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  1. Contact steam support and issue a support ticket for a refund.
  2. Steam SoD + Non-Steam Original game(+DLC)
  3. SoD No preorder bonuses
  4. good work ubi jk
  5. TECHNICAL SUPPORT!!!! Deluxe Edition Purchased (Would like to play the game.)
  6. Unable to download my pre-order Shades of darkness X_x
  7. my gold edition has unactivated when shades of darkness installed!!
  8. So no audio, music and random crashes
  9. SoD Working - Here's How
  10. 2.1 Patch through Steam?
  11. STEAM version is totally broken.
  12. Impulse/Gamestop SOD and Patch
  13. Content does not read as unlocked with the Complete Edition
  14. Nice Ubisoft
  15. You'll get what you deserve
  16. No Music / No Voice
  17. To all people who cant download the New expansion read here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Shades of Darkness preorder items
  19. SoD order cancelled?!
  20. Fix the Game !!
  21. 12 hours later
  22. Custom mode skirmish maps suddenly locked?
  23. Come on Ubi! Atleast say something!
  24. How to get my money back?
  25. Patch 2.1 with SoD installed fine... now main game is gone
  26. Music and Voice issue
  27. Did you preordered SoD? Do you have your bonus?
  28. Sound is working, Content is still Locked
  29. The key isn't working
  30. Heroes VI - Gold CD Key not working
  31. From Twitter
  32. Heroes 3 field music?
  33. Might & Magic Duel of Champions
  34. trying any campaign now, crashes to windows.
  35. Thoughts on the new faction so far?
  36. F*** imosible to win a battle with Azkal inferno mison 1 Hard!
  37. Game doesn't launch
  38. Missing content/ Game not displayed in Uplay? read here
  39. Buyed expansion "Shade of Darkness" and it doesn´t appear on my "game" section...
  40. SoD preorder bonuses?
  41. Conflux down again?
  42. Just bought the game, getting black screen at startup.
  43. Ordered SoD from Amazon, but it gave me Heroes6??
  44. Problems with games on an akuant
  45. Can't download patch 2.1
  46. Can't create an new Hero
  47. Suggestions to Mods or Ubi Staff
  48. Servers are back online
  49. Missing pre order bonuses.
  50. Download extremely slow
  51. The Winding Stair
  52. Pirates of the Savage Sea black screening, everything else fine
  53. Audio only in english?
  54. !!About Ubisoft, Piracy and bad customer service!!
  55. 5th dynasty trait purchase not showing up....
