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  1. a litel request
  2. Dialogues language
  3. Patch 2.1 and Sanctuary Campaign issue
  4. Need help with abilities
  5. Need help with my cd key
  6. No chat widget in game
  7. My thoughts on duels
  8. Mouse stuttering issue
  9. How much has the game improved since launch?
  10. Can't play Heroes VI Shades of Darkness. Windows closing the game
  11. Any hints for "Doom that came to Kronos" ?
  12. Simply sending DXdiag does nothing to fix Black screen
  13. Map contest - usual Ubisoft delay
  14. Question about Complete Edition keys
  15. Missing Resources
  16. A few tips on - What to do if you have problems with unlocking all game content
  17. Saves 2.1 are incompatible with 2.1.1 SoD
  18. SoD feature or bug? Can't hire hero
  19. Keeping dynastie- and weapon experience after restarting map?
  20. Stuck at map death come to KONOS- nothing happens at the end of it
  21. Returning to the game
  22. Mising the 2 DLC from complete edition and preorder weapon and heroes
  23. Texture Bug
  24. Ariana code
  25. Code For Ariana
  26. multiplayer maps?
  27. Beginners Installation Help
  28. Thinking about giving this game another shot, thoughts?
  29. How do I delete my HoMaM VI data?
  30. Classement of initiative's creatures
  31. How to play other factions than Haven and Barbarians
  32. Might and Magic Heroes VI
  33. Shades of Darkness: Cannot Launch: Gamestop/Impulse version
  34. Screen Resolution Issue
  35. I can not activate the DLC, Heroes VI is not responding.
  36. pls
  37. Necromancy III grayed out/unavailable
  38. A quick qestion
  39. Heroes 6, key activation at purchase of updatings.
  40. conflux down again?
  41. Counterstrike for only one turn?
  42. Order of heroes?
  43. How to add all my Dynasty Weapons to the Soul Forge menu?
  44. Uplay Points & ?
  45. Question about unlocking additional content for HoMM VI
  46. Azkaal on hard is impossible
  47. Issue with CPU not playing during his turn
  48. Greyed out icons and buttons missing!
  49. Counterstrike question.
  50. SOD instalation
  51. So, no news from new patch......
  52. Bought SoD yesterday & played few hrs. Day after CD-key already in use..
  53. Fair is foul and foul is fair
  54. HOMM 6 Gold edition : invalid key?
  55. Activation code did not work
  56. Digital 2.1.1 patch for polish versions ?? where is it ?
  57. Invalid serial number
  58. The Master of All Darkness Pack
  59. Heroes VI - Czech "campaign"
  60. Downloaded Scenario Maps
  61. sync saved games on cloud FAILED..
  62. Trade!
  63. Young Crag Hack?
  64. Gold edition missing DLC.
  65. Retail Gold edition + Steam SoD
  66. UPLAY requires me to Activate the new DLC to play a game I've owned for many months
  67. Original game from Uplay + complete edition from steam
  68. Black Screen issues
  69. Broken multiplayer makes game bad
  70. App freeze on Chakram dancer special atacks
  71. Uplay reward: 5th trait slot
  72. NVidia fix question regarding patch 2.1
  73. Opening Cutscene: Top Half is missing
  74. Problem with starting the game
  75. HMM6 Language
  76. Any way to speed up Campaign walkthrough
  77. Alter of Wishes heroes
  78. Does the game still suffer from "out of sync" in multiplayer?
  79. Still missing weapons and heroes for pre-order
  80. SOLUTION: how to fix the CRASH bug
  81. Having difficulty with campaign
  82. Problema con Shades of darkness
  83. The Emperor's Will - Uh, what am I doing wrong?
  84. Movement and Attack help please.
  85. Issue with 2nd campaign not registering as complete - Emperor's will
  86. Custom Games: 2 Heroes to Pick From?
  87. Unable to Start Game
  88. HoMM 6 won't launch OR update . . .
  89. Multiplayer - join client crashes
  90. How do I dismiss a hero?
  91. Heroes 6 game not working, error during launch
  92. Respecialize
  93. A solution to the patching error
  94. Missing dynasti pet?
  95. Final battle with Stormbird
  96. Multiplayer
  97. Mouse Flicking/Jumping Backwards when playing the game??
  98. HMM6 cd key
  99. Error "Program has stopped working"
  100. Video Issue:Now I see only half of the intro movie the upper half is black
  101. Unable to see graphics for faction towns
  102. Please take my money and... =)
  103. Shades of Darkness: Retail version, uplay and Steam
  104. [Suggestions & Bugs?]
  105. Can not proceed from The Fall of the House of Bull to next mission
  106. Guardian Angel bugged in Tutorial campaign (v 2.1.1)
  107. heroes 6 of might and magic portal bug (support were unavaliable in the support sect)
  108. 3rd Haven Campaign
  109. Crag Hacks' Plunder skill not working
  110. ranged units with magic damage, necropolis
  111. Please help! (Black screen)
  112. Quick question
  113. : Cool: NEW HOMM (VII) - Heroes like combat unit : Cool:
  114. How to change fate weaver into spider form
  115. Problems with awards SoD campaigns
  116. Is there option or mod that can change from 2D towns to 3D ?
  117. Generally better to split or combine stacks?
  118. 3 Months Later, still no patchs, no developpement.
  119. Cannot connect to conflux. No response from support ticket.
  120. Bought the game on steam
  121. Dynasty Weapons + Marketplace
  122. Mentoring
  123. Heroes Of Might And Magic 6 - Dynasty Seals
  124. Breeder Queen - Easy Imp-Possible Victory
  125. i cant play...
  126. can't play help me..
