trash?
  197. The game won't launch
  198. Keycode problem! please help
  199. WTF NO TITAN castle in a HEROES GAME likemy favert catle outta All heroes
  200. a silly question in regards to healing
  201. Download and support error
  202. Game crashes at startup
  203. Steam and Uplay issue
  204. Kicks from the game when you create custom maps
  205. Запуск игрушки
  206. How can I change the resolution outside the game ?
  207. lack of support
  208. M&M 6 What is a powerful party setup?
  209. Is it possible to change your Dynasty name?
  210. Official cd key problem
  211. Would buy Archangel Michael Statue!
  212. Necesito ayuda con mi juego pues no arranca
  213. Activation problem Might & Magic VI complete edtion
  214. question achievement "to the bitter end"
  215. Activate key: Heroes 6 standard disk edition in Uplay
  216. Boatblock
  217. Can NOT connect to conflux--all game progress lost
  218. Cannot connect to Conflux ...
  219. [RESOLVED] Might & Magic Heroes VI Conflux issue
  220. help?
  221. Set Item Locations/Guide
  222. Uply won't let me play game
  223. Uplay crashes all the time...
  224. Conflux ... again and again
  225. H6 & H7: Virtuos vs Limbic
  226. Conflux
  227. Heroes VI Gold Edition does not work with Uplay
  228. So what version of heroes vi have I actually got?
  229. Installing Shades of Darkness Retail version
  230. Upgrade button SOD
  231. Please, retake Heroes VI development
  232. How can I upgrade from Shades of Darness to Complete?
  233. Installing Patch 2.1 and 2.1.1 and Conflux isue
  234. Nickname
  235. stained glass
  236. Black fog filter added when navigating in the map.
  237. Looking for active new friends to play with online
  238. Might & Magic Heroes 6 download stuck at 99%
  239. Help. Activation key did not unlock the contents of the game - what to do?
  240. Game crashes
  241. Caravans
  242. cant reinstall
  243. Can't summon Air Elemental?
  244. i cannot link to net
  245. Where are the maps and the map editor for MMH6
  246. maps for MMH6
  247. удалил игру потом скачал она требует како
  248. Conflux problem
  249. Dynasty Weopons
  250. Conflux connect error: invalid code