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  1. Dynasty weapons still missing?
  2. Dynasty weapon glitch?
  3. Steam and Conflux same?
  4. Have yet to be able to play
  5. Campaign acheivments
  6. How can i find an opponent to play online?
  7. it looks wonderful now, but when will I have my wizard
  8. conflux the stupid
  9. Changing mouse binding
  10. About Campaigns
  11. No heroes(bug reporting)
  12. conflux down again!!!
  13. about blood and tears reputation when hero is might
  14. The susbject is... the UPlay isn't an adequate company
  15. Maximum Hero level Experience.
  16. The conflux is down AGAIN
  17. unable to connect to conflux
  18. How to save games local?
  19. Conflux Down Because of Steam Sale?
  20. Restoring one's own achievement list
  21. Conflux/Connectivity support group
  22. Khreton
  23. No tengo coneccion a CONFLUX
  24. Feedback: Sanctuary
  25. Im enraging
  26. Best HOMM version ever
  27. Customer Reviews?
  28. Is server down again?
  29. Dissconected from the conflux during battles
  30. A new addition to blood and tears...SWEAT! :D
  31. If Achievements patch 1.2.1 no bug fixes
  32. Connection lost (Anno 2070, Heroes VI)
  33. Heroes VI manual or Prima guide
  34. New Forum Critique
  35. Forum Rules
  36. Naga Campain Help
  37. How to play the English version?
  38. Let's play Heroes 6
  39. Can't Play Past the Prologue/Tutorial
  40. Need help with grapical issue with Heroes Of Might and Magic VI (6)
  41. Take off your helmet Kiril!
  42. Balances
  43. Altar of wishes
  44. CHEAT in Multiplayer
  45. Dynasty Heroes & custom games
  46. Disappearing save files
  47. Sanctuary campaign zoomed in
  48. Hosting multiplayer
  49. Town Screen Crashes!
  50. Uplay/hom6 problem.
  51. winding stair mission bug I NEEED HEEEELLPPP
  52. Might and Magic crashes each time I start a battle.
  53. Seals out of reach
  54. Orc campaign need help
  55. Necromancy bugged in the campaign!?
  56. How do I change the blood&tears attribute of the main characters in Dynasty
  57. I need HELP PLEASE STUCK in santuary Campaign
  58. Trouble with 2 copies in the same house
  59. Any news on more Factions?
  60. Free Dynasty weapon?
  61. HELP or BUG? Hotseat Issues.
  62. Reached Platinum Rank, unable to unlock Trait Slots after Silver
  63. Can't apply patch because Might & Magic Heroes VI is not yet installed
  64. Can't walk on water anymore?
  65. Computer AI Strength Too Great?
  66. Patch 1.2 download problem
  67. Finsih Emperors Will but no new map available...
  68. Weird multiplayer bug...
  69. Conflux web - discussions
  70. m&m heroes 6 doesn't work on M11X !!!!!