  127. Graphical issues with HOMM6
  128. Registry Of Might & Magic Heroes VI
  129. Sword of nemesis disappearing
  130. Haven mission #3 kicking my behind.
  131. New DLC?
  132. Equipping Dynasty weapons
  133. Inferno campaign: going Blood Magic
  134. "Game Already Started" bug when launching the game from Steam
  135. Define "in a row"
  136. Inferno and fire damage
  137. Heroes 6 2.1.1 cannot be launched at all on GTX660M
  138. Help! Bug and crash whit steam version !
  139. Might & Magic startup problem.
  140. Problems with Swiss Championship
  141. Terrible experience with Heroes 6 on Windows 7 64-bit
  142. Important Suggestions and Bug report for Version 2.1.1
  143. Problems connecting to UPlay and/or the Conflux
  144. Ability Calculator
  145. game is too dark
  146. i cant play online , help please
  147. Game keys and various versions
  148. Stuck on Archipelago of Ancients
  149. Game Still Blows Chunks
  150. Getting burnt hands by tearing my hair out while it's on fire
  151. can't you dev guys just make the game that works?
  152. Черный экран
  153. HEROES 6 is a GREAT GAME, let down by Ubisoft and Ubisoft's "Conflux"
  154. Why does no one play Custom Bridge too far?
  155. Why do you play this game?
  156. Translation to Portuguese Brazil
  157. Any new addons in the future?
  158. Ghoul Rouser Specialization
  159. Heart of Nightmares Scenario Question
  160. HOMM6 failure>>> good times for H4 /H3 below!
  161. How NOT to connect automatically to conflux?
  162. improving performance without decreasing graphics options?
  163. Dynasty Weapon Descriptions
  164. Comming back to the game after months - question
  165. Black Screen Issue during startup
  166. problem with cd key
  167. increasing manacosts with some dynasty weapons - any workaround or patch?
  168. Shades of darkness: CANNOT finish dark elves act 4 campaign
  169. How to get dungeon ??
  170. Stronghold Campaign: How Do I put Creatures in the Town Towers when defending Town?
  171. Thankyou Developers: Dancing Creatures - For Our Enjoyment......
  172. This game and company suck in big ways!
  173. Simultatious Turns please!
  174. How to do final battle of first Inferno campaign?
  175. HoMM 6 not working
  176. Why i can't pkay with my friend?
  177. Campagin Necropolis 2nd mission - can't end
  178. Login Error
  179. New install HoMM6 can't play
  180. Suggested feature: Long Term Multiplayer
  181. Achievement - Defeat all Neutral Armies on the Map
  182. Nice.. You have made the most difficult tutorial in tha gaming history!!
  183. importatn question about language
  184. Magic power (air)
  185. Launch problem !!! Anyone ??
  186. Bug Report: critical hit animation of panther warrior + moral effect on centaur marau
  187. Danse Macabre bug, ubi support does not help at all
  188. Demo crashes after/during splash screen
  189. Flickering Mouse Win64
  190. artifacts
  191. Problems with Shades of Darkness Download
  192. Might & Magic Heroes VI Complete Edition Without DLC Keys
  193. Start up screen and story animation is cut off of the top half of the screen
  194. Savegames of the last 4 days lost - how to rescue them?
  195. How do I tell if I own a games DLC?
  196. Do I own the DLC?
  197. A Pest of a Quest (spoilers, or actually, anti-spoilers)
  198. Multiplayer problem
  199. Is it possilbe make the town 3D again?
  200. "out of sync"
  201. Steam and box version - no compatibility?
  202. Sorry if Someone asked this Already
  203. Error installing 2.1.1 patch
  204. Game crashes on Startup
  205. restart from the beginning
  206. Loading a saved multiplayer game removes custom ai difficulty settings
  207. Is there a way to remove the lvl 30 cap?
  208. Heroes VI is not starting after autopatch
  209. Offline saved games question
  210. Homm6 alt+tab himself and stop working
  211. Bring back Shadow Witch/Sorcerer
  212. Questions regarding Heroes VI and extension
  213. I don´t know how to play with my new dark elf heroe
  214. Gaming strategy tips - video?
  215. Issue with “Beacon of Hope” & “We Come in Peace” Quest
  216. Skirmish AI Hero Freezes when close to defeat
  217. Guess ****ing what? 6 months later still no patch
  218. Restart
  219. Question about bestiary
  220. No intro, no campaign?
  221. Out of sync in multiplayer: fix or refund my game
  222. Crash at startup
  223. Annoying Bug at Might & Magic Heroes VI
  224. Do you have low FPS drops? Here is how I solved it!
  225. Do you play using conflux (online) or only offline?
  226. problem with autopatch
  227. Thinking of buying HoMM VI complete.
  228. Problem with unlocking actions
  229. game keeps freezing
  230. expansions
  231. looking for myltiplayer friends
  232. Does not start up
  233. No troops in any castle
  234. What is next for HOMM 6?
  235. Dynasty weapon/dynasty rank experience faq?
  236. enabling DLC
  237. Your opinion about how Ubisoft treats this product and its customers
  238. cd key
  239. Program is freeze
  240. Uplay server maintenance tomorrow
  241. building description missing?
  242. Multiplayer Connection Time Out - Will this ever get fixed ?
  243. Uplay and Steam transfer
  244. Why is the game still not working ??
  245. ERROR: Conflux keeps crashing back to menu within 10 minutes of play post patch 2.1.0
  246. Online support
  247. Will I lose progress
  248. Regarding the expansion
  249. Might & Magic Clash of Heroes free until October 15th for Xbox Live Gold users
  250. MMH6 is still the best