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  1. Off-topic: A game that might interest Heroes fans
  2. Help, cant Use Custom Maps for online multiplayer play
  3. Problem loading multiplayer saves
  4. any eta on arachne fixes?
  5. change dinasty name ?
  6. Heroes Community Q&A
  8. Conflux died 3 times in less than 30 mins
  9. Fix conflux ffs !!! Fix conflux ffs !!!
  10. Final campaign problems
  11. Advancing map, most equipment went missing
  12. Ubisoft must be one of the worst companies...
  13. Feedback: Patch 1.3 Bug List -
  15. Quit taking my Acheivements away!
  16. What determines your starting ladder ranking? (new feature) / Ladder discussion
  17. Skill points reset!!
  18. Community Q&A: Check out answers to some of the "hot" questions about Heroes 6
  19. Custom Maps and Multiplayer
  20. why!!!!!!!!!
  21. 1.3 patch won't install - message says HOMM6 "not yet installed"
  22. Where/ How can I downlaod the patches?
  23. Additional Heroes
  24. Unable to play multiplayer in 1.3 Steam to non-steam copy. Out of Sync ect.
  25. DO NOT buy this game if you own a laptop!!
  26. the good, the bad and the bloody
  27. Help: Limited Main Hero Options?
  28. Making deals
  29. 4th dynasty trait slot?
  30. Most important bugs that need hotfix, not scheduled patch
  31. Editor Doesn't Start
  32. necropolis and Leadership (morale)
  33. How to beat 1st Necro Mission?
  34. Dungeon faction idea, H6 style (long- but worth it!)
  35. Cancer of the C disk
  36. Might viable for zero unit loss?
  37. Necropolis Campaign - Screen Freeze during end fight
  38. So, it is the end of April, when is the patch 1.4 coming?
  39. Thanks a lot for the patch 1.4
  40. EXTREMELY strange problem, can't connect to my friends game! (There's more to it)
  41. Mouse moving - game freezes.
  42. Might & Magic Heroes VI - An Ancient Storm is Rising
  43. New dates for patches
  44. Perfect battles
  45. This game is still an appalling, bug-ridden mess
  46. Canadian Eh?-multiplayer match-ups
  47. connection timed out
  48. is there more than 1 strategy??
  49. What R best abilities to get to increase your mana?
  50. Blood choice not allowed???
  51. Help Me Pls
  52. Will HoMM6 ever get fixed?
  53. Black Shadows on Top
  55. Patch 1.4 and whats with all the *%!**11 stickies?
  56. Lost Hero in Camping
  57. I'm a noob with a question
  58. Map 4 inferno D-weapon farming.....
  59. Need help with creeping and build-orders for Inferno
  60. Why the bias?
  61. multiplay
  62. Quick Combat option vs. in combat auto-combat option
  63. down again?
  64. How long are these conflux outages?
  65. Can load the game launcher but the Conflux will not connect.
  66. FYI: Conflux up and running again
  67. Is Heroes dead?
  68. 1 laptop and 1 computer.
  69. Advantages to not converting city upon capture?
  70. Question on Blood/Tears Speccing
  71. ETA For conflux to be online?
  72. Maps
  73. Anyone know where conflux notes are stored?
  74. My Dynasty and Hero Creation
  75. Multiplayer issues
  76. So Magic Abilities Cost Mana, but Might abilities cost nothing?!
  77. 2v2 on 2 computer with 2 copies of M&MH?
  78. Sanctuary Winding Stairs - Setsujo Gate
  79. Exclusive community Q&A for the Celestial Heavens community
  80. Cinematic volume too loud!
  81. Patch 1.4
  82. Blazing Glory and Haven Tear of Asha auto-ressurection bug :(
  83. Is this game dead? No people duel online?
  84. Giving a chance
  85. Game CrAsH
  86. Necropolis Campaign: Map 3
  87. Hamachi
  88. Conflux Connection failed! net.error
  89. Conflux Notes, Copy and Paste? Storage Directory?
  90. Looking for patch 1.2
  91. Can you stop AI from getting stronger?
  92. To people complaining about Conflux
  93. 00.07 did conflux just go down again :(
  94. 1st time post - are there any balance mods for Heroes 6
  95. Patch 1.4 is up apparently *confetti*
  96. Patch 1.4 is now live. What's coming next?
  97. Resetting your dynasty
  98. I bought the game online from ubi.com but It doesnt work!!???
  99. Could anyone tell me how to play the online Duel?
  100. Did Heroes VI Fail Financially? Do we really know?
  101. The "Archipelago" Map
  102. where are the dragons?
  103. Unexpected game limitations
  104. Errors trying to unxip Demo
  105. Does cleave work as intended?
  106. Conflux problems
  107. Heroes 6 planned maintenance
  108. Game stops working
  109. Yay, new patch!
  110. For whom it may concern...
  111. Question for developer
  112. Most efficient tactics!
  113. Logging in?
  114. I Can't connect Conflex!
  115. Hey Ubisoft!
  116. CONFLUX is down !!!
  117. What`s the problem with the CONFLUX!
  118. game disconnected from conflux in the middle of a game
  119. Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair
  120. sanctuary Twin cities quest spoiler
  121. Morale Bonus + Wait Action + Waves of Renewal
  122. Internet connection time-out
  123. Ubisoft - Love this game, hate the DRM
  124. newbie scratching his head
  125. Disconnected...desconnected...discoooooonected !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  126. Do I have to...
