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  1. Bug or part of Danse Macabre Campaign?
  2. Tutorial level on Normal...
  3. WTF is wrong with this PoS company?
  4. End of online support on Heroes VI
  5. Multiple Profiles?
  6. Accessing the Shades of Darknes Expansion ???
  7. Am i the only one who experience this?
  8. Has the AI been improved in HOMMVI?
  9. No key for adventure pack.
  10. Shades Of Darkness Download Version?
  11. How can i have the extra weapons?
  12. Scenarios are way to easy?
  13. Complete edition
  14. Discuss with HC fans the future of H7 lore :D
  15. Lyrics Wizards Capitol
  16. Can someone make a map editor tutorial?
  17. Heroes 6 purchased via Steam
  18. Crippling Trap not slowing?
  19. russian game for heroes 5 funs
  20. Conflux and Offline Game
  21. ¿Doblado al español?
  22. haven 4th map after screen move 2 times i can't do anything
  23. Conflicting Info on Spinners' Damage
  24. game wont appear in task or on screen
  25. Suggestions+No more patch/exp for homm6?
  26. Lost ability to equip Dynasty Weapons
  27. Online saves disappearing?
  28. Camera tilt / angle
  29. Big Problem With Might and Magic Heroes VI
  30. Cannot Connect To Conflux/Conflux Can't Find M&M6 On My Uplay Account
  31. Uplay
  32. Need players!
  33. Sylvan, Academy, and Fortress
  34. Races wood elves, dwarves, wizards confused!!
  35. Is it true the game is considered to be complete ?
  36. always OUT OF SYNC ...
  37. The Grand Finale: If you hadn't bought MMH6 yet, here's why you shouldn't
  38. Is there a way to start over from scratch?
  39. Where are my Online Saves?
  40. Trying not to Rage
  41. Achievements – What is the end of the game and where are dragons?
  42. Where can i get a CD key?
  43. steam version - 2.1.1 - no campaign
  44. need help about language change? big time thanks!
  45. Hacker
  46. why dont i get reinforcements every week from every town?
  47. Source code
  48. white block creature
  49. Between Turns - Check Castles, Heroes, and so on
  50. How to kill the Succub by Tor Beleh
  51. News: stop of online support
  52. Intel HD 5200 Black Screen SoD Campaign
  53. to thank you for your purchase
  54. Still get BLACK SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  55. This game is impossibly hard...
  56. Can't activate Shades of Darkness
  57. Cannot connect to Conflux
  58. Might & Magic Heroes VI - Application Error can't launch the game
  59. Need Help Online Games
  60. murky screen on crag hack scenario
  61. Found a new BUG! Dungeon map 2 trial of strength
  62. chain lightning
  63. Creature and Visitor Slots
  64. Asking for permission to use several models for Education purpose?
  65. Starting third map in necro campain with level one hero
  66. Internet download- [Internal] Failed to register into Game Explorer!
  67. Does anyone know how to do these 4 achievements (Chain Kill I, II, III, and Rampage)?
  68. mosue skidding
  69. Is Shades of Darkness really the end?
  70. Complete Edition Soundtrack?
  71. Heard many complaints about the difficulty with MMH6, but...
  72. Now thats money wasted
  73. Game too hard.
  74. i need HELP from an ADMIN. PLEASE
  75. Ubi make a Reset button.
  76. Failed to register into Game Explorer ?????
  77. After Heroes III Never Get Better..Make New Version of Heroes III AGAIN !!!!!
  78. What this game REALLY needs...
  79. Laggy&Long loading screen issue
  80. Soulforge/Conflux Troubles
  81. Should I upgrade from HOMM 6 Vanilla to Complete?
  82. Mass Haste issue?
  83. Anti aliasing?
  84. game startup locking
  85. Stuck on tutorial
  86. Need Troubleshooting Help
  87. Heroes VI freezes in town
  88. Auto patch?
  89. How do you load a multiplayer game?
  90. Can someone please tell me what these achievements are, there isn’t a description?
  91. Online Issue - Playing with friends who use the same network
  92. Won Tutoral, 2nd Campaign, But Game Does not Advance-Emporer's Will
  93. disabled.need help
  94. Error while trying to open Heroes M&M VI through Uplay
  95. Добрый вечер
  96. problems with the launch game.(проблемы с запуском игры.)
  97. Error "Connection failed! InvalidKey"
  98. Heroes VI - Czech "campaign"
  99. It's a bug or I don't know how...?
  100. Sisters appear to have no spell
  101. Connection failed! he passed in key does not activate the expected privileges
  102. Always "out of sync" in online multiplayer
  103. Soulforge Issues
  104. Danse Macabre problem with second map
  105. Heroes 6 is *****!!!
  106. Please fix out of sync issues!
  107. Internet - Product key loop.
  108. Disconnected from conflux... again and again and again
  109. Multiplayer Issue - Cannot connect more than two players.
  110. Shader error? flicking on map
  111. Threat Level
  112. Unit turns?
  113. Turn off reputation upgrade cut scene?
  114. Does playing offline stop Black Screen bug?
  115. shades of darkness upgrade
  116. Playing non Haven Factions?
  117. Ubisoft's Future for Heroes?
  118. About aoe spells like blizzard
  119. Cannot progress to map 2 in Pirates... campaign
  120. No influence from Anastasya's magic power
  121. I received email from ubi with cd-key but...
  122. 10 holy proposals.
  123. Inferno's heroic strikes.
  124. A big bug of griffin cause the game quit
  125. I dont got Ubi Points and i want it!!!
  126. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! SOLUTION!!
