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  1. new Uplay account to Heroes VI
  2. odd bug
  3. Is it just me or is the game really hard?
  4. Ive been gone a long time, whats new.
  5. Patch 1.8... When? Please answer UBI!
  6. Another newbie question... how do you dismiss a hero?
  7. DLC Heroes in Last Mission
  8. New resource type?
  9. Am I missing something, or are the "expansion" packs a rip-off?
  10. Difference in Experience gain
  11. New elemental creatures
  12. Standalone expansion needs a Random Map Generator!
  13. Town Screen Trouble
  14. Problem connexting to conflux!
  15. Why I want my money back.
  16. Cant load savegames anymore but can start a fresh map?
  17. New computer without dvd-rom
  18. This weekend we a celebrating one year without working Syncronistation
  19. "Tactics" issue
  20. Danse Macabre problem with second map
  21. 1.8 patch release
  22. heroes 6: campaign orcs misson 3??
  23. Conflux Problem
  24. Custom Game Issue
  25. Heroes VI expansions
  26. New Nvidia GeForce drivers
  27. Heroes 6 Golg Rus
  28. Heroes VI DLC give away
  29. 360 degree camara rotation!!??
  30. Possibility of $DLC for more multiplayer maps?
  31. Heroes VI abilitis
  32. Any option to have 2nd player profile ?
  33. the tear of asha, Heros cannot cross sea
  34. DLc
  35. H6 Duel Map Tournament!
  36. hmm6
  37. Danse Macabre Map 2 Bug
  38. custom games
  39. Patch notes history
  40. I have a few important questions about my purchase of HOMMVI. Help needed.
  41. I have a few important questions before my purchase of HOMMVI. Help needed.
  42. 1 game, multiple installs. Why not?
  43. In game issue (Mass vampirism doesnt work for me)
  44. I have been unable to play since patch 1.5
  45. Improvment of Heroes VI after patch 1.8
  46. The wrong key
  47. H6 1.8 Shouldnt 2nd level city gives 1000 gold instead of 500?
  48. General Hero speciallity suggestion
  49. Dance macabre DLC map 1 help
  50. Streaming all Might & Magic Games - Might & Magic VI atm!
  51. Persistent DRM online
  52. Is there anyone who has dark screen problem with Inter HD video chips?
  53. Game settings in multiplayer games
  54. Bought the game collector edition retail, then bought it Steam mode, can't launch it.
  55. So where is Faction selection and then Hero selection?
  56. This worth playing yet?
  57. Game Won't Launch - Goes Straight To After Game Report
  58. Danse Macabre DLC wrong
  59. Uplay DOES NOT WORK ,cloud and blah blah
  60. Future factions
  61. Game freezes in town screen
  62. Multiplayer issues only when tyring to play with friends?
  63. Game Freezing in Stronghold Mission 2
  64. uplay who is the idiot that thought this would be a good idea
  65. Question about magic power effect on Units Mechanic
  66. can not connect to conflux
  67. Sharper shadows?
  68. Tower faction
  69. Fate Spinner\ Fate Weaver starting form
  70. I can't update autopatch on HOMM6
  71. Playing the game again in 1.8
  72. checkerboard townscreen
  73. I have 2 DLC of heroes 6 but....
  74. a question about M&M 's online feature
  75. List of Missing Content/Bug Fixes Needed As of 10/25/2012 [For the Developers]
  76. Skill reformat please
  77. steam and so called codes
  78. Dynasty Seels
  79. King's Bounty: Warriors of the North
  80. Expansion Standalone
  81. Bad\ Negative Luck
  82. downloaded maps
  83. Putting units in the tower
  84. Might and Magic Heroes VI
  85. Unable to reinstall Heroes 6 from purchased backup disk
  86. Heroes VI demo and Patch 1.8
  87. No more patches until expansion is released? You gotta be kiddin me!
  88. Game is extremely difficult on normal difficulty
  89. A question about units
  90. HELP - system change
  91. No Conflux
  92. New computer
  93. Respecialize
  94. Conflux system
  95. Deadly Combinations of Skills and Creature Abilities
  96. The Dynasty Reset
  97. Can I give my extra stuff to another account?
  98. Bugs by playing singelplayer
  99. Chat widget broken
  100. Heroes 6 experience reset
  101. Altar of Wishes heroes and their looks
  102. HELP! Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair
  103. Conflux
  104. Multiplayer SIM TURNS will never be implemented!!!?
  105. Heart of Nightmares Scenario Question
  106. Saving games
  107. ToHeroes
  108. A suggestion.
  109. Uplay shop and the two DLC's
  110. dynasty question
  111. Map Packs?
  112. Celestial and Seraph
  113. Need some help guys
  114. Unable to Unlock Bonus Content "Pirates of the Savage Sea" and "Dance Macabre"
  115. On game mechanics, is there only one way?
  116. Need some more help guys
  117. are people still playing this game in 2012 November?
  118. The Good, the Bad and the Bloody - Freezing
  119. how do I get my saved games back?
  120. Clean start?
  121. Game is crashing on a black screen
  122. systems locks up about every 10 minutes
  123. A battle lost
  124. Gold edition vs limited edition and adventure packs
  125. Fan wondering about certain DLC
  126. danse macabre- mask of black death - portal gone...