  56. Black screen in combat
  57. current situation with nvidia cards
  58. Where is Pre Order content
  59. HoMM want's you to buy the game at least twice aparently. CD key problems
  60. How to CORRECTLY patch to 2.1 AND install Shades of Darkness!
  61. Hi i have big problem witch game
  62. Dungeon Faction
  63. IMPORTANT: For Steam users having installation/updating issues
  64. unlocking fourth dynasty trait
  65. Unable to play main game
  66. How many of my computers can I install my Complete Edition on?
  67. Patch 2.1 broke my game, thank you Ubisoft and Ubi-mush for being useless.
  68. Pair of clues to dev team on this problem
  69. Unable to play after update
  70. I need help understanding how UPlay manages my content
  71. Are you going to dedicate more webpower?
  72. The baby black dragon dynasty pet seems not working
  73. The Staff of Sar Aggreth did anyone get this staff?
  74. First mission in SOD
  75. Dark Elves Campaign - Yrris' Finest
  76. Did you get your refund?
  77. Regarding the maintenance
  78. Activation issue?
  79. Bought Heroes 6 Deluxe edition on steam, cant play and now my Uplay account is banned
  80. Bought the game but not allowed to play a custom game.
  81. SOD - Dungeon Campaign wont load
  82. Selling games known not to work should be criminal
  83. No Guts No Glory achievement, killing the Dragonwraith
  84. Garbage service ubisoft.
  85. Impulse/Gamestop SOD purchasers
  86. New to uplay. request help please.
  87. How to uninstall?
  88. Thank you for fixing the sound
  89. As a steam user, this makes me curious
  90. Good job Ubi for perfect distribution Heroes VI Complete Edition in Poland!
  91. SoD Mission help: The Call of Malassa (mild spoilers)
  92. Pre-order bonuses
  93. Black Screen When Starting The Game
  94. Activation problems
  95. Unable to play SoD
  96. Lost my old saves and dynasty progress
  97. Steam Problems and Campain
  98. Unable to update to 2.1
  99. I found the issue with Steam users and SoD need varification
  100. Steam user here, still no improvement.
  101. Dynasty trait slot
  102. Curious from steam to Uplay
  103. New dynasty weapons
  104. New faction unofficial thread!
  105. Unable to start up?
  106. registation-problem
  107. Rebalance = FAIL2.1 Patch
  108. Mouse Flickers + Only DLC's are unlocked
  109. Can't use Magic hero in Stronghold Campaign?
  110. Cant activate main content ingame after using key to uplay account, HELP PLEASE
  111. Content disappeared from H6
  112. Connecting to the CONFLUX
  113. Ubisoft (as a publisher), please die.
  114. Shades of Darkness Download Problem (Uplay)
  115. Heroes VI Shades of Darkness Not Working for Europe
  116. Official site is not up-to-date!
  117. Expansions Frustrations
  118. uplay account banned what the hell just paid 30bux for this?