  127. specialities of HOMM6 Campaign Heroes
  128. Im planning to buy the Complete Edition, and have a couple of questions. Need help!
  129. What are the Horizontal/Vertical Custom Button for ?
  130. Dynasty Weapons Not Gaining XP
  131. noob campaign questions
  132. The future of the Conflux.
  133. My list of bugs.
  134. Duel map
  135. Question about conflux stability and about the campaigns
  136. Is this game still being patched/supported?
  137. H6 Campaign is very poorly presented
  138. I have some major problems with this game, can't update.
  139. Need advice on which card to get with wildcards first.
  140. Conflux down?
  141. Hero -Xana
  142. Can't connect to the conflux
  143. Problem with Heroes 6 reading the DVD
  144. Conflux is currently down.
  145. Some things you should know about M&M, also Heroes VI and its ongoing development.
  146. Heroes VI Gold install after Shades of Darkness and both DLCs?
  147. Screen Vertical Flicker
  148. Problems with Uplay Can Not play Heroes of Might & Magic VI
  149. More quickslots
  150. homm vi complete, data3.cab is missing - cannot install, uplay version
  151. Proposition, question
  152. Multiplayer, some friends cant play together.
  153. End of support should be sticked at the top of that forum!!!!!!
  154. M&MH VI hot seat problem
  155. Sometimes I cannot move units
  156. I can't submit my question to Technical support
  157. HOMAM VI - game slowing down
  158. Out of sync error
  159. Please Fix the game
  160. Dynasty Portraits/Heroes
  161. HOMM 6? Shades of darkness? Or wait?
  162. black mirror
  163. Heroes of Might an Magic VI a simple question
  164. Any news about heroes title?
  165. Can't update HOMM 6 + Shades from UBI Store to 2.1.1
  166. Heroes 6 Gold Edition exapansions LOCKED
  167. Вылет и пролет
  168. Nethermancer specialty
  169. Simultanous turns?
  170. I'm upset with you, Ubisoft.
  171. Continual Town Freezes!
  172. "[allynamehere] has been defeated"
  173. Hey, I need some help
  174. ubisoft game launcher: error code 2
  175. serial not recognize
  176. Some bugs
  177. Wrong cd-key given when buying gold edition off steam deal.
  178. whats up with multiplayer
  179. Lost EVERYTHING
  180. unable to play offline mode?
  181. Multiplayer mode disappointing
  182. Surface pro- mutliplayer black out and then for whole game?
  183. Heroes of Might & Magic VI Complete (PC) (missing content + useless Ubisoft support)
  184. unable to use unit abilities
  185. Patch?
  186. game freezes after entering a castle
  187. Can't Join a Friends Game
  188. Dungeon hero in water, not on the ship
  189. Strange dance
  190. Wolf dynasty sword overpowered?
  191. Am I the only one that dislikes the macro stage of the game?
  192. Conflux: Can't connect on two accounts/two pc at the same time.
  193. Pomysly na MMHVII
  194. New crature
  195. Dynasty/Legendary Weapons Exp gain - question
  196. Does multiplayer work?
  197. cdkey problem homm6 shades of darkness
  198. Is there going to be a Heroes 7?
  199. Need help with Necro/Anastasya Campaign
  200. Program has stopped working
  201. Achievements Reset - Bug?
  202. Custom Heroes and Spell Abilities (how do you use/get them in your spell book?)
  203. Reinstaling game
  204. Скажите где скачать Русскую версию герое
  205. need help with expansion packs, confused!
  206. "Freeze"
  207. Cant BUY the DLC
  208. Anton Campaign
  209. Question: why do pearl priestesses have higher damage then yuki-onna?
  210. Gold edition gave me no DLCs
  211. Hello, my name is Saw
  212. I'm lost :)
  213. Can't Access Shades of Darkness After Downloading HMM6 Gold
  214. New to this title, not new to the serie. First campaign problem.
  215. No uplay points after completing campaigns what to do?
  216. Choosing Faction
  217. Give me my money back
  218. Multiplayer
  219. Problém s instalačním klíčem
  220. Weird performance issue. Please help.
  221. Captain Hack's secret passage? where is it!! please!
  222. Sylvan and Fortress in the Duel of Champions and H6 please :/
  223. How does Spell Power work?
  224. Add me to friends and lets play duels!!
  225. **fix for everyone who deinstalled game but still got the folder**
  226. Heroes f Might and Magic 2 and / or 3 for mobile ( IOS - Android )
  227. Petition for Heroes III HD remake !
  228. after shades of darkness is Raelag added to your heroes?
  229. How to enable quick town view?
  230. Heart of Nightmares scenario will not unlock. Requesting assistance.
  231. AI Starting Hero
  232. What did I do wrong?
  233. PERFORMANCE Solution Laptop HEROES VI Important for UBI
  234. "For One Week" bonus buildings improperly described. (a.k.a. Broken)
  235. Impossibly fed up with the Conflux issue >:c
  236. Inferno campaign Fearful Symmetry gate won't open
  237. Bought the Gold edition on steam, but was given Shades of Darkness on Uplay
  238. looking for friends
  239. Bought Heroes VI- Complete Edition on GamersGate.Got only Shades of Darkness?
  240. Can' play the campaign.
  241. All mobs are deadly but not..
  242. Blurred Talent Tree
  243. Problem with casting a spell in manual combat
  244. Which uPlay-rewards are worth it?
  245. Conflux - Invalid Password....!
  246. Mouse Lag (Patch 2.1.1)
  247. why nobody plays duels 1vs1?
  248. Insane mana cost for Necropolis campaign
  249. Dynasty ranks?
  250. Disconnecting from conflux after loading game