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  1. Workaround to NVidia town freeze. Downgrade drivers to 301.42
  2. Shades of Darkness out now
  3. Is it possible to get more maps?
  4. Heroes VI & cаппорт UBI
  5. Heroes VI & cаппорт UBI
  6. What magic could kill 60 Sun Rider in one go?
  7. Systematic crash at specific moment in battle
  8. Vanilla Heroes 6 to Shades of Darkness
  9. Skirmish heroes in offline mode
  10. Exchange
  11. Need a so called mentor
  12. Age of Heroes Q&A
  13. Classic Duel
  14. Competition with prizes: Haven Siege!
  15. cd version compatible with steam?
  16. Questions about the Shadow of Darkness relase!
  17. It's the last expansion/DLC (Confirmation here on Steam)
  18. Looking for a mod or a way to change some settings.
  19. Simultaneous Multiplayer?
  20. Problema, no puedo jugar mas ?
  21. Remaking old might & magic titles for smartphones and tablets
  22. A Tale of Two Guardians
  23. The new expansion
  24. Nvidia Town Screen Freeze Bug
  25. What is threat level when two armies of equal strength meet ?
  26. Reset accout to start from the beginning in Might and Magic Heroes VI
  27. The Heroes VI Complete Edition: What exactly is part of it?
  28. Will SoD include an editor update as well?
  29. Heroes VI vs Shades of Darkness vs Complete Edition
  30. Problem with update Heroes 6
  31. Will the SoD editor include all previous content and functionality?
  32. No video at all
  33. Lost opportunities and the future of Heroes
  34. Might & Magic ® Heroes ® VI on Windows 8?
  35. Can't connect to conflux
  36. What to expect ?
  37. Buy Heroes VI shades of darknes
  38. Game freezes when trying to buy an artifact
  39. Let's try something new
  40. town portals
  41. How to unlcok/play Inferno and Sanctuary factions?
  42. Make new graphic modes!!! WINDOWED
  43. Loving it! <3
  44. Dungeon Town Screen
  45. how do i get cheat on
  46. Bit of a rant after a year long hiatus and also - am I stuck with my Dynasty?
  47. Weapon not gaining experience and racial gauge not working
  48. Shades of Darkness Pre Order Bonus
  49. pirate campaign - scenario 2 - find the blacksmith ?
  50. Questions: Dyanasty bonus and Might or Magic Affinity
  51. Shade of Darkness - number of maps in campaign
  52. Might & Magic fan kit
  53. The answer to these questions determine whether I buy the expansion
  54. My page on Heroes of Might and Magic.
  55. Changing Battle animations
  56. Is this bug fixed?
  57. Game key lost
  58. Creature Stats
  59. Help!!!!
  60. still freeze in the city and blocks before a battle!!!
  61. I'm here to kick the dead dog
  62. Unable to uninstal game.
  63. issue with getting gold edition to play
  64. HoMM 6 Gold Edition NOT providing Pirates and Danse Makabre campaign!
  65. Wer kann mir helfen!!! - Wie besiege den Donnervogel?
  66. Unlocking final campaign
  67. Autopatch Fails?!
  68. Objects disappear from the Map. Hero suddenly can't cross water
  69. Retail copy of HMM 6 & Steam issue
  70. Expansion pre-order bonus items worth it?
  71. Windows 8
  72. Shades of Darkness delayed till May?
  73. Questions on game mechanics
  74. A few ideas and feedback
  75. New Player - What to Buy?
  76. Town Screen Checkerboard
  77. May 2nd - New Release date
  78. So... another delay...
  79. New Release Date
  80. Help! All character turn LVL 1
  81. Problems With Game
  82. Shades of Darkness pre-order question
  83. problem with runtime (read)
  84. Battle Lost and Won
  85. Portraits and Heroes in the Altar of Wishes - Whats the point of them?
  86. Ubisoft Game Lancher: Error Code 1
  87. Does anybody else think vampires are terribley underpowered???
  88. Idea for new mechanic - ZONE OF CONTROL
  89. проблема
  90. games like m & m 6
  91. HOMM VI Freezing when I enter in city
  92. Local Multiplayer question
  93. dynasty weapon from preorder
  94. Campaña la voluntad del emperador
  95. Game crashes
  96. anyone can invite me to any channel chat? i havent got window chat nick royerpunkoi
  97. Question about campaign heroes
  98. Original Manual Size?
  99. Dynasty tokens - stopped earnig them by Playing/earning XP
  100. See what had happened
  101. the succession wars map....
  102. Make cheats available!
  103. delete data8.orc
  104. Pirate of the Savage sea questions
  105. Black screen before the fight - v1.8.0
  106. Let's Play Heroes of Might and Magic VI
  107. Freezes and black screens constantly
  108. game feezes at city screan
  109. azkaal hard difficulty :(
  110. Faction selection in custom games?
  111. Why do we have a new DLC, yet still no black screen fix???????
  112. Is there a FIX? with new NVIDEA 314.07????
  113. Probably been talked about but here goes: No To the Bitter End?
  114. Still having Black Screen issue
  115. demo-worth downloading?
