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  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Story Creator Mode - Useful links
  3. Story Creator | Stuck on Log In screen.
  4. Downloaded stories not showing up
  5. Cant acess the mode on the main menu (XBOX ONE S - Brazilian Portuguese Version)
  6. Custom voice-overs and/or art assets?
  7. Can't open the Story Editor
  8. How to get more than 2 characters in dialogue?
  9. Escort vs. Escorted: Character doesn't move
  10. Removing Quest Success parameter from an Objective Block
  11. Unpublish Story gives an Error and Crashes Page
  12. Male and Female Dialogue Lines Switched (Bug?)
  13. Unable to validate resources?
  14. Can not test my stories
  15. Unpublish Story gives an Error and Crashes Page
  16. story creator won't load photo mode gallery
  17. Bugs/Issues and troubleshooting them
  18. Valid Working Variables
  19. can't use story creator mode
  20. How to delete links?
  21. The publish button is not working
  22. Could not access.......
  23. Unable to Publish?
  24. Story Creator Mode - Web Browser Troubleshooting
  25. "Story can't load"
  26. Boolian and Integer variable—what does this control?
  27. my published story doesnt show up on the map
  28. Can't try my story
  29. Bug with dialogue and conditions
  30. Unable to scroll down to select characters
  31. Can't test out my draft or the published version.
  32. Clearing an area of enemies?
  33. Character doesn't travel / move after a free and escort mission.
  34. Story Log Location
  35. Story dialogue moderated text bug
  36. Can't edit unpublished story
  37. Is it possible to influence any of the stats of a given enemy?
  38. Can't Load Story
  39. [BUG] Wait All Operator
  40. Error when Unpublishing a story
  41. How Do You Delete Briding Lines and Unneeded Dialog Output Boxes?
  42. Story portal unreachable
  43. I cant play my published story
  44. Is there a way to save without going through a pop up window?
  45. Not working for me
  46. Adding enemies at large numbers
  47. Can't Publish Story
  48. Quests are auto completing as soon as the story is loaded.
  49. I need help please
  50. Placing Generic Enemies and Restricted Zones
  51. Irremobable Phantom Character preventing story from loading
  52. Twins assassins!!!!!
  53. Further formatting allowed within the dialogue sequences?
  54. The story creator website thinks I don't own the game...
  55. I have some problems to publish my story.
  56. For those of you that can use the story creator
  57. Strange behaviour for NPC on townspeople
  58. "Story contains moderated text ("074d7c4e-7e11-1e36-0338-f055cabec504") and...
  59. Can't select created actors for quests.
  60. No option for Story Mode quest (in game)
  61. DELETE stories
  62. Characters cannot travel
  63. ships and rewards
  64. Story refuses to publish due nonexistant "moderated text"
  65. We Need Mandatory Categorization and Filter Options for Story Mode
  66. One of my stories dosn't appear on my profil page
  67. Can't add any stories to story log. Need Help!
  68. Can't test Story
  69. deleting story elements
  70. Not sure how to delete in Story Creator
  71. Can not publish story and account says I haven't played the game.
  72. Remove characters from new list
  73. Saved Story reverted to a much earlier version
  74. How do you get your story to show up on your story creator mode page?
  75. The fix for PS4 photos doesn't seem to be working as intended
  76. Having trouble finding created stories in map and quests menu
  77. Trouble testing on Ps4
  78. This Escorted Behaviour node isn't working and I can't fathom why
  79. Can not attack actors after two dialogues.
  80. published story vanished, rating not working
  81. Story Creator Publish error.
  82. Cannot publish story due to moderated text
  83. Variable for Kassandra OR Alexios?
  84. Can't scroll character list in Talk Objective
  85. Story Creator will not work
  86. CE-34878-0 When Starting Story Creator Story
  87. Story crashes ps4
  88. urgent issue!
  89. Edit Layers in the maps of Story Creator
  90. "Close Story" button needed
  91. [bug?] Trying to load an invalid story overwrites an autosave slot with an empty game
  92. The male and female line in the dialogue sequence editing section is switched in game
  93. Behaviors missing - Bodyguard and Flee
  94. Need help with the character spawning problem in the story creator mode
  95. What exactly is the difference between 'wait' and 'wait transition'?
  96. story didnt save lost 4hours of work...
  97. Making NPCs elite will crash your story.
  98. Reversed Escort Mission
  99. Can't find stories
  100. cant choose my npc
  101. I cant have rewards at the end of the story
  102. Passive behaviour
  103. Story cant load
  104. "Follow" behaviour has issues
  105. Bug Report in corinth for escort behavoir
  106. Can't test story
  107. Progression lost after playing Community story - Workaround available!
  108. Confirm the Kill
  109. Is it possible to have an optional dialogue triggering different mandatory dialogues?
  110. The bug that can not choose the location?
  111. Question about a pop up msg when i first started the game. ac odyssey
  112. Can't Load Story!!!
  113. the rating system is completely mistaken
  114. npc not attacking
  115. Strange errors when testing a story.
  116. Cannot load story
  117. Make a quest available only when certain condition is met?
  118. Story Log not showing up on ps4
  119. Ratings not showing properly.
  120. The Story Creator website seems frozen
  121. ERROR: Story parts need to be onnected a block
  122. "Talk Objective an error occured"
  123. Possible Bugs in Story Mode
  124. Voice actor word/sentence list
  125. Can't delete things
  126. Make a quest disappear when a certain quest has been completed
  127. Cant play
  128. How do I turn off Story Mode
  129. Missing Escort Objectives
  130. Suggestion for controlling Objectives with variables.
  131. can't set actors as elites.
