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  1. Unlocking heroes in dynasty?
  2. SoD Disc Release Date?
  3. PotSS DLC broken beyond repair
  4. Key already activated !!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding ??????????
  5. What kind of game is this?
  6. Content Only Partial Unlocked...
  7. Does the Complete Edition (USA) on Steam Include All Deluxe/Preorder Content?
  8. Why are Heroes of All Sides Recruitable By Everyone?
  9. Resetear puntos de dinastia
  10. dynasty marker negative
  11. Just bought Might & Magic VI gold edition, can't unlock content.
  12. black screen problems plz post dxdiags her
  13. Is Conflux down AGAIN?!
  14. Dynasty Pets - Does a complete list exist?
  15. Problem while using a second monitor
  16. Will their be future DLC/Expansions Released for MOMH6?
  17. Web conflux
  18. sword of nemesis dynasty weapon missing?
  19. Complete Edition:Additional Content Missing
  20. SOD Expansion campaign problem with edit hero
  21. Opportunity to join Ubisoft UK - field team covering the North East of the UK
  22. Pre-Order Bonus
  23. Possible Glitch - spells costing too much mana
  24. Crash on startup
  25. Heroes 6 wishes & requests for possible future expansions / TO UBISOFT's ATTENTION
  26. Playing different heroes factions in Skirmish mode
  27. Create New Hero Grayed Out, Can Ubi Patch This?
  28. Hows The Game Now ?
  29. Repurchasing via Steam
  30. Loading through Uplay, game hangs
  31. Problem launching the game
  32. Scenario Map Blunders (Custom Game/Scenario)
  33. Heroes VI Cienie Mroku Wcielenie Pustki
  34. Shades of Darkness digital download
  35. Useless copy ? I like answers
  36. Locate Hero portrait images?
  37. Worst. Final Boss. EVER!
  38. Stats on different heroes
  39. Final boss of shades of darkness
  40. Mission won't end?(Shades of Darkness)
  41. problem dungeon Castle not appears in Custom game
  42. UBISOFT how about a status update?
  43. heroes IV Pre orderd but in game Complete Edition
  44. Cannot choose dungeon faction in offline hotseat game
  45. Necro campaign mission 2 bug
  46. Unable to play Shaades of darkness at all steam version
  47. My mana cost for dark magic is ludicrously high at lvl 16
  48. BUG- Necro vanilla Map 2 CRASH
  49. My heroes of might and magic VI is glitchy
  50. The Dark Elves Flow Out Of The Depths and Are Determined to Stop Hidding
  51. Would it be possible to wipe/restart dynasty/altar of wishes from scratch?
  52. DRM is garbage, offline mode lac ks features/incompatible saves
  53. Cannot choose dungeon faction in offline hotseat and custom game
  54. Connection failed - the key has already been activated
  55. cant come close to beating Oshiros Curse enraged Kirin boss
  56. I can't beat the Enraged Kirin..seems impossible
  57. Necro Mission 2 Dream world
  58. U-points usage and bug on one quest for em + about pets
  59. making own heroes over powered abilities
  60. Conflux down?
  61. Heroes 6 Modding and modding tools
  62. Hard mode is impossible
  63. List of all the problems that have to be fixed as soon as possible
  64. Playing online multiplayer game, 1 turn at a time
  65. need an answer about upgrading
  66. Map: The Conquest of Enroth
  67. Game crash while trying connect to the Conflux
  68. Just bought Heroes VI Complete Edition
  69. Can't start a campaing
  70. Online play or Offline play ?
  71. More Towns, More Units?
  72. Found Bug- Necro Map 3 Ravager unit
  73. Heros Might & Magic VI Complete Edition - Unlocking Content FAIL!
  74. Useless support
  75. Uplay actions not being awarded
  76. Anyone having issue with Conflux Connecting right now - any sollution ?
  77. Out of Sync issue
  78. Is it possible to play online with Hotseat?
  79. The pirate quest Heroes VI
  80. My game don't want to connect to the conflux
  81. Shades of Darkness the last expansion?
  82. I can't board a boat. Is it bugged?
  83. Shades of Darkness - Dungeon Balance suggestions - Ubi&Virtious, please read this!
  84. Link to buy GOLD version is not working.
  85. Game wont update to 2.1
  86. Tower placement
  87. where can i download <Might & Magic® Heroes® VI - Complete Edition>digital version?
