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  1. Patch 1.5 and the Adventure Pack
  2. Still lost in a dream
  3. [Help me] Adventure Pack Bug!
  4. Game is completely broken now
  5. Question about pets
  6. Save games won't load!
  7. Finished campaign yet only the first map is there
  8. Since 1.5 and POTSS game crashes during load up
  9. ABOUT SAVE GAME and patceh 1.5
  10. Save Game Issues
  11. Is the new patch working for anyone at all who is on this forum?!?!?
  12. Version 1.5 Patch
  13. OMG YES!! Sound Bug is fixed
  14. This is a travesty
  15. 1.5 Bugs that I've encountered
  16. Should we coin the term Ubi-reaming for what's happened the last 10 days?
  17. Apart from save issues, how are the new changes treating you?
  18. My units have NO cant use any abilities (Priestess etc.)
  19. [IMPORTANT] Patch 1.5 and the hot fix 1.5.1
  20. Profile loading error
  21. Crashes after 1.5
  22. Altar of Eternal Servitude does not work for me
  23. Heroes VI Love Thread
  24. dlc
  25. Where is the Tear of Asha surely on Skirmish Maps?
  26. Uplay doesn't see my Heroes VI
  27. Where to download homm 6?
  28. custom heroes button is not functional
  29. "Unable to start the game" Uplay error.
  30. All my save files corrupted!
  31. Patch Question
  32. failed to try create a custom hero
  33. failed try to create custom heroes
  34. "Can't apply patch because Might & Magic Hoeres VI is not yet installed."
  35. Deluxe Edition
  36. Townscreens - good. How to exit via keyboard, though..??
  37. One hero allowed. Bug? WTF?
  38. Not sure how to do a couple things, please help.
  39. "Online error Profileload"
  40. [Multiplayer] Out of sync/crash ALL THE TIME
  41. Customers disrespect!
  42. My Dynasty (Looking for support help)
  43. Problem with sisters- healing
  44. In game graphics chunky
  45. Why are there no AI heroes to choose from in Multiplayer?
  46. help please, I have blinking cursor
  47. Need help with first scenario, "Pirates of the Savage Sea"
  48. Thanks Limbic, Ubisoft and others.
  49. MultiPlayer connection problem anyone with 1.5.1 version?
  50. Thank you!
  51. Sandro will soon return!
  52. wow that's ********
  53. Why can I never use heal as the sisters?
  54. Problems with Profile Sync after Game Session.
  55. New town screen Query
  56. New Patch 1.5.1 bugs
  57. Why does the game slow down when the mouse cursor is moving?
  58. So there I was, playing the (updated) game of my life
  59. Cant seem to use any Sister abilities.
  60. DLC Pets
  61. So... The campaign is now broken/unwinnable?
  62. Uplay password incorrect ?!
  63. Mouse kinda stops responding
  64. Thank you Ubisoft!
  65. noooo
  66. Temp fix for login issue
  67. Pirates Black screen bug
  68. Where do you find the key code
  69. CD key is already use by another account??
  70. My MMH6 Have problems ....... plz tell me what to do ???
  71. Loving it so far, but
  72. Crashing During Battles Since 1.5.1 Update
  73. How do you kill thunderbird ??
  74. dlc Pirates of the Savage Sea. Key invalid
  75. STEAM: Just to jarate you off, your client might already be 1.5.1
  76. Application has stopped working. After 1.5.1 patch.
  77. Alter of eternal servitute not working?
  78. Has Stopped Working?????
  79. is it some kind of mystery : how many maps have pireates of savage sea campaign
  80. Disconnected. Dump to Main Menu.
  81. Game crashes to desktop after loading a save game
  82. How do i use siege master 2?
  83. Black screen solution for laptop with Nvidia card
  84. Lost all progress done today !
  85. The king of the savage sea
  86. Altar of necropolis doesn't work!
  87. Dynasty Seals
  88. I can't create a new hero...
  89. Cannot play for more than 20min or so without freezing, please help
  90. Sanctuary VS Necro --> Tactic
  91. Orc campaign mission 2 crash
  92. Does the Sanctuary faction ability work?
  93. Dynasty Seals and Altar of Wishes
  94. Laggy Animations
  95. [Official statement] Uplay PC login issues over the week-end
  96. Mssing Saves
  97. Can't Pass Duke Gerhart Tutorial
  98. Only Thing To Complain About With MMH
  99. Orc campaign glitch how to fix?
  100. Another Offline UBI moment...
  101. Ubisoft!!! Apparently your atrocious DRM doesn't let me play this game anymore!
  102. The new Adventure Pack a ripoff?
  103. NOW what's the fing problem?
  104. stupefied
  105. Where is the random map generator/editor?
  106. Detailed list / description of creatures and abilities?
  107. Patch 1.5.2 and the "Black screen" solution
  108. Game not working anymore need help
  109. I can't play the game *help*
  110. Uplay Error message
  111. Rate the campaign
  112. Cannot create NEW heroes - intended?
  113. anybody there?
  114. Pathfinding bugged?
  115. Biggest flaw in the AI
  116. So, was the DLC financially a success?
  117. What are the PETs?
  118. I am unable to save my games 18/07/2012
  119. Thoughts of a Returnee's
  120. Haven Campaign
  121. Grr, Uplay Annoying!
  122. Missing Saved Games - Help Please
  123. Patch 1.5
  124. Configuration error code 0x0002 and 0x0003
  125. wtf is up with my saves?