  132. Cannot remove threats
  133. Give me a travel/go/escort to point in Samos!
  134. https://mumybear.org/testo-drive-365-review/
  135. escort feature broken
  136. Can't Load Story to test
  137. Possible bug in zone starter
  138. Story Creator's text section does not work and the site keeps reloading.
  139. Story Creator Update appears to have invalidated my entire story (through dialogue)
  140. PROBLEM: Respawning character over seas (Kephallonia -> Sparta)
  141. Story Testing unable to load (Fixed)
  142. Unable to add more then 20 stories to story log
  143. Bodyguard Player or variable archetypes.
  144. Inability to Scroll - Stop Operator
  145. Creator mode missions can’t find missions I’ve added to my story log
  146. Removing a Group Objective REMOVES ALL Objectives
  147. New SCM BUG after update
  148. Story not being published
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  152. So THIS is how you use a Quest Item!
  153. Big problem - Story can not start or be edited
  154. Bug - Hidding talk objective or starter icons
  155. [BUG]Story Editor : Quest content completely erased for no reason.
  156. Problems with Escort Objective and Follow Behavior
  157. odessy story mode
  158. [BUG]Story Editor : Talk objective - Link deleted or lost
  159. "The Story could not be loaded properly on our side" - Please help!!!!
  160. Updating a story deletes tags
  161. Bug in "golden" attribute for choices in Choice Hub
  162. Only English instruction and text?
  163. Помощь
  164. Last Quest in Story goes wrong but is fine when played alone
  165. Talk Objective - Add more than 2 actors
  166. PS4 Crashes on story startup.
  167. Odd Story Mode dialogue visual display bug
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  170. Set facions to ally (Daughters of Artemis)
  171. Stop having maintenance on the Story Creator website every hour or so
  172. Question marks disappearing from dialogue sequences
  173. Cant't Load Story
  174. After accepting a quest, game crashes when accessing certain features:
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  176. Issues with kill objective & punctuation
  177. Story Creator mode
  178. [SCM]Bugged "Travel" point in Corinth zone (Temple of Aphrodite)
  179. Helix Lieutenants and more character options in Story Creator Mode
  180. how do you remove a "single" suggested story without playing it through
  181. Comenzar desarmado
  182. 'Wait For All' Block for multiple Quests
  183. Story log 0
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  185. Stories are not showing up in my story log.
  186. stentor - 'the conqueror' quest bug
  187. Stories are not showing up in my story log
  188. [SCM Editor]Acces impossible - Error 404 - Or inifinite Loading (Loop)
  189. Pre-Story requirements?
  190. Ready or Wait options?
  191. Can I play my own story in the live game
  192. New Publised Story don't appear anymore in "browse stories"
  193. Characters attacking each other.
  194. Story Creator editor says Fix Errors but I can't find any anywhere.
  195. Cant create quest item
  196. Available system memory of the platforms
  197. Unable To Load My Story
  198. Warnings: the number of dialogues...
  199. Crash at THE FINAL PUSH after "Are you ready to crash the Athenians?"
  200. Objective Destroy Ships on the Seas
  201. Stories not published?
  202. Bypass story creator mode site
  203. Playthroughs oddity
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  209. Grouping missions?
  210. Padání hry. Při zapnutí hry Assassins creed odysey
  211. Anglais Problem of update and publishing.
  212. Is story creator mode in maintenance?
  213. Help me!All my stories have been deleted
  214. Story creator mode page error
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  217. Help with weapon racks
  218. Dialogue option to start quest not appearing
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  220. Enemy kill count not working
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  222. Game Crashing
  223. story portals
  224. installation
  225. Stories wont appear in game
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  227. Publishing Problems on Browsers and Platforms
  228. Are community's feedbacks still heard?
  229. Story unplayable/cannot be loaded properly.
  230. Story Creator Not Showing
  231. Cannot see my Published story on the Map
  232. My story has been banned without a reason
  233. Published Story does not appear on Map
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  235. Story Creator Mode
  236. Questions about *Failure Arguments* and *Break-Quests*
  237. “Story cannot be loaded”
  238. Big problem
  239. I can't even get started
  240. -
  241. after patch cant load saved games.
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  243. The game is not saved
  244. quest didn't start
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  246. Bug with car
  247. black screen then crash
  248. [Bug Report] Dynamic Moonlight
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  250. Does anyone know why my target is teleporting?