  116. fix to heroes 6
  117. Post if your interested in large MP games
  118. Might and Magic 6 just hit the trash can
  119. Town Freeze Bug - Unacceptable
  120. No puedo jugar al multijugador
  121. Very few multiplayer games is in process
  122. Shades of Darkness
  123. Game crash after introduction (been able to play 400 hours before)
  124. Coop mode??
  125. Forum Request
  126. Anyone else having this issue??
  127. game crash, think is tatics skill
  128. Game won't load
  129. Heroes VI demo, can see some of screen but not all
  130. Pirates and Danse Macabre expansions
  131. Question on Faction abililies
  132. Stucks at splash screen.
  133. Level Cap
  134. how do i change my name since i never got to pick one
  135. Interesting Hero Builds, Combos, and Strategies
  136. Do you take us for idiots?
  137. Can't connect to Conflux
  138. Is Edge of Chaos included in Shades of Darkness pre-order bonus?
  139. Is it worth buying vanilla Heroes VI now?
  140. Re-installed U-Play, Cloud-save was re-activated, got Save games from July 2012
  141. Irina's appearance changes back to Samurai (Glitch?)
  142. How to make a rubbish game even more worthless: limit play to one faction.
  143. UBI: Here are the questions STRAIGHT. Please give us the answers STRAIGHT.
  144. How to reset heroes and champaigns? Is this possible?
  145. Герои меча и магии 6 зависают при входе в за&#
  146. succession wars map
  147. steam
  148. Tale of two guardians scenario
  149. When will the "real" complete game be released?
  150. How can I have more options regarding enemy heroes in a single player scenario?
  151. Pre-Ordering Shades of Darkness via Steam
  152. Campaign custom hero : any way to use the default hero's look ?
  153. maps & races
  154. Feedback fan made almost done give or take -- harlem shake
  155. how to defeat boss in sandro campaign
  156. cant connect to conflux
  157. Removing the level cap.
  158. Unable to Select Reputation Path for Sandor
  159. "Thanks" for great multiplayer experience!
  160. A few questions
  161. Ubisoft announces might & magic® x legacy
  162. Insight on Sylvan - Academy - Fortress line up ----- Spoiler alert
  163. Black Screen
  164. Just to say goodbye
  165. Please anybody send me those MAPS !!!
  166. Crashing?
  167. screen issue
  168. Partial fix for dark screen and freeze in town issues
  169. Might & Magic Heroes VI since patch 1.8 freezes when i get to town or
  170. News on patch 2.0 release?
  171. ПОМОГИТЕ!!!ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!:( Купил лецуху,пишу к
  172. How to turn off movement reminder
  173. Tip of the day
  174. Нет умений!
  175. can't play error code 2 after format window
  176. Your favorite Heroes VI custom maps?
  177. I realy have enough...
  178. my new guardian
  179. Crashing after start up
  180. Помогите! не могу поставить русский язык l
  181. How to unlock 4 and 5th TRAIT!!!?????
  182. Spectating when playing with a friend
  183. synchronising doeasnt start
  184. Connection error. Invalid Key PROBLEM
  185. Can't Start the Game!
  186. Conflux problems
  187. Just saw expansion announcement
  188. Ideas for an petition/poll!
  189. Ubisoft Download Manager - M&M: Heroes VI ERROR
  190. i -DEMAND- the Coder for Tactics 1 be FIRED
  191. CRASH at startup
  192. Game freezes when the hero in
  193. Might&Magic Heroes 6 battle tactics QUIZ
  194. Both offline and online games freeze!
  195. Weird tactics in HOMM VI
  196. New Game / First Update with ERROR
  197. M&M H6 - Shades of Darkness Uplay only?
  198. Heroes VI question
  199. Uplay patch update
  200. Lag caused by cursor movement in game! PLEASE HELP!
  201. Black screen fix for HMM6 on laptop
  202. I have Heroes VI Russian version. Can i buy Heroes 6 Gold "EU" Version
  203. Meet your Heroes - chance to win a ticket to Gamescom 2013
  204. Quesrion about Screen Freezing
  205. Will Shades of Darkness contain 2 existing adventure pacls?
  206. Patche 2.1 patche note
  207. New Release Date
  208. Why not hexagons?
  209. "2003: A New Era" observations/comments
  210. A few questions about Shades of Darkness
  211. A recommendation on customer relations when confronted with game breaking errors
  212. Souldrinker lvl 5 Life Drain is grey... Bug ?
  213. (Anger) Two Prices??!! LOL
  214. How to change the end game reputation status (tears or blood) in My Dynasty page?
  215. Patch 2.1 release- feedback
  216. Question on Deluxe Edition
  217. regarding titles
  218. When can we expect RANDOM MAP GENERATOR?
  219. Where should i start with Might n Magic?
  220. Shades of Darkness the last amount of content we'll get?
  221. I got my copy of Shades of Darkness and can't play!
  222. Uplay not recording the game progression
  223. Heroes 6 - SoD not avaible at My Games
  224. What's wrong with you?/technical issue
  225. Suggestions for improvements in ability/magic
  226. When will work conflux?
  227. A Few Criticisms
  228. Heroes VI Complete ... Still not seeing it for sale on Steam. Not available in NA?
  229. Conflux down?
  230. Bought SoD, but it looks like i got the base game
  231. Heros Gold version is no longer available after Patch 5/2/2012
  232. logging on?
  233. Shades of Darkness to Complete Edition?
  234. `Pre-purchase of SoD not appearing in uplay-pc
  235. Just bought heroes VI and very confused
  236. Patch 2.1 and Shades of Darkness
  237. No music and no voice after patch !!
  238. No music nor voices in game, any help?
  239. Problem
  240. My Preorder SOD expansion is not showing up in my game folder?
  241. Patch 2.1 for polish verion
  242. Download Links for Patch 2.1 (all localizations)
  243. Gonna pull a France and raise the white flag
  244. Heroes 6 Shades of Darkness Steam.
  245. problem with heroes 6
  246. Can't play the original game with patch 2.1
  247. Как активировать игру?
  248. Unlocked content not working! Help please!
  249. Pre-orders of Shades of Darkness -- Where's My Download?
  250. Migth & Magic Heroes IV Shades of Darkness Runtime error