  126. Unofficial fix to dark screen?
  127. Cant create new heroes for my dynasty
  128. [Help] Started the necromancer campaign. (any tips? this is difficult)
  129. Question about Conflux Servers / Multiplayer
  130. Where is simultaneous turns???
  131. Why cant you have computer players on multi player map??
  132. Despair is ADDing morale and not Decreasing morale
  133. Pirates DLC game install problem!!!
  134. Conflux down?
  135. Can't Play At All
  136. Game won't hold my saves!
  137. Editor crashing 100%
  138. Can't create new hero
  139. Best faction against Necro (1.5.1 version)
  140. Option to play MMH6 outside of Uplay
  141. Micromanagment on Opponents Turn
  142. Isn't there a way to update to the latest patch version at once?
  143. Pirates of Savage Sea, Mission1 stuck??
  144. Crash to desktop.
  145. Wont startup GTX 690
  146. Can't buy expansion
  148. Lose my save games
  149. Viewing allies in online play
  150. Major error in version 1.5.1 - Copyright issue
  151. takes 10 minutes to synchronize my save games
  152. Campaign Tutorial Mission 2 without healing
  153. Death in Life and Life in Death Campaign
  154. Change Lenguage
  155. I'm thinking Chain Lightning is was buffed to much
  156. Just downloaded Heroes IV off steam. It work first attempt then "Stops Working"
  157. Still missing Dynasty Weapons.
  158. I set game to windowed mode = I lose match
  159. AI - normal difficulty level
  160. Cannot find the third sacred seed
  161. Heroes VI to PS Vita Please?
  162. An idea to make more unique and racel based skillstrees.
  163. Ubisoft, fix dynasty reset and save game bugs.
  164. First Pirates of the Savage Sea mission: Where is the pirate's armor
  165. No sounds, but music works
  166. Next DLC
  167. [UPDATE] Patch 1.5.2 is now LIVE!
  168. Can you fix Sarah?
  169. Can't connect to conflux.
  170. Steam users. "Might and Magic has stopped working" error. Support response
  171. I have lost saved games
  172. Possible memory leakage problems, game keeps crashing saying not enough memory.
  173. Pirates Campaign: Chapter 2 BUG ?
  174. Constructive suggestions thread
  175. Why all the heroes 6 hate you nostalgic fanboys?!
  176. Synchroising with Cloud
  177. Lost saves
  178. What is your favourite multiplayer map in H6 (except A Bridge too Far)? And why?
  179. Is there any real reason to choose a knight hero over a mage hero?
  180. Just bought game, can't connect to conflux
  181. Can't install new patch
  182. Error when download patch 1.5.2 ! PLEASE HELP
  183. (UBI) Advanced teleport to town on main heroe no longer works.
  184. Problem with logging to Conflux
  185. Are keygen for might and magic heroes 6 pirates of the savage sea legal or illegal?
  186. Where are my saves!
  187. question about heroes VI
  188. They Did It Again
  189. I am looking for people who want to work with me on a large map.
  190. HELP - Codex of the Arch-mage QUEST
  191. Question about Dynasty Bonus's
  192. problem with conflux\
  193. Launcher is broken.
  194. Varient of the deleted saves...
  195. And once again...
  196. Conflux connection problem
  197. Heroes 6 Patch Silent Install Switches
  198. Cannot load campaign saves after installing patch 1.5.2
  199. Ranged Damage Penalties
  200. Any info on patch 1.6?
  201. Can't play anymore !!
  202. Sister WHat are they for?
  203. Cannot connect to Conflux...
  204. The More I Play It, The More I HATE It!
  205. Warning: Big Security Risk With Uplay
  206. Save game situation plain stinks
  207. Suggestion: Pre-Order and Collector Bônus as DLC too
  208. Tips on playing MMH6
  209. spells mana cost rises, why?
  210. Heroes 6 on Windows 8
  211. Questions about Pirates DLC
  212. Heroes 6 uplay problem
  213. Can't find anyone online?
  214. Despair Increases Morale?
  215. Does searing light not work correctly or am I misunderstanding it?
  216. yay for random client crashes
  217. dark elemental problems
  218. The Heroes of Might and Magic Cumminity
  219. Reset character profile?
  220. Lost save game files!
  221. Stronghold third mission - is this a joke?
  222. My advance teleport on main hero still does not work.
  223. What is this Sandro stuff all about
  224. class action lawsuit
  225. Cretures Magic bottonin Battle
  226. Dynasty Weapon level jump not really fixed
  227. Is there a way to completely reset your ubi heroes 6 acount ?
  228. Help , save games dont work.
  229. Uplay Frustrations
  230. Synchronize forever or Crash
  231. extremely broken balance - this is not heroes 3
  232. road map
  233. Should I buy 3 or 5?
  234. Save games disappear
  235. Simple problem, Simple Solution: Diplomacy
  236. homm vet: Can't beat tutorial mission 2... help
  237. plz i need help
  238. Canīt play offline, please help!
  239. unacceptable
  240. Daynasy weapons - do we really need all of them?
  241. Campaign order
  242. TownView
  243. !!!!!! StartUpView. FailedToStartText !!!!!!
  244. Main Heroes Information
  245. Kha-Beleth player skin
  246. Can i buy the dlc without using a credit card?
  247. Hate chasing AI heroes? Sacrificing a secondary hero is the solution!
  248. Installation Folder
  249. UBI-Shop problem
  250. 為什麼遊戲的更新每完成一遍便要閉掉遊戲再重新啟動更新啊?