  127. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes -- Vita?
  128. My first custom map, for you to test
  129. What are your favorite heroes?
  130. information?
  131. Is the Conflux server down again?
  132. 服务器又挂了???
  133. Arranging troops
  134. Reinstalled windows, how do I get the game now?
  135. is anyone playing on their laptop?
  136. Pit Lord Secret
  137. Before I re-install the game, I have a question
  138. Dynasty Traits
  139. Expansion pack for Heroes VI pretty soon!
  140. Heroic Corner Exclusive Q&A
  141. Patch 1.5 and a puzzle game
  142. What does different game version mean?
  143. Huge drop in frame rate
  144. Questions after the demo.
  145. New Map: Former Friends
  146. After password change unable to log in anymore
  147. Dark Screen Bug?
  148. Failure to Win - is there help for me?
  149. Wow that's some beastly DRM you got thar Ubi
  150. Heroes on a 2nd computer?
  151. Is the server down?
  152. Healing needs to be controlled
  153. restart dynasty
  154. Pirates of the Savage Sea
  155. Expansion and Town Screens Announced!
  156. Where to download Heroes 6 ?
  157. New big patch, no Simultaneous turns... sigh
  158. Nice to see a DLC but...
  159. Reinstalled...Where are the saved games ?!
  160. i can't find my product key
  161. Dose might and magic heroes 6 have a built-in FPS counter??
  162. Bug - Lost Cloak of Sylanna from inv
  163. M&M VI not loading
  164. Bought Physical Copy of Collectors Edition: DVD unavailable, download possible?
  165. Is there anyway to remove level cap?
  166. Inferno last mission, please help.
  167. Have anyone bought - or even seen - the Web Exclusive traits?
  168. will you buy the new dlc?
  169. Cosplay contest
  170. Second and third slots, the selling price?
  171. Cd key has been used before
  172. Constantly being disconnected
  173. Well played Ubi
  174. 10 questions you would want to ask the dev team!
  175. Characters drop to level 1 on second mission
  176. Steam store
  177. Heroes of Might and Magic MAC availability
  178. Q&A regarding Heroes series
  179. I have a feeling July 12 will be a disappointment...
  180. Conflux down?
  181. Balance Changes in 1.5
  182. archangel michael
  183. steam
  184. issues on login
  185. Uriel is one tough boss
  186. Creating your heroes
  187. New races
  188. The new faction Information yet?
  189. Mighat and magic days in paris withe readbal answer to the 10 questions
  190. Best looking inferno might hero (POLL with picutres)
  191. DLC - Why NOT buy it
  192. Sun Crusaders power up?
  193. Quest bug on The Winding Stair: The Ronin?
  194. Cannot play game
  195. Is There a Way to Turn Off Animations?
  196. This game's value
  197. Might&Magic days
  198. Polish websites are taking Pre-Orders for DVD version of the DLC
  199. Lost save games after uplay update ?!
  200. Poll: Bring back weaponsmith (Ammo Cart, Ballista, and First Aid Tent) or not?
  201. Petition to Ubisoft and Limbic
  202. Negative dynasty seals
  203. Game doesn't load
  204. The Uplay "Patch" deleted my saved games (I was near the end of a Mission 4) - THANKS
  205. Bug on spells (i think)
  206. download the game again
  207. Ubisoft has lost it's soul
  208. Lost in a dream
  209. Save games missing? Try this.
  210. Cannot start game.
  211. Dinged Gold, 4th dynasty slot not in the Altar of Wishes
  212. Is conflux down?
  213. Heroes VI 3D not working with patch 1.4
  214. The New Launcher's Handling of Saved Games is a Disaster!!!
  215. Mr. Shade - why not just post a solution, if any, to the "saved game" problem?
  216. Exclusive Community Q&A
  217. Warsaw Exclusive Community Q&A
  218. Disk Manager Error when starting game
  219. Cloud=insert in rectum...
  220. Disappointed with Ubisoft
  221. What happened with my offline saves??
  222. End of Discussion - What UBI will you do about conflux?
  223. Switching to non-Cloud sync - any way to make "missing" saves available?
  224. Heroes 6 Crashes on startup - Runtime Error
  225. помогите плиз
  226. Why do I have to enter my key in the new Uplay AGAIN??????
  227. I think I know why ubisoft is being so quiet
  228. Long time...
  229. heroes 6 conflux connection
  230. Ubisoft : Update your Update scenario
  231. WARNING: If your saves are still missing; stop playing the game because...
  232. UPlay and Conflux are really bad
  233. Conflux server is not availble
  234. heroes 6 not working
  235. blackscreen after heroes 6 logo
  236. Has there been a fix yet for getting the after game report instantly after clicking p
  237. My experience with getting uPlay problems "fixed" for new saves - but the missing...
  238. Key is already in use!!???
  239. Uplay "A Ubisoft service is not available......."
  240. Internet access problem
  241. Problem with the racial gauge
  242. Playing "Haven" & "Inferno" Campaigns as a Magic Hero too Hard!!!
  243. End of the Winding Stair - Broken?
  244. Academy sylvan dungeon are needed
  245. I left it on November, now I'm on again but...
  246. Problems with updating my Uplay ( crash of synchronization )
  247. Did I miss something?
  248. Pirates of the savages sea PROBLEM
  249. Anyone having problems with sync-ing that the game won't load?
  250. Wallpaper Reward URL