  127. portal on the mask of black death
  128. New Towns
  129. Uplay down again
  130. Can't find Princess Gwendolyn in A Battle Lost and Won, Haven Campaign
  131. MM6 not working, black screen from the start
  132. Dynasty seals vs dynasty points vs dynasty rank?
  133. gold addition but can't use code for the two downloadable content
  134. Question about Sanctuary map 3 strategy
  135. hero level limit
  136. anybody want lan support
  137. the editor deletes maps
  138. Pirates of the Savage Seas Help
  139. CANNOT connect to server frequently!
  140. No response on Ubi support ticket since 9th November!
  141. Want to buy mac version, is the pc version working for iMac as well?
  142. Stone Skin Bug!
  143. Going out to desktop issue
  144. Game difficulty
  145. Heroes VI - Cannot Update Game
  146. game stopped working
  147. Sandro as a might hero
  148. So..It's 2012. (An issue with multiplayer)
  149. M&MH6 Gold & Deluxe bonuses
  150. Impossible to beat Djordjes Ghost
  151. ''Çomplete'' list of BUGS / ISSUES after PATCH 1.8 - hope a game dev will read this
  152. Trouble Connecting to Uplay
  153. Nvidia 310.64 working? Please verify
  154. Alt Tab with Dual Monitor Causes Mouse Issues
  155. Can't update or download the latest patch
  156. hey, when will i be getting dynasty trait slots 4 and 5?
  157. Mark of Consumption has no effect
  158. My Complaint
  159. It is NOT my internet connection
  160. New artworks
  161. collectors edition question
  162. New Official MM Portal
  163. Is the Game Playable?
  164. Gold Edition 1.8 - no sound after intro
  165. I just bought this game from Steam and I'm concerned about game saves.
  166. I bought this on steam and am getting UBI error code 1 on launch?
  167. Hi
  168. Might and Magic Christmas Wishes contest
  169. Holiday Wishes Contest
  170. Heart of Nightmares
  171. Might & Magic Heroes VI Shades of Darkness Collector's Edition
  172. Bought Heroes VI from Gametsop
  173. H6 Expansion Q&A
  174. Where can I download official ISO
  175. Heart of Nightmares
  176. Argggh! Buggy! Disappointed! Frustrated!
  177. New stable/WHQL Nvidia GeForce drivers - 310.70!! Please test.
  178. Pirates of savage sea (mini) campaign on highest dif. without dynasty stuff/traits
  179. Missing Dynasty Weapons
  180. Might Hero melee attack
  181. Heroes 6 Conflux
  182. Freezes with 630M but can't use 301.42
  183. The page says we should share the point of view about "End of the world" in here.so
  184. Not gaining Blood Reputation in "Something is Rotten"
  185. What are the chances of seeing the final 3 factions after SoD?
  186. what eddition should i buy
  187. How is the player population on Might and magic VI ?
  188. Shades of Darkness
  189. Black Screen in the tutorial
  190. Graphical elements not displaying correctly
  191. Unable to find activation code
  192. Downloadable client?
  193. This game sucks soo mutch
  194. проблемя с подключением к интернету
  195. After the black screen now freeze on city screen
  196. Exchange my conflux european copy for an american one cuz this is my timezone.
  197. It's impossible to finish a multiplayer game with friends.
  198. Heroes V D:\H5A\Setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application
  199. UBI could learn....
  200. "Click again to confirm"
  201. want to play
  202. Проблема с зависание игры.
  203. Decreased Initiative of summoned units?
  204. CDkey issue
  205. I need a game download option.
  206. Problem with update autopatch
  207. Black Hole (Heroes of Might & Magic VI) goes bankrupt; blames Ubisoft, lots of detail
  208. Stuck on the patcher, can't even launch the game..
  209. how do i change the resolution
  210. Broken game or?
  211. Connection Timed Out
  212. Fps in the game and black screen... (Gtx 660 Ti Oc)
  213. Hard AI/Hard map difficulty/Paladin/A miracle
  214. Patch v1.8 always crashes when I enter my town !!!
  215. Done With Ubisoft Forever!
  216. Checkerboard city?
  217. Game Crashing on the same move!
  218. Staff of the Netherworld abilities
  219. Mam problem z graniem przez Online.
  220. Mac Version?
  221. How do you unlock other kingdoms?
  222. First timer
  223. Help with possible new computer
  224. Game Crashes on start-up + Registration error/glitch?
  225. City screen freeze/crash
  226. Game freezes a lot, and i mean a loooooooooottttttttt
  227. Game does not Start
  228. HOMM 6 cannot start (win8 64bit bought in Stream)
  229. Windows 8
  230. Help!
  231. This idiot needs a guide!
  232. Might & Magic Heroes VI standalone expansion, Shades of Darkness
  233. When is new expansion?
  234. Did Ubi secretly changed AI difficulty in latest patches ? It seems AI cheats less
  235. Game Crashes!!!!
  236. When are we going to get a fix patch for town screen game freeze.
  237. Constant Crashing In Multiplayer (Out Of Sync error)
  238. Wierd colours when trying scenario...?
  239. What am i doing wrong?
  240. Emperor's Will, the "tutorial"
  241. Troop Placement (on battlefield)
  242. Heroes 6 is a great game!
  243. Good game, but Dragons??
  244. Edit original game maps
  245. Nvidia Drivers and Town Screen
  246. Questions about the game / Sugestions
  247. Anyone else gets crashes / freezes in the town screen?
  248. i would be ecstatic if heroes 6 had this feature
  249. Call of the Depths.
  250. Stronghold 2nd campaigne bug..