  88. How do you put a ranged unit in center tower?!
  89. Edge of Balance Skill descrition
  90. How do I connect to the game
  91. SoD - Offline mode and custom map play: Dark Elves unabled!
  92. Shades of Darkness BUG (scary hope)
  93. Reset Game?
  94. I want to restart/reset the game
  95. Savegame Corrupted - please help
  96. Bug? Dragon Bone Staff wont recharge
  97. Fix the AI, please.
  98. Feature Transfer Error
  99. Stronghold vs Stronghold Bug! Centaur vs Harpy share same square
  100. how many and what expensions there is for heroes VI?
  101. Sword of destiny
  102. Comprehensive Heroes of Might and Magic Poll
  103. white flickering lines on the bottom and right of the screen
  104. Incredible Pathfinding Bug
  105. Might & Magic® Heroes® VI - Complete Edition BOX
  106. Why i can't use the new race on skirmish match?
  107. cant create new heroes!
  108. The game won't launch at all
  109. Can't pick a hero obtained from Altar of Wishes
  110. Sanctuary - The Winding Stair crash on first turn.
  111. Modding, and you.
  112. Black Screen during Battles
  113. What faction is hopefully next?
  114. It's been 3 weeks. Only 27 more weeks until the next patch!
  115. soulforge update?
  116. Disgusted with the state of M&M 6 and Tech Support. (Using the 2.1.0 Patch!)
  117. Finding campaign rank
  118. Stuck on the 4th map of the dark elves campain on SoD
  119. Im the one missing the tears of asha mosaic puzzle?
  120. If Conflux is ever permanently taken down, would UBISOFT implement an Offline Patch?
  121. The Lost Achievements
  122. New Nvidia Driver 320.18 causes crash
  123. Unable to start game after purchasing dynasty pet
  124. Possible blackscreen / slow loading / laggy game FIX
  125. Customer Support number?
  126. Unable to create more heroes!
  127. Worried
  128. level 3 towns? in campaign mode
  129. Multiplayer Sudden "Defeated" Message
  130. New mana cost bug
  131. Whats the level cap on the 1st map of the dark elves campain on SoD
  132. dont load 2nd map
  133. My review of Homm 6
  134. Complete edtion with no DLCs included
  135. New Heroes VI Q&A
  136. Idiotic customer support.
  137. Map Suggestion
  138. Expansion?
  139. Next expansion? Will be?
  140. dinasty weapon
  141. CD Key Invalid
  142. Soulforge not working (since its introduction)
  143. Quick questions about the camera and quick-view of the town!
  144. adventure screen lag
  145. New Patch???? this year if possible...
  146. [Shades Of Darkness] Unlocking achievement
  147. Unique Dungeon Heroes
  148. Whirlpool not activating in Pirates expansion - mission 2 - The Pirate King
  149. Running HoMMVI in safe mode with new Uplay
  150. Nvidia & patch 2.1
  151. New Nvidia drivers, black screens, and possible solutions
  152. How to beat SoT Necro Mission 4 ?
  153. Soulforge with new weapons
  154. Is there a way to change the language to Spanish?
  155. Does new Dungeon campaign's storyline give spoilers to the base game campaigns?
  156. 15 Days have passed and still got no ANSWER! Missing Content keys!