  71. Might and Magic: Heroes VI - Tragedy
  72. More maps
  73. PLaying User Created Maps Online - When? Ubisoft tell us something.
  74. University Internet
  75. what do you think about the forced custom hero system
  76. Game locks up on The Good The bad The Ugly map
  77. New Player with questions on some of these spells
  78. The system cannot open the specified file
  79. A game with lousy execution but great potential
  80. Can't connect to conflux - Please help!
  81. Don't forget the offline hotseat players.....
  82. Can't Start Heroes 6
  83. ATIŪ Integrated Graphics
  84. Request for a mod or admin
  85. CHEAT WORK IN Multiplayer!!!!!!!!
  86. Things that need to be fixed/added to Heroes 6
  87. Multiplayer connection timeout
  88. Graphics issues on a HP Pavilion laptop with an ATI Radeon HD 5470
  89. Can't unlock campaigns
  90. Black screen at The Barbarous Seven
  91. Font size issues and more - devs PLEASE do something
  92. Bougth a game used... but don't work
  93. Creature growth bonus from pre-build fortifications not working
  94. player cheating in multiplayer online game
  95. Achievements: BUG
  96. Brightness Issues
  97. Cannot get to phase 2 of final scenario
  98. how to switch into melee on enrage cyclops w/o *slam*
  99. uplay down? or its just me
  100. Game doesnt load
  101. Everybody takes haven.
  102. Might and Magic Heroes VI
  103. anoyed new player
  104. Do you like the Resurrection mechanics?
  105. What's next?
  106. Glowing Griffin
  107. Patch 1.3
  108. How good is King's Bounty for PC from HOMM fan point of view?
  109. Extra content
  110. Splitting Stacks During Tactics Phase
  111. New magic spells and might warcries mechanics
  112. Is there a chance that new patch repair broken shadow in 3D vision
  113. Where is everyone? (H6 online multiplayer dead)
  114. Sound and Music Details
  115. Still not able to connect to the CONFLUX
  116. Whirlpools - the new teleporter from hell
  117. Cant play final campaigns - game crashes!!
  118. Stealth the orc way
  119. Found Bug Regarding Guardian Angel and Praetorian
  120. Campaign scenarios
  121. custom map/scenario editor help
  122. Looking for good MP players
  123. When custom maps-multiplayer mode?
  124. Important notice to MP players
  125. A decent source of information
  126. Questing on upgrading buildings and shared creature pool
  127. About Editing Campaign Heroes and Custom Heroes
  128. On the "disabled spells bug" in necro campaign
  129. Strategies against Magic Haven with two stack glory setup
  130. Follow me if u want to live - Achievement
  131. Appcrash
  132. Air Magic : Storm Arrow question!
  133. Great game, wish i downloaded a crack for it
  134. Classic vs Legion duel pool
  135. How to Level Your Dynasty Weapons FAST - version 1.21
  136. achievments with no retribution
  137. помогите
  138. how to do a customer service
  139. Autopatch doesn't patch.
  140. Stronghold Mission II Paths
  141. Anyway to see the combat of my allied player?
  142. can't get in
  143. Help New Player experiencing a bug with the dynasty weapons
  144. Appcrash at launch
  145. Why did I get so many Dynasty Points?
  146. Necropolis campagin bug Mission 2
  147. miht and magic missions
  148. My key is lock
  149. Game Mechics not working as intended?
  150. Kiril stuck
  151. Shieldguard and Guardian Angel Problems
  152. When will this game finally be fixed?
  153. Balancing Suggestions for 1.3 (This will probably fix the game)
  154. How much longer will it take UBISOFT to get the next patch out, or even respond to us
  155. does anyone cannot login now??
  156. Follow me if u want to live - Question - Achievement
  157. Might & MagicŪ HeroesŪ VI - Deluxe Digital Edition
  158. Unable to complete mission 2, Stronghold campaign
  159. Might and Magic 6
  160. Servers downtime
  161. How is the game now bug-wise?
  162. Heroes 6 - Poor Replay Value and Ideas to Improve It
  163. Black screen with cursor gauntlet. Help!!!!
  164. How to load games online?
  165. Is there a game with more bugs?
  166. Completion of Games
  167. Binding key already in use
  168. What is missing in HOMM6 compared to previous Heroes OMM games?
  169. Heroes of Might and Magic VI 50% discount code
  170. download link for Heroes 6 ... pls help !
  171. My ideas for more variety
  172. more heroes showing on the list vanilla game have only 3 except main heroes
  173. Scenarios will not load -- any help?
  174. Congrats
  175. So will there be new patch?
  176. настройки
  177. teleport
  178. Stuck at 2nd mission (Emperor's Will)
  179. Where is my saved game?
  180. kiril never shows up in dynasty tab - any suggestions on how to fix?
  181. Unique Buildings:D
  182. Of course my cd key doesn't work
  183. down again?
  184. Nejde mi spustit hra Heroes VI....
  185. Sword of the Griffin
  186. Best heroes online
  187. Saving a multiplayer game
  188. Will some day be an offline patch?
  189. AI cheats
  190. Campaign - Barborous Seven
  191. Mouse moving - game freezing
  192. heroes 6 hot seat
  193. Easy Balance Fix - Make Most Abilities Efficiency Based On Stats, Level, and %.
  194. Skill Sistem for Heroes VI
  195. downloading game with cd-key?
  196. Грёбаные рукажопы!!!
  197. Getting dynasty weapons
  198. Used game...cd-key bound to another.... what do I do?
  199. Online Multiplayer with AI?
  200. Good news!
  201. Remove things from Conflux
  202. juggernaut
  203. Conflux down?
  204. Expansion packs - Might & Magic Heroes VI - Suggestions and Wishes
  205. Deluxe Digital Edition.
  206. 1.3 Release Date Question
  207. Multiple dwellings. Do they stack?
  208. I do not get any point for achievements! new servers?
  209. Can't access boats on Blood Dimmed Tide
  210. can't finish stronghold final mission
  211. No credit for Sanctuary campaign?
  212. heroes VI Moving on from end of Tutorial to Campaign
  213. More maps?
  214. Why there are no patches and/or DLCs? COME ON DO SOMETHING MAN.
  215. Setsujo bug in The Winding Stair map
  216. Dead Game, Dead Service, Dead Devotion. Customers/Fans, why continue to support?
  217. Updates
  218. Hero's Lost?
  219. Decent system specs, game still laggy?
  220. magic user here and well i find myself usless
  221. Heroes VI buying
  222. Offline Conflux again???
  223. Summoner Build
  224. Altar of Wishes Bugged on internet conflux site?
  225. problems loading on vista64
  226. Resetting to EASY
  227. Why is this game not moddable?
  228. Ubilauncher online, Conflux offline?
  229. Offline Conflux and you have the nerv to ask me to check my interneet connection
  230. Game lags when I move my mouse. O.o
  231. DRM Issues
  232. Upgrade to Deluxe version
  233. Rewards Staff of Sar-Aggreth
  234. Is there a way to dismiss hero?
  235. 2 Players Same PC - Quick answer pls.
  236. Ubisoft driving Black Hole to bankruptcy
  237. CONFLUX ( conflux= confusing) down ....Cant find customer service
  238. wtf !?!?!?!?!?!?!
  239. Ubisucks
  240. Ubisoft tyrants
  241. An Old Ubisoft Profile Account User Name Should not be Required to be Player Name
  242. Heroes of Might and Magic III : Horn of the Abyss
  243. Pointer keeps flickering, annoying as h*ll
  244. Привет рукажопам!
  245. problems with game
  246. New maps for HMM VI
  247. This game has tried my patience. I'm done.
  248. Poll - Conflux or not?
  249. Well let me understend!!!
  250. How to be connected to conflux