  119. Am I the only one??
  120. Shades Finished campaning problem
  121. HELP! Cannot access main campaign and my mouse scroll is too fast
  122. Stuck at 1.8
  123. Why this their so called expansion of might of magic heroes VI sucks?
  124. Persistant Problem Heroes VI Collector's Edition
  125. some good word
  126. Heroes Of Might&Magic VI Gold Edition Black screen on startup
  127. How to change the language of HoMM6 SoD as Simp Chinese?
  128. Heroes VI : Shades of Darkness is not available
  129. The Missing Content Will Be Available Monday or Thuesday
  130. I still cant log on?
  131. Heroes 6 has stopped working
  132. Dawn of the thrid day!
  133. SOD - Dungeon campaign
  134. Purchased Complete Edition but have only Standard Game
  135. Special looking heroes
  136. Still can't find content from pre-ordering SoD!
  137. Storm Arrow Issue
  138. No Connection to Conflux
  139. Purchased gold edition and unable to get game to startup (steam copy)
  140. Theres a bundle going on, including Kings Bounty Platinum Edition.
  141. At the end of the first map of Danse Macabre... I go to the second map of Pirates...
  142. How do I ask for refund?
  143. Purchased Gold Edition and no campaign....
  144. Blackscreen on battles
  145. SoD - Quest of the Unknown Tear
  146. Problems with Shades of Darkness
  147. Playable Dungeon Faction in Custom Games.
  148. Possible workaround for startup black screen and splash image freezes
  149. Failed to buy MMH6 gold edition on Steam after bought SOD
  150. Worst support company should not have gone to EA games...
  151. I can't get past the install Game of the Complete edition HoMM 6
  152. Problem with launching
  153. Staff of Sar-Aggreth missing
  154. Couldent find this on any forum... or ur 2.1 patch realese problem
  155. activation key is broken
  156. Unplayable game after 2.1 Release fix
  157. Too.....****....HARD!
  158. HotSeat problem...
  159. [BUG]Crag Hack and the Sacred Seed
  160. Ubisoft Downloads
  161. *IMPORTANT UPDATE* FAQ Heroes VI patch 2.1.0
  162. Code to Duel Of Champions - Shades Of Darkness
  163. SoD (it) - Mission 2, WTF?
  164. Mission 4 Dark elf on hard: Constant mortal threat!
  165. Borderless Windowed
  166. Cross promotion Shades of Darkness - Duel of Champions
  167. Still getting Visual C++ Runtime Error
  168. Drm
  169. Got Expac, then Gold, Wasn't aware of Complete Edition Bonuses, Anyway to "Upgrade"?
  170. Will people who Bought Gold Edition/Shades of Darkness be given Preorder/Bonus Contnt
  171. Never fear, UbiSoft Support is here!!!
  172. So Ubisoft, what will you do to compensate players for their game not working at all?
  173. Thinking of buying the complete pack on steam
  174. CD Key
  175. Conflux down again
  176. CONFLUX not connecting
  177. Unable to connect
  178. Ehhh... the thing about the DRM...
  179. Conflux was working yesturday, but guess what?
  180. **spoiler*
  181. *SPOILERS* Stuck in the 4th quest of Dungeon.
  182. Might & Magic Heroes VI Shades of Darkness
  183. Anastasya mana costs bugged?
  184. I can not play the normal campaign
  185. Why is there no final Sandor mission against the Wolf Duchy / Griffin Empire?
  186. Idea for compensation
  187. Complete Edition Features
  188. Heroes 6 campaigns
  189. HoMM VI eventually works.
  190. Items that cross over maps...
  191. Heroes of Might and Magic VI Shade Of Darkness
  192. Academy Petition
  193. Spell effects in "Shades"?
  194. Multiplayer now working for me, Singleplayer Vanilla Campaigns still not available
  195. Quest rewards for Secondary Hero's
  196. Maintenance finished ... really ?
  197. abyssal seer quest - SOD necro camp map 2 - true lies quest
  198. SoD Dungeon campaing error
  199. Please Consider Allowing Gold + Expac Owners to Upgrade to Complete/Buy Preorder Item
  200. MMH6 websites
  201. CD Key problem fixed? not for me...
  202. Purchase on steam or wait a bit?
  203. Steam complete version
  204. Can't create new custom heroes.
  205. Selfish Prayer for Light campaing
  206. KEY CODE Does not unlock my game..
  207. Really need help !
  208. Beautiful game!
  209. Is there a pack for all the add on ?
  210. Low FPS
  211. Valve Inc.: Steam Petition Regarding Ubisoft
  212. Why soul forge can only upgrade the old dynasty weapons?
  214. Fixed, locked content
  215. Shades of darkness?
  216. Black screen in battle(Might & Magic Heroes VI: Shades of Darkness)
  217. How to get Akasha ?
  218. Problem whit Might and Magic Complete Edition
  219. Shades vs Gold - What to Buy?
  220. Bugged campaign
  221. Still can't connect to conflux.
  222. How to make new units? - Shades of Darkness first chapter
  223. Problem with Updater
  224. Bought Game But listed as Out Of Stock and Cancelled, Do I still Get a Refund?
  225. problems with the launch after patch 2.1
  226. What do you really get when you Pre-purchase SoD?
  227. Fix asap. We want a quick fix!
  228. Question about Skirmish/Custom map and the dark elves
  229. Spectral Dragon in Skirmish mode
  230. Sandro / Vein Bio
  231. Shades of Darkness Campaign Extremely Hard?
  232. Regarding dynasty weapons and resarting campaigns.
  233. Black Screen w/Sound after initiating combat
  234. Shades of Darkness Pre Order
  235. Not able to upgrade gold version to SoD
  236. I preordered Shades of darkness yet i got the might and magic VI
  237. How can i delete my "Dynasty Heroes"
  238. Tenacious challenge ect?
  239. Marcador de Dinastía
  240. psychical copy Useless
  241. Fullscreen windowed - Make video option
  242. omg 4th trait slot!
  243. Is Shades of Darkness safe to buy?
  244. Custom spell buttons/slots not "sticking"
  245. Heroes VI Shade OF Darkness Duel Of Champions Code
  246. SPOIL !! Finished Shades of Darkness on hard and here are the opinions.
  247. lack and inability of Ubisoft
  248. Can't Complete Get Attuned to the Sword of the Griffin
  249. "Connection failed. The key has already been activated WTF??????????
  250. Any sort of compensation?