  157. Conflux connection vs usless Ubi tech Support
  158. Conflux - The reason I will never buy another Ubisoft game again
  159. Heroes VI Complete Edition Extra Heroes, Weapons missing
  160. HoMM6 Connection time-out
  161. I really need some help
  162. Soldier recruitment question.
  163. Do NOT buy this game
  164. Anyone who want to shere account with HHM6 for Guild Warr2
  165. Black screen still!
  166. Heroes for notebooks
  167. plz guys help me as quick plz plz plz
  168. Out of sync is still a major pain after 2 years!
  169. Differences between main game files of Collector’s Edition and Complete Edition?
  170. Heroes ! Great game! the rest is ****!!!!
  171. conflux unreliable connection
  172. Open letter to Ubi Mush (because he isn't answering my PM)
  173. Patch 1.7 - savegame synch doesnt work
  174. cant get past sanctuary map 2
  175. Possibly DLC1 and DLC2 fix.
  176. how do you add bots to a multiplayer game?
  177. No help from ubisoft support
  178. change language
  179. Lock up on 2nd part of Orcs(red jaguars phase)
  180. Stop whining! You ungrateful girls!
  181. The Fall of a Great Game
  182. Activating HoMM6 on steam
  183. I can't play HOMM6 with a friend at my house?
  184. Healing Troops
  185. (URGENT) Ask Question
  186. Problem! I can't run game on laptop with gtx660m
  187. Problem with mouse moving
  188. Custom games too easy?
  189. tear - blood dimmed tide
  190. Error: Tutorial map not loading
  191. Dynasty pets available but not in use ?
  192. Unable to launch/game keeps crashing
  193. CD key already in use.
  194. MMH6 Rating
  195. problems with installing the game
  196. Heroes 6 1.8 problem Help Please :(
  197. Dont miss out - Today's Uplay Deal
  198. Tell me What you Think..
  199. Click on Campaign -> Crash!
  200. crashing when accessing castles or forts
  201. E3 Reactions
  202. Puppet Master Strategy
  203. I just don't know what to do about it ...
  204. Missing Heroes in Altar of Wishes
  205. 2.1.1 patch now available
  206. got gold edition on steam, downloaded, but uplay asks for shades of darkness key
  207. Need some help with the Stronghold Campaign please.
  208. Allow us to remove heroes bought for 0 from dynasty tab
  209. Ticket not solved since 15.05.2013 - Complete Edition missing content
  210. might and magic heroes 7: how should be
  211. Why the wide differences in hero movement points?
  212. Necro 2 Campaign: Pall Of The Past World... How do I....
  213. Version 1.8.0 and 2.0
  214. Game Unplayable?
  215. I like Heroes VI
  216. Inferno Map1 Xana vs Azkaal (Hard) needs to be rebalanced (spoilers)
  217. High level enemies when replaying campaigns
  218. Do specific types of Magic Affinity (Water,Air,etc) affect the damage done by units?
  219. Latest patch
  220. DLC Code
  221. How do i creat a ticket?
  222. 8 Player Maps
  223. Academy,Sylvan and Fortress!!!
  224. Crash issues
  225. Where is antialiasing? =)
  226. When will sync be fixed?
  227. Ticket to ubisoft
  228. Crash to Desktop when interacting with town -Can't progress story
  229. dynasty seals bug
  230. UPlay (and Shades of Darkness) won't start on Windows 8
  231. Shades of Darkness and miracle? BIG BUG
  232. You still must unequip Dynasty weapons with 2.1.1
  233. Bugs in first campaign?
  234. Still Issue with Black screen or town crash
  235. Support ticket still not resolved UbiMush please fix.
  236. Can't activate my game
  237. Master of Blessings and Quick Minded Traits
  238. Why can't I town portal
  239. I bought Heroes 6 "Complete Edition", did i get Shades of Darkness with it?
  240. Quick Combat and Dynasty Weapons
  241. how to select the new race in a single senario without connecting to the flux
  242. Second Expansion!!
  243. So far I have 3 questions
  244. I can't get the 2.1.1 version on Windows Vista
  245. Conflux server
  246. Problem completing Crag Hack's first map.
  247. Can't play campaign [+1]
  248. The game cannt connect server since 6.22.
  249. News & Skype Widgets